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  1. [Solved] Stuck in wrong region

    glad it worked. issue solved. thread locked.
  2. Not sure whom you're referring to. As far as I can see, nobody "dissed" you. Anyways, the guys trying to help you in the forums are volunteers. Makes no sense to feel disappointed by them if they cannot help you. I'd say the both of you, @Sgt_Dogface and @Kalaus.42, should contact [email protected] gl
  3. [Solved] Stuck in wrong region

    ok, try this: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/234684847-No-servers-in-server-browser
  4. [Solved] Stuck in wrong region

    Hello and welcome to Squad @Zevros, if the game looks anything like this then you are in the wrong forum. this is the official forum for Squad. https://store.steampowered.com/app/393380/Squad/ Squad wiki help for the Squad server browser: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Server_browser
  5. servers not showing (have tried all advice)

    I would not exclude the router completely just yet. when testing on the laptop, were you connected to the same router via wifi or cable? the router might handle wlan and lan differently. by testing with your laptop, you were able to narrow down what might cause the issue: Firewall (disabled) AV Software windows network configuration NIC on your PC Router (check for flood protection,etc...; maybe hard reset the router?) ISP (works with laptop)
  6. hello, guys

    Hi @liangguoqiang, read this: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration ATM, you will need a i7 6700K/7700K/8700K OC for a 80 people server.
  7. For the guys wondering what the minimum tournament settings are: shadows: medium view distance: high
  8. Good thinking, kuracio and Psyrus! I'd call that a breakthrough. The issue is probably somewhere here:
  9. Rocket Technical

    Servus, der Bug ist, soweit ich weiß, seit längerem bekannt. Keine Ahnung wann der Bug gefixt wird. Würde die Erwartungen auf eine schnellen Fix eher zurückschrauben. (meine persönliche Meinung)
  10. puh. honestly, I cannot find anything wrong regarding CPU, GPU, drivers, network... sorry, I am out of ideas.
  11. ok. doesn't look bad either. can you post your NVIDIA driver version?
  12. ok, I had a look at the video. stats look ok. I am fairly certain the CPU as well as the GPU are not the culprit. let's check your connectivity. how are you connected to the router? open cmd ping -n 30 post screenshot
  13. a shot in the dark: Check the energy options in Windows. Set it to High Performance. Run Squad with console commands "stat fps" and "stat unit". You should be able to see what is causing the stutter. you'll possibly see a spike. (the lower the numbers, the better) Maybe record a video with stat unit and stat fps activated.
  14. Cant make a fourm post on the support page

    hmm, try again
  15. Cant make a fourm post on the support page

    try again
  16. Spielerstatistik/Rang

    Servus, würde in der alpha/beta Phase nicht damit rechnen.
  17. Cant make a fourm post on the support page

    @J.Rizzo[3rdID], @roge8014 try again
  18. Resolution bug


    link works for me. check status: https://isitup.org/offworldindustries.zendesk.com clear your browser cache try again https://bit.ly/2sSRuqY
  20. I'd like to see the SL names readable when Squads are collapsed. It would help addressing relevant SL by name. Mockup: I think having all the relevant information (Squad_no, Squad_name, SL_name) on one spot would be quite handy.
  21. Cant make a fourm post on the support page

    Try again. thx.
  22. Server License Issue

    AFAIK, for a 80p Squad server you'll need a 6700K / 7700K / 8700K. For server / hosting issues please use http://discord.me/squadhosting