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  1. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    So, they want to be considered a stand-alone game when they are using another game's base engine? That doesn't make sense to me. If Squad developers are collaborating/supporting the project, as you say, it sounds more like an expansion.
  2. Music!

    more hipster shit
  3. That has nothing to do with "pr 1337ism" but simply people wanting a good laugh. You don't need to be a "pr 1337 vet" to know not to press ALT + F4. If you do that, you're a fucking retard. I remember saying that shit in BF1942 and COD2 so it has nothing to do with PR. I feel like you're just mad (as you're name says) because you were dumb enough to do it. People are allowed to give any advice they want even the bad advice.
  4. No Steam Christmas Sale?

    Christmas Spirit?!? Bah, humbug! Christmas Spirit didn't put a man on the moon or cure polio! Nor did it create Squad!
  5. No Steam Christmas Sale?

    There was a sale for the past four fucking months. You missed the sale. Get over it.
  6. The dream is alive.

    why isnt he squatting (squadding?)?
  7. Music!

    This forum needs some folk punk

    i put cap locks on and then held shift. i posted this in the most hyped way possible. hyped for squad.
  9. The American Football Thread!

    browns won fuck art modell
  10. Hey OWI, question:

    Eternal Silence was a source mod. It was really fucking good but it is dead now. It was only popular in 2012. I wouldn't mind seeing something like that with a greater emphasis on teamwork and realism - like Squad.
  11. Squad Leader Recommendation Thread

    I second Kojent. I played with him last night 11:00 PM EST to 12:30 AM EST 11/25-26. The guy is solid. He knows exactly what he wants to do and gives the orders in concise statements. He is cheerful and laidback - just an easygoing squad leader. No matter what the fuck is going on he always to calm. We build a FOB in a compound not expecting to meet any contacts. We did. They had the high ground and we were completely surrounded. He just stayed calm and was giving us orders. Eventually we had to pull back because we weren't making any head way, but he did lead a successful assault on the southern portion of a town and we fended off all enemies.
  12. Russian Su-24 shot down in Syria!

    the only hope is that russia starts arming the kurds because turkey and the us do the same thing with isis except they are called "freedom fighters" or "anti assad forces" or some shit.
  13. Ranking System?

    the only thing i really want to see are statistics like in DOD:S. Time played, miles walked, rounds fired, accuracy with each weapons, etc.