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  1. Queens Fighting Force (QFF) - UK/EU/USA

    @ARKSH7R you'll find a QFF discord link in the first post of this thread.
  2. ^ thx for letting us know. this might be valuable information for @knubbe
  3. I think it is time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Problem beim joinen auf einen Server

    korrekt. Mit frendlichen Grüßen EAC.
  5. Forum Founders / Backer Tag's ?

    source /locked
  6. [Solved] Game just disappears.

    glad to hear. locking this thread, so it won't get derailed by someone else. If the issue reoccurs, just use the "report post" (top right of the post) and ask for a unlock.
  7. Problem beim joinen auf einen Server

    Servus @PDauti, soweit ich weiß, bezieht sich das nur auf den einen (oder ein paar wenige) Server.
  8. Impossible to join a squad

    I found another thread describing this issue. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/27041-cant-joincreate-squad-or-spawn/ a solution for one user who had this issue: do you use wifi? do you also have this issues when joining a healthy (green square), unpopulated server? if I were you, I'd also contact [email protected] describe your issue and link this forum thread.
  9. Animation System Update

    everything in due time. please, keep your expectations a little bit realistic. I would not be surprised, if they introduce the core functionality first. There will be bugs which need be crushed and values to be tweaked. - This will take some time. When the time is right, they will likely focus on advanced features (TrackIR, Hotas, etc...) which are build upon the core features.
  10. Hello and welcome to Squad @Vainaa, also, I'd try to re-install / repair EAC: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/221442887-Easy-Anti-Cheat-Errors
  11. Sound Problem [PLEASE HELP]

    That is unfortunate. Only a few more troubleshooting step I can think of: Use another headset/earphones/ear-buds with 3.5mm jacks in combination with your onboard soundcard. (So we can find out if the USB connection is causing the issue.) don't forget to set the default device correctly to onboard soundcard. unplug the USB-headset. clean install of Squad 3. contact [email protected] explain your issue (+link to this thread) else, I am out of ideas. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. Sound Problem [PLEASE HELP]

    Well, it might be properly set up (for most games). But by the looks of it, it still doesn't work in Squad. AFAIK, UE4 (the game engine Squad is built upon) has some issues with multiple audio devices. that is why I suggested this: ...so that there is only one default device
  13. Impossible to join a squad

    Hello and welcome to Squad @InsideReality, not really aware of such an issue. does this also happen if you try to create a squad? does this also happen on the "Firing Range" (local server) when you try to create a squad?
  14. Sound Problem [PLEASE HELP]

    well, I don't own a gaming headset. So I have limited experience there. Did some digging: ^ does it look like this? Did you try this setup? If it doesn't work, can you set the Speakers (Turtle Beach Z60 Game Audio) to Default Communication Device and Default Device? also: disable all audio enhancements use stereo mode. (deactivate 7.1 virtual sound)
  15. crash at startup

    Hi @Raaf, since when do you have this issue? when was the last time you played Squad without having this issue? There was a big engine update with v9.9 in September. Old files, which were not deleted during the update, might cause some issues now. A clean install of Squad is recommended: