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  1. [PF] PathFinders

    Would love to try to join but I'm afraid your website discord join link is expired.
  2. I remember playing it back in the beta, I need that good feel again.
  3. Squad Vehicle Update ! (INFO!)

    View gainer...Check! Hype Builder....Check! hypee train!
  4. Official Squad Forum Alert Level

    ZZZ always for myself haha.
  5. Question: Altering military kit

    Colored Arm Bands and etc.
  6. Steamrolling and Redemption

    I doubt a test that is what play test are for with the community testing group.
  7. Kick feature?

    This is why we have admins join server with active admins such as clan servers (303rd, Red Coats, IB) or Squad League's servers.
  8. Where are the Squad Leader's Donation Weapons?

    lol this is not CS:GO so no.
  9. Squad Shirt

    You know to make merchandise and sell it as a product using a logo that is not yours is illegal as the logo is copyrighten just be careful with what you are doing.
  10. [FSG] Fire Support Group - Europe

    Well welcome to squad man, if you're at all interested in competing competitively for prizes and publicity etc. check us out over at http://squad.gg. We work along side the Squad Devs to bring to life an awesome and enjoyable clan/player community and stream all our matches live.
  11. Like the game, dont like players.

    What server are you playing on I have never heard such things on any of my games and if we lose I always hear my team just say good game and never any type of abuse. If you really want to enjoy the game join us over on our server at the Squadleague.com Community Server. I'll make sure you have a good time playing on there with other players.
  12. What stops you playing squad

    Squad League and self employment haha funny how SL keeps me away from the game the business is based on. Anyways finally getting back into it this week.
  13. M249 bug

    Yeah, I have seen this as well since Pre-Alpha.
  14. Back Blast Area All Clear

    It would me amazing also if they added in a feature on desert maps or any really dusty areas for when you are crouched or prone while shooting it kicks up dust/sand into the air and if enough people are shooting in the vicinity a big plume of the dust becomes quite visible at ranges this would allow snipers to work better with the game and good for spotting.
  15. Back Blast Area All Clear

    Lol I want to see that giant SMAW backblast in the game :D