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  1. Ranking system

    I always like having to work for my gear, weapons, and rank, it's one of my favorite things to do in games, the harder and longer it takes, the better. But for this game? I can't see that happening, nor would I want it to happen.
  2. [image Heavy] Z's Library Of Models

    I LOVE that you guys put the kill flash on the ACOG. As much as I like the ACOG it looks 10x better with the killflash
  3. I believe it depends on your Chain of Command on whether or not you can customize your equipment.
  4. Scope Implementation Discussion

    Why?! It's the most realistic one here. In fact it's the only realistic one.
  5. Massive Explosions in Tianjin, China

    Has to be more than that, the was fucking huge.
  6. Vietnam?

    I don't really think saying I love the vietnam war era is exactly a good thing to say, but rather i'm really really interested in it. I would absolutely LOVE the Vietnam war in Squad.
  7. Insurgent Weapons (AK47s, Tokarevs and more).

    Dude, those fuckers use whatever they can get their hands on, they don't just use AKs and Tokerevs, also, AK47s are pretty damn rare these days, i've heard they could sometimes run from 15k and up.
  8. Massive Explosions in Tianjin, China

    Goddamn, any death count yet?
  9. Weapon Sounds

    First want to say how damn weird it is that I was watching that firefight on helmet cam video just before I came here, lol. But, video doesn't pick up what gunshots actually sound like, when I went shooting recently I got a video of it and it didn't sound anything like it did in real life.
  10. Sharpening Post-Process Filter

    +1 Not exactly the same thing, but in Insurgency it's so pixelated that you can sometimes barely see targets more than 100ft away.
  11. Different appearance for different classes

    +1 I think this should only be done to an extent, things like breacher, autorifleman, rifleman, etc. Should be pretty much the same with a couple different appearances like gear (Like how in PR the medic has epipens and whatnot on his model) While other things like sniper or crewman has a more unique outfit.
  12. Respawn in moving vehicles or helicopters.

    I think it should be how it is in PR, this isn't battlefield. EDIT: Ironically PR is a mod of Battlefield.
  13. No constant foot steps please!

    They don't use taste :|
  14. Scopes/Iron Sights Thread

    Exactly, why can't people understand this?! Same thing with the scopes, I heard they were probably gonna make only the scope zoom in, but the outsides of it are blurry, but if you're focusing on the scope then the outside will already be blurry...
  15. If there is customization I want it to be very limited, no camo bullshit, no tacticool lasers and flashlights and bullshit like that, just simple things like optics, if not just that. There would also only be military issued optics.