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  1. World Origin Rebasing

    Hello and welcome to Squad @sazger, it's a good read: https://forums.unrealengine.com/community/work-in-progress/81424-pull-request-world-origin-shifting-in-mp
  2. Losing Patience

    Alright. I did clean up some responses. Shall we try again? If you feel the urge to say something, think about it first. - Then post the response. Quit being condecending. Else, walk away. @Generic Squad Gamer If you want to be taken seriously, edit your post so that it is readable. - Nobody wants to read a wall of text.
  3. September 2018 Recap

    It's not your imagination.
  4. Server license minimum CPU

    idk, ask at http://discord.me/squadhosting
  5. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    did you try to: downgrade nvidia driver down-clock the gpu a few 100 mhz, this is almost always guaranteed to work. (tested it on multiple occasions, and suggested it to multiple people) https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/545292/unreal-engine-is-exiting-due-to-d3d-device-being-l-3.html tool to down-clock gpu: http://download.msi.com/uti_exe//vga/MSIAfterburnerSetup.zip
  6. Server license minimum CPU

    Hello and welcome to Squad @Enj0y, Squad servers are single thread heavy. Right now the only CPUs capable of running 80 slot servers with proper health (tickrate) are 6700K, 7700K and 8700K from the i7 series, i9 with 4.2 ghz or above clock speed and XEON E3's from the skylake architecture with 4.2 GHZ or above. http://discord.me/squadhosting is the place where you can find all the answers to your questions.
  7. "West Coast Tactical - AAS" - Review

    there is a dedicated forum section where you can report server admin abuse. http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/241-report-server-admin-abuse/
  8. Sers @Babario, Normalerweise in paar Tage. Am besten du kontaktierst [M] Nordic Socialist#5510. Du findest ihn zum Beispiel auf dem offiziellen Squad Hosting Discord Server http://discord.me/squadhosting PS.: er versteht nur Englisch (und Schwedisch)
  9. Hello and welcome to [email protected]_Crispy, I am sure you will find help at http://discord.me/squadhosting much faster.
  10. missing keymapping slots ??

    Yes, there is a bug. Something got lost in translation. Switch to English. Change key binds. Switch back to French.
  11. Audio malfunction

    I haven't heard of imminent changes how Squad handles the sound. AFAIK, out-of-the-box UE4 only uses the default sound devices of windows. so make sure you chose (and test) the default sound device before launching Squad from Steam.
  12. Server Licensing General Info

    @Jackboot OWI was on vacation last week. best you jump in the Squad hosting discord. http://discord.me/squadhosting
  13. Audio malfunction

    Hello and welcome to Squad @JelleFish, https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/221596087-Troubleshooting-Audio-Issues
  14. Unable to Post in Teams Thread

    @Jackboot, @I AM Swan try again
  15. Hello and welcome to Squad @Nubski, Steam is required in order to play Squad. https://store.steampowered.com/app/393380/Squad/ not entirely sure. worst case, it should be possible to change the keyboard layout in the input.ini with a text editor. %localappdata%\Squad\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\input.ini maybe helpful: https://wiki.unrealengine.com/List_of_Key/Gamepad_Input_Names#Keyboard