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  1. Hello @Scandicci, first thing I'd recommend you to do: delete your Squad user settings cache. instruction: do either option1 or option2. the result is the same.
  2. Servus, ich bin dann der vierte deutschsprachige Moderator in dem Forum & auf Discord. (neben koschi, Sine und Ridoc) Echt? Inwiefern? Da ich mittlerweile ausschließlich auf englischsprachigen Servern spiele, fehlt mir ehrlich gesagt der Vergleich. - Würde mich aber interessieren. Den Jungs von FC. und SB laufe ich immer wieder mal über den Weg. Meistens bei organisierten Spielen. CCFN, WW, usw... Aber während dem zocken ist dann halt meistens wenig Zeit zum Plaudern.
  3. Hello and welcome to Squad @Lukas, thank you for letting us know about your fix. - keep us posted.
  4. HI @Cyberzomby, afaik, you cannot switch the audio output device mid game. to consider: The headphone you want to use in Squad needs to be the default device in windows It needs to be plugged in (and active) before you start Squad. also:
  5. not necessarily. There might be some settings that do not run well with the UE4 sound engine. Try to Disable Dolby Surround. also try other settings like 5.1 and stereo. update the driver, etc...
  6. Hello and welcome to Squad @napstrike, can you check your text scaling in windows? (set it to 100%)
  7. Hello and welcome to Squad @basedBara, another guy has issues with this headset. check out this thread. (check last post - does it work then?)
  8. Hello and welcome to Squad @Rarecheddar, already discussed several times. - always the same answer.
  9. thx for letting us know. locking thread, so it won't get hijacked.
  10. Hello and welcome to Squad @Merrik, try this
  11. @Robbi Read this. Follow the instructions.
  12. Hello and welcome to Squad @Barlow, What are your specs? try this
  13. Hello and welcome to Squad @jhurst225, try this: and report back.
  14. Nice. Problem solved for now. /locked