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  1. @Efredin you are from Denmark, right? So is this guy who had a similar issue. turned out his router was the issue. else - I am out of ideas. last resort: contact but don't expect any help in a timely manner. - I am sure they are swamped with tickets. but I honestly think there is something wrong on your "side".
  2. hm, one more thing I can think of: Command Prompt & Ipconfig info:
  3. Hello and welcome to Squad @Efredin, try this: report back if it helped.
  4. Hello and welcome back to Squad @Not_Tactical, It might be that you uninstalled Squad after the free weekend. But did you also manually delete the %localappdata%\Squad folder? - It contains the config/ini files. I'd say the first step in troubleshooting is to delete the appdata folder: give it a try and report back.
  5. google translate: Russian forum section:
  6. Hello and welcome to Squad @RunLikeHell, Be sure that in windows your (headset) microphone is set as default device for recording.
  7. Hello and welcome to Squad @CoyDK, other users with G340 have a similar issue Forum Search: (top right of the forum) read this: try to disable Disable Dolby Surround, dts, or whatever you have. try stereo, 5.1
  8. alright, I am locking this thread. OP had the chance to vent. Nordic had the chance to respond. for further discussion: discord
  9. I was inclined to agree to your statement. But then you made it abundantly clear, that you have no idea what you are talking about.
  10. Hello and welcome to Squad @Dixxi, open these ports on the router, as well as in Windows (under firewall, advanced settings, incoming rules) manually.
  11. Hello and welcome to squad @saggybubbs, Several threads regarding this topic already exist. About 30 min ago, you even posted your thoughts there. Please continue the discussion there. Locking this thread.
  12. unnecessary post with no real context. not contributing to the topic. huge room for interpretation led to confusion on the part of OP.
  13. It is a confirmed EAC ban. - There is nothing we can do for you.
  14. @Kusu What is your steam 64id?
  15. take a look here