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  1. I've been searching for my previous usernames publicly using Google and found the previous Squad forum http://forumtest.joinsquad.com Can you please allow the accounts to be deleted or at-least please shelve this server?
  2. I come from BF2:PR so i dont really know what DayZ mechanics are. It's not an inventory pick and choose so it's not looting as such, it's only a search animation. In project reality, using enemy weapons isn't possible, although you can only use their bandages and eppipens. The soldier probably wont be accustomed to enemy weapon systems so this isn't allowed in project reality. It will also devolve into kit stealing. Also the radius idea is bad. The same radius idea was implemented for PR rally points but this also allowed players to know if an enemy was nearby. Searching should be an trade off between securing bandages/intel/enemy for vulnerability during critical moments of a firefight.
  3. It's meant to be there as a tradeoff. You're forced to take a risk when you search the enemy(making you vunerable), or you need someone covering your ass.
  4. As all BF2:PR are well accustomed to take the enemy kits for their bandages, I thought we could implement a more realistic mechanic. I propose a dead body "pat-down". The mechanic requires the player to be in a vulnerable state for 20 secs or so to check enemy bodies. This could be a contextual so something like the E" key , the player puts his weapon away then player starts searching the body but can cancel at any time. But once cancelled it takes time for the player to bring his weapon to a ready state. I don't know if this contextual mechanic can be implemented at the time being as I'd also like to see contextual vaulting over walls like in bf3/4. This will have the following purpose- Replenish your bandages. Also in insurgency game mode, one could gain extra Intel from searching insurgent squad leaders. Stop the enemy from being revived. Give a confirmed kill count on the person who killed the enemy (or -1 for teamkill). This is proposed to give the upcoming mortars some-kind of feedback that they are hitting the enemy (or even friendlies!) Possibly replenish grenades and magazines.
  5. Escape from Tarkov

    Completely mistook unity for unreal engine. Probably from my limited experience, but I feel the somewhat opposite. The games dont have enough weapon sway. But it's also probably due to me being small build with a pretty heavy system. Seeing your location is in america, the m4 is pretty light and you're probably a big tall dude.
  6. Escape from Tarkov

    Escape from Tarkov Same engine. I think it's a survial game but ignore all that and focus solely on the gunplay. It stood out the first time I watched the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmklF4az0pE Notes to take: There is seems to be little things they have done to improve the gunplay vastly. The weapon sway is much more apparent than in squad.- @4:44 & @1:44 In squad, even with the recoil your weapon sights is always in the middle of the screen (ie your camera recoils in sync with the gun). However in this game, the recoil makes the weapons climb away from the middle of the screen/player camera. (Of course the head camera should recoil with the weapon but the weapon should recoil more than the head in automatic fire as the energy transffered to the head should be somewhat damped by the bones and flesh)This is more apparent @ 4:44. Squad example (slow mo )- https://youtu.be/Ymjl1jORB40?t=3s @2:10 when the player switches to his side, you can see the weapon oscillate up and down caused by the player model crouch moving till he stops to take more accurate shots. Player Head camera seems to sway more caused by body movements- @3:50 The player camera seems to sway from side to side when moving about. In squad, the player camera feels quite static even when running. The weapons handling looks fluid and smooth - I know there is some performance issues with 3D sights in squad, but tarkov showcases what the gameplay might have looked like with 3d Sights. @1:48 the red dot sight actually looks like it is infront of the holo sight insted of being painted on the middle of the optics. The switch from the optical to the side sights @1:48 so damn smooth and fluid. These are the main things I could pick up on that Escape from tarkov have done better than Squad. I think this would make squad a more realisitc while also increase the viseral experience.
  7. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    HUH..... Hey Spearhead here aswell!!!
  8. What Headset Do You Use?

    Yeah it is really good, however it is not compatible with TrackIR. The head band is too wide for the TrackIR emitter. You need to cut out a chunk with a hand saw from the headband. Got myself the 388 headset (little brother of the 780) and it also is thin enough to tack on a trackIR.
  9. Err, I have the correct package for this weekend but when will I receive my keys for the pre-alpha? Any ETA ie day and time? I checked my junk and inbox like my fridge, expecting something.
  10. Welcome, and plz no ban me admin.
  11. Signatures

    Am i not allowed to ask for a reasoning? Are you an admin sir? https://youtu.be/hDoGqZUHVEI?t=5s
  12. Signatures

    I asked an "admin" a question to do with the gif rules. Not state it.
  13. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    DAT was fast Awesome. Thank you very much
  14. Signatures

    I want to have some type of animation allowed on the signature. I am thinking about the squad logo but with the flag moving about in the wind.