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  1. Dynamic Dashboards

    I know it's not a quick work, but what do you imagine for Squad when you are inside a vehicle ? 3rd view ?
  2. Dynamic Dashboards

    I think you doesn't understand my post, I said "(including all vehicles where we'll see the interiors, HUMVEEs; helicopters...)". Obviously it's logic to see the HUMVEEs interiors like in PR:BF2 or Arma, if in PR:BF2 we can see all interiors (except Tanks and APCs) I don't really understand by your claim why they can't do it in Squad, and I'm pretty sure they will implant the interiors for all vehicles except Tanks and APCs. And it is for that I suggest the dynamic dashboards in all vehicles where we will see the interiors.
  3. Dynamic Dashboards

    What do you mean ?
  4. All Players Need Microphones

    I disagree with this suggestion, I've seen sometime people who haven't microphone, but still playing good when someone called them for medic (it's an example), and that example is valid of all type of squad even for commander. The only possible problem caused with no-mic is to be the squad leader but again, the majority of no-mic doesn't create a squad, they prefer join, so there is no problem with that, if you are a squad leader and you don't want to have people without microphone ? Make a microphone check, it's fast. Other anecdote, the majority of squad leader I've seen doesn't care or doesn't make a microphone check.
  5. Dynamic Dashboards

    Picture in picture inside vehicles (mini-screen) ? No, I meant the information in the dashboards (speed, altitude etc.) like in Arma 3, in the most vehicles of Arma 3 (except tanks and APCs) there are dynamic dashboards: helicopters; cars; jets... And talking about that, I suggest also a dynamic rear-view mirror if it's feasible.
  6. Different game rooms

    Agreed, excellent idea and me too I'll play the "ultra realistic mode" a lot, and the "1 life" mode is excellent too, and obviously, it's with the ultra realistic mode if it's done ?
  7. What's The Issue For The Mini-map ?

    Alright, thanks for the response.
  8. Hud Element For Friendly Mines & Boobytraps

    I'm not agreed with all suggests in this topic. In reality, it's extremely rare the friendly's fire, so let's disable the friendly fire in the game ? I don't think so. If you want to create a sim. game, you put all real possibility in the game without any cheats like hud or things like that, otherwise there are arcade games.
  9. Shacktac Squad/fireteam Hud

    If they choose to play in Squad it's not to have a second Battlefield 4 renamed in "Squad" I think.
  10. Shacktac Squad/fireteam Hud

    Agreed with Kubas, no radar, and please no mini-map, just like ARMA 3.
  11. What's the issue for the mini-map, you know the mini-map like in PR:BF2 and in the majority of FPS games ? It will be implanted in Squad or nothing, just a tactical map without the mini-map (as Arma 3 have) ?
  12. Dynamic Dashboards

    A simple suggestion: dynamic dashboards (including all vehicles where we'll see the interiors, HUMVEEs; helicopters...) like in... Arma.
  13. Website Launch

    Good job.
  14. Game Modes

    All game modes in PR is great, but I would like to see others with more realism. I don't like the rush game mode like in Battlefield because it's to much for arcade game and there is no sense, and that is why I would like to see only realistic game modes. I hope game modes and game play mechanics from Arma series will be implanted, and I think Squad game should be inspired by Arma game because the quality of this game is really impressive and developed exclusively for simulation. If I could see an idea for Squad game: a game mode with a lot of hours playable (few days / 24h / lot of tickets / and the same "game mode" in Arma). Others ideas: 4 hours is the minimal time for the duration of a party (except skirmish mode).Midnight game mode: the party start at 9:00 PM and can finish at X time, game clock time, 1 hour in game = 1 hour in real life. Other thing but that do not concern necessarily game modes: Dynamic weather (luminosity) in real time (1 hour in the game = 1 hour irl) in any maps, any game mode. To sum up: No game mode and systems inspired by arcade games (Battlefield...)Game play mechanics from Arma series in SquadGame modes with a lot of time playableDynamic weather (luminosity) on any maps and any game mode1 hour passed in the game = 1 hour passed in real life on any maps and any game modeMidnight game mode
  15. The End Of Pr After Squad's Release?

    PR have no update planned I think, the last update has been done some months ago, and the team of Squad doesn't work for PR. Check this for more information: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/60-welcome-to-squad/