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  1. Reshade EAC Error

    Maybe try older version of Reshade. Also I don't think you still have to use opengl dlls to make it work. Directx version should work fine.
  2. gtx 1060 poor performance

    Not really, the game runs mainly on CPU, GPU is used only to render a picture you can see. There is a lot more to the game than the picture.

    You shouldn't drink and browse forums.
  4. Sun glare now gone?!

    They are called Lens Flare effect. I Hate it personally so I am glad they are gone, but you can probably try turning them ON in "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\gameusersettings.ini"
  5. Haven't even played and I'm banned

    EAC shouldn't ban solely for possession of Cheat Engine. Hey I tried to make some trainers for single players games myself some time ago, does it mean I should get automatically banned in every multiplayer game? This guys has no has no other bans, his Steam account looks clean, the forums post someone linked asking for help to change exp in single player game is not much of a proof, for all I know this guy is innocent. I am interested to see what he was really banned for.
  6. Alpha Version 6 Released

    Did you try disabling SLI? Cause I have the same config but only with one 970 and get 180 fps on firing range.
  7. Alpha Version 6 Released

    You want close a door or a hallway? Put .50 cal in front of it and man it, it's much more fun - believe me!
  8. Buying on g2a is safe?

    Just don't be surprised when your game suddenly disappears from Steam. I bough Space Engineers like this and after 3 months it was gone from my account, I contacted Steam and they said that the purchase was not legitimate. But these sites usually have pretty good customer support, in 3 days I had a new key + 3 surprise keys for free :)
  9. SVD sights off?

    Wasn't there a bug when you aim above or below horizontal level, your bullets will deviate left or right?
  10. January 2016

    I want to see those Mortar IEDs make a nice big realistic boom :) Bruno please do your magic!! B)
  11. Making up random numbers, good way to make people treat you seriously. Squad is supposed to be slow, heavy combat should be slow, maneuvering should be well thought group effort, not just "hey I will just super sprint around to flank this whole squad and kill them all by myself". I think everyone in here is dramatizing too much. If there will be slowdowns they will be around 5-10% level, probably most of you wouldn't even notice it if it would be hidden change. I am pretty sure PR walking speeds are much slower and no one complains.
  12. Inside vehicles and tanks

    There are not tanks yet and we don't know how they will look. Regarding Humvee this is the last WIP video we have seen about them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBaQ4lo-igs Also some pictures from testing servers: http://imgur.com/gallery/ue0jr/new
  13. Exploit, Needs to be fixed. [DEVS]

    Post your Youtube link there?
  14. The whole idea of this screen is to be minimalistic, immersive and provide as little information that could get exploited to someones advantage as possible. Screenshot you have posted shows DEAD/RESPAWN screen, not INJURED. When you are INJURED you still looking from your eyes, basically what you described is already in-game. When you are DEAD you are supposed to watch the map, check roles, spawns etc. so there is really no need for any additional sophisticated screens.