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  1. Textures loading

    honestly, I am a bit surprised, that you were able to start and play Squad with that GPU. It is way below minimum Specs: https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/compare/FirePro-M4000-vs-GeForce-GTX-770/238vs2531 I don't think you can do much. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. [Solved] Cloud graphic issues

    Thx for letting us know. Locking thread.
  3. Squad Server Post -- help

    try in 2-5 min.
  4. Tastenbelegung: Bewegungstasten verstellen.

    Servus, Die Funktion ist im Spiel. Aber es gibt einen Bug. Die Bewegungstasten (std. WASD) können zur Zeit nur in der englischen Sprache im Spiel eingestellt werden. Weiters sollte es möglich sein, die Tastaturbelegung in der input.ini mit einem Texteditor zu verändern. %localappdata%\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\input.ini ev. hilfreich: https://wiki.unrealengine.com/List_of_Key/Gamepad_Input_Names#Keyboard
  5. [Solved] Cloud graphic issues

    Hello and welcome to Squad @cpt_pikard are you using G-Sync? if so, turn it off. - see if it works.
  6. AMD Freeze Issue - Kill Me Please

    Hello and welcome to Squad @ProjectRealityDude, not necessarily. see clarification below. this needs some clarification: Squad (UE4) had (and has) performance issues with AMD Bulldozer (2011 - 2017) CPUs. Squad (UE4) does not have performance issues with AMD GPUs. Squad (UE4) does not have performance issues with AMD Ryzen (2017 - present) CPUs. a bit background info: please do.
  7. Freezes up to a minute, no crash

    just to clear up: Fools Road 1760 x 1760 m (3.1 km²) Chora 3850 x 3850 m (14.8 km²) idk, at least I don't have a conclusive explanation. You seem to have a decent PC for Squad. (i7-4790k, GTX 1060 3GB) after upgrading GPU, make another video with stats showing on screen. If I were you, I'd reset everything and get a new baseline. I know, it's a pain in the ass. Format HDD, clean install of win10, drivers and then Squad.
  8. NWI Discord

  9. Freezes up to a minute, no crash

    @DoubleDEdd, had a look at the video (0.25 speed). around 0:38, looks like GPU hits the wall first, then CPU has to wait. although around 1:03, it looks like you "Game" (CPU) initiates the freeze!? not sure, to me it looks looks like your GPU is bottlenecking (most of the time). your CPU should be good for Squad. for testing: set all graphical settings to low disable graphical enhancements (AO, bloom, etc...) turn off preload textures
  10. Textures loading

    Hello and welcome to Squad @HARDCOREMAN777, idk, but the specs don't add up. I guess its a laptop. can you post a link to the specs?
  11. Freezes up to a minute, no crash

    @DoubleDEdd, can you make another video with stat fps and stat unit @about treefiddy, can you also record a video with these commands maybe the stats show a bottleneck.
  12. Server Licensing General Info

    @MrYoshii, best you jump in the Squad hosting discord. http://discord.me/squadhosting I am sure you'll find competent people there.
  13. Squad Server Post -- help

    try again.