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  1. [Faction] French Forces

    I'm loving this mod, and it's not even out! Great work. Q: Will the F2/G2 feature some form of Aimpoint, red dot?
  2. Alpha Version 8.8 Released

    Nice update. Very, very nice. Can't wait to get home come sunday eve!
  3. Aircraft

    A10 does seem like overkill. That's also my view. If anything, it would probably be better served as a commander's asset in the same way call-in artillery might be. As a side note, there's no such thing as "aircrafts". The word aircraft is a collective term, which denotes both the singular and plural form. And yes, I just spent half my post being a grammar nazi. Deal with it.

    Agreed on a certain map icon feeling oddly malplaced, even to the extent of immersion breaking. Something more formal / simplistic would in my view be much more preferable. That said, I appreciate Offworld putting out fresh and wild ideas for scrutiny. Also concur on the vehicle markers being somewhat blocky and unclear in their appearances. Again, I look forward to what they'll come up with next.
  5. Anyone feel overwhelmed as a medic?

    My only big issue with the medic class is how convoluted getting to the med pack and dressing is.
  6. SKS reload animation

    I'll give them benefit of the doubt and assume it's a placeholder for all variations of remaining cartridges. And I believe the self loading carbine holds ten rounds in its internal magazine, not five.
  7. SL with iron sights

    Since you're talking about regular military forces, no, I can almost guarantee you squad leaders, arguably the most important role in the game, will not be given the option of being less combat effective, i.e. getting worse sight picture in the form of irons.
  8. M4A1 Rifle Desert Paint - Steam Inventory Typo

    The answer to your query, my good Sir, is stated multiple times in this very thread.
  9. Alpha Version 6 Released

    PS. I'd suggest cleaning up this thread of all the toxic nonsense, locking it, and let the feedback roll into a relevant thread suited to that purpose. DS.
  10. Alpha Version 6 Released

    This is the whole point of early access. Large scale testing during development. If you're not mentally prepared to run into problems and help solve said problems, then perhaps you should take a step back and ask yourself where all that self entitlement would be better served.
  11. Server is at capacity for non members

    I understand that frustration. But the real problem here is the lack of information that a server is full. Shouldn't have to start loading up the map only to get booted, without any knowledge that this server was already at maximum capacity. You have to understand that donating members is the reason all these servers can even exist.
  12. V.6 community feedback

    Varied performance, nothing unexpected. But couldn't see the names of persons using VOIP.
  13. Dog Infantry - Forming A Casual & Coordinated Squad

    Interesting. I'll keep my eye out for ya.
  14. Team/Clan Stacking

    First of all, there seems to be a total lack of auto-balance. New players will be forced into the smaller team, and that is all. Apart from balancing the teams when they get uneven in numbers, one might even want to consider having the ratio be uneven in favor of one team if it's being absolutely and consistently destroyed.
  15. Wait so the 50 cal is not one hit kill???

    You haven't even tried it and you're already passing judgement, OP. Srsly.