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  1. Alpha 16 Released

    Hmm, indeed times change with this update. This will take some time to readjust balance on some maps. But nothing super critical. Keep up the good work!
  2. AK's are best because of iron sights, best field of view that is not blocked when aiming down. So I disagree about reflex sights for everyone. I even hate, that rifleman has it now.
  3. Post Scriptum Keys

    Ok, thank you for swift answer.
  4. Post Scriptum Keys

    Emm, how to redeem key if friend bought 10 key clan pack? I need to contact him for key redeem?
  5. un**** the fob mechanics plz

    Well, if the FOB/HAB is overrun, there should not be any spawning possible. I get idea that FOB should be some strong point-of-interest on map and its alright, but this whole mindless spawning, because there is no indication clear FOB is overrun, while 5 guys are inside HAB is really not great.
  6. Devblog - Out and About

    Thank you eggman, with work done on PR, it made me play it straight for 7-8+ years making me one of the "elitists". Even forced me to buy me a first game - Battlefield 2 even though I hated its original gameplay. As community is changing and everyone is moving on with their life, it kinda died for me. But sure as hell, PR gave me A LOT "band-of-brothers" moments, like sitting on flag, in trench or T-shape, having banter going on with fellow players. Squad is still too fast paced, to develop these moments. So I am looking forward fro gameplay improvements that would decrease even more the pace of the game.
  7. Still no changes to medic system?
  8. Looking to the future: Asset Squads.

    Only red the first post. If you want this to work, squad locking must be implemented, so random greifer does not waste asset. Like Tank crew driver gets out, greifer gets in driver seat and goes yolo towards enemy positions.
  9. If you didn't notice, there is already massive amount of spawning happening because of Squad Rallies.
  10. This actually prevents other team to take a small break and reorganize, make counter attack etc etc, same for your team, so game does not end in 15 min in the current state of the game.
  11. Roadmap, when beta, when final?

    Everyone is forgetting the fact, game is still in Alpha stage. Things still can very heavily change. And mod support is a thing, when you have Final game out, instead something that is changing. As mod maker, it would be pain in the ass keep stuff updated, because core code is still changing. So deep breath, this game has made far more progress in relatively short time than Star Citizen with its massive budget and (oh wait!), still nothing solid out after years of development. Like huge thing is vehicle physics update, that will affect all other mods like Post Scriptum so guys don't have to write everything from zero. P.S. I still want changes about medic system, because current just encourages re-spawning rather than waiting for medic.
  12. Quick question about the Clan Patch

    Today I searched for this, and wanted to bump this thread, instead make a new one. Any chance seeing clan patch as Unit patch in-game?
  13. Fatal Error - Squad's New Best Friend

    If they would know, what is causing it, then there would be hotfix by now.
  14. Soldier Class: Ammo Carrier

    Logistics are still not working any where even close to the needs, what frontline infantry need. Can you bring supplies to the front and rearm at truck instead leaving valuable position to go to FOB?
  15. Squad leader Direct marking

    How about making life even better, by adding little arrow above compass, to navigate, where is the objective? Just like in PR. :)