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  1. FPS tweak for GTX 9xx users

    I got around to testing the 368.81 drivers on my GTX 1070 this weekend, and to my surprise it also gave me 15 - 20 FPS more in all cases I tested versus 372.90 and the latest 384.94 drivers. On full servers playing maps like Fool's Road/Gorodok/Narva, it really makes a huge difference. FPS would previously drop below 40 at times, but with 368.81 it stays above 50, which makes it much more enjoyable to play. I wonder if any devs are aware of this and whether they could say what is causing this large difference? I think either something isn't being rendered properly with 368.81, although I haven't noticed any difference, or stuff off screen are unnecessary rendered with newer drivers, or there is some other overhead that is causing a bottleneck with the older UE 4 engine version Squad is still using? Hopefully with V10 newer drivers will work as well as 368.81.
  2. FPS tweak for GTX 9xx users

    Yesterday I tested 372.90 versus the latest 384.94 on my GTX 1070. In the same scenes on Fool's Road and Gorodok on local, 372.90 only gave 1-3 FPS more, but that might as well just be because I did a clean install and cleared my game cache. After playing a bit on a full server, I would say it made no difference. I'm on the fence about trying 368.81, as that was released just a month after the GTX 1070, so I doubt it will make a difference. I'm glad it's helping Maxwell owners though.
  3. Need new PC screen

    Just to check, have you at least tried another cable?
  4. Cookers

    Choppers people! When we one day get helos in the game it will be much faster and fun for people to do logistics with them. Since most maps aren't really that large (yet), logistics with trucks are fine for now. The only issue for me is ammunition. I think it would be good if other vehicles could drop smaller amounts of only ammunition points at FOBs, such as humvees and normal transport trucks.Hopefully they'll consider letting soldiers get ammo from vehicles directly later on with the core inventory system, much like Arma.
  5. Yes, I approve. Your C++ implementation will have minimal performance impact compared to silly UE4 blueprints. Bravo!
  6. Road Blocking

    It's the type of thing that is definitely unreasonable to do, but you can't punish or blame people for doing it, except if server admins make it an explicit rule. It's a game play issue that needs to be addressed by the devs.
  7. Release for v10?

    I love all these guesses of what content we might get before V10
  8. a mild way to soften down the rushes

    It's not a bad idea, but the penalty would have to be pretty severe in order for it to make people change their mind about rushing. It's definitely better than trying to get people to listen to server rules. One problem I foresee is how it would differ with vastly different sized maps.
  9. Mortars, IEDs, Mine low blast range

    It's clear mortars and IEDs need a buff. It shouldn't necessarily have a bigger "kill" radius, but definitely do damage further out, even if it's just enough to make you bleed. This would make mortars much more effective at suppressing enemies in an area. You'll think twice about staying in the open then. The current IED is just two smallish mortars rounds strapped together, so it should do more damage, but not really in a larger radius than a mortar round I would say.
  10. Gaz Tiger-M / Arbalet-DM - HI poly

    Very nice! I hope this will be added to Squad? Would be so awesome!
  11. Vehicles Sound too close

    I haven't been able to play much recently, so I haven't noticed it, but it might be purposeful. In buildings it should be harder to tell where the source of sound is coming from IRL due to reflections. In-game it should'nt be completely non-positional, but maybe they tried a way of spoofing reflections, which AFAIK isn't implemented yet, if you catch my drift? I'm sure the devs are experimenting a lot with the audio, and might be building some changes into updates without specifically mentioning it in change logs.
  12. Steam Audio SDK for UE4

    I see that the Steam Audio SDK is being implemented with the new Unreal audio engine in UE 4.16, which will be released soon. Steam Audio for UE4 announcement: http://steamcommunity.com/games/596420/announcements/detail/1291814401937895208 UE 4.16 preview summary: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?142071 So to the devs, do you see this being usable for Squad? Or do you have your own plans for implementing more advanced audio features?
  13. Vehicles Sound too close

    I know you're gonna amaze us in the future The problem is that you can't, at the moment, make the sound different of a car 100m away behind a hill, and 100m away in an open field.
  14. Vehicles Sound too close

    I know what you mean, I also typically think vehicles sound much closer than they really are. However, I don't think it's that the volume or fall off is wrong, but rather the way it sounds. IRL you can here the sounds of vehicle engines from very far, but it sounds much different due to reflections. This is where dynamic audio reflection should make a big difference I feel. It is possible in UE4, the devs showed a demo of it sometime last year. Another feature that would help is audio occlusion. The problem I find is that a vehicle sounds close, and technically it is, but it might be behind two blocks of buildings (Al Basrah for instance), that would in reality block the sound are make it sound very reverberated.
  15. MTLB

    Well, thank you for answering, now you've given a basis for your argument. That is an interesting laser tank prototype, if there was a good use for it, the devs could make it