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  1. The Dropzone

    Hello! We are a group of guys that play Squad and Post Scriptum a couple times of week. The environment we like to maintain is one that supports teamwork and fun. We know when to play serious and when to joke around. https://discord.gg/cGuGfCE
  2. Autumn Squad Steam Sale - November 23-29th

    You guys are awesome. Spamming all my buddies who don't own it with this news!
  3. [Image] New implementation for Vehicle seatings.

    I'd love to see a system like this.
  4. April 2016 Monthly Recap

  5. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Test post! THANK YOU DEVS
  6. Your Avatar's Story

    A picture of me trying to look cool on my 2nd deployment to Afghanistan.
  7. New CTD in v3.4

    I resolved my crash issue by rolling back to the latest Catalyst driver. Crimson has some big issues with stability. Frames at the training map are 50-60 med-high settings but when loaded into a populated server tank to 15-20.
  8. New CTD in v3.4

    Okay, I will try. Steam overlay is disabled!
  9. New CTD in v3.4

    I'm using the latest stable driver currently..there is a beta version of the driver out though.
  10. New CTD in v3.4

    The CPU I have comes with intergrated graphics but of course I don't use it. I use the 7800.
  11. New CTD in v3.4

    Logar Valley AAS
  12. New CTD in v3.4

    I'm in a game now..I haven't been able to reproduce the crash since the roll back actually..still getting 15-16 FPS however.
  13. New CTD in v3.4

    So I rolled my driver version back to 15.11 for Crimson..When I load into an offline Training Session my frames are great, no shuddering. Load into any server..back down to 20-21 and crashing.
  14. New CTD in v3.4

    Here is the log https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_cMrhSfd4BhWDhOMHppcEp6UFE and here is the .dmp file https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_cMrhSfd4BhNEh4VnNzVDhHUlk I tried out the Crimson beta driver v15.11.1 still no luck. Thanks!
  15. New CTD in v3.4

    So I haven't had this issue on any of the other builds..I load into a server..move around for 3-5 minutes and I CTD with this message: http://imgur.com/xEHXHMX Thanks for any suggestions/help. Specs: Windows 8.1 GPU: Radeon 7800 RAM: 16GB CPU: AMD A10-6700