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  1. @Super_7 Check your email account (the one that you paid your key with through paypal) for an email from [email protected], it should have the title Squad Backer Perks & Soundtrack and was sent on 29th or 30th of April 2016. Make sure to also check your spam-folder for an email from this address. Scroll down to the bottom of the email and redeem it in STEAM using the following instructions: If you could not find your key and have checked everything inside your email account, and made sure that no other of your email-accounts has the email, please write an email to [email protected] from the same e-mail address you bought the game through Paypal with. Wait for response until you receive your key. Again, make sure to look into your spam-folder. Read the following thread and follow the instructions given there, to receive your founder tag: Adding your name to the credits is not possible any more, the deadline for this was 15th of July 2016
  2. glad to hear. How did you fix it? - It might help other users who have the similar issue.
  3. Hello and welcome to Squad @hii15, follow this instruction: and report back your findings.
  4. Hello and welcome to Squad @Goldy, did you already change the Power Plan Settings in Windows 10 to High performance?
  5. Hello and welcome to Squad @SMPlayerSlyer, Make sure the microphone you are using is set as the default recordings device in windows.
  6. Thank you for letting us know. Just out of curiosity. How did that happen? Did you create that incorrect rule yourself? Usually the firewall gives you a prompt, which you just need to confirm.
  7. Thank you for letting us know. locking thread, so it won't get spammed/hijacked. send me a pm, in case you need the thread reopened.
  8. Hello and welcome to Squad @chrisbmax12, how about, you post your system specs? - Or else every suggestion is just a shot in the dark. Make sure, windows as well as the drivers are up to date. In case an error message is displayed, please post a screenshot.
  9. Yes. I turned the automatic installation off. But you are correct. You need to register an account in order to use NVIDIA Experience.
  10. Have you tried to close the unnecessary programs running in the background? EAC might have a problem with one of them. (eg. the latest reshade version)
  11. Hello and welcome to Squad @Hillbilly, for some reason, your GPU is crashing/stops working. possible causes: unstable overclocked GPU corrupt GPU driver corrupt directx things you can try: use default GPU clockspeed update GPU driver repair directx look at "2."
  12. Hello and welcome to Squad @Tochvi, can you post a screenshot of the error message? If the UE4 crash reporter windows pops up, please report all crashes that occur by clicking the 'SEND' button.
  13. Hello and welcome to Squad @SnowySnagel, as Skul already mentioned, select Stereo for the headset.
  14. thank you for reporting back. issue solved. /locked
  15. @toastedted