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  1. The Wrench - October Edition

    Absolutely stoked for that Korengal map and I hope it makes it into official rotation. Korengal was my favorite map by far in PR.
  2. With V8 Coming Soon... Expectations for V9

    Hoping for mortars and/or recoilless rifles, ATGM farther down the line. Maybe some more Armor(Probs not). More optimization improvements. Maybe some new weapons, maps, or a new faction(Longshot). I think they'll continue to adjust balance and make subtle changes as they move forward as well.
  3. With the growing array of armed combat vehicles, one issue surrounding them is presenting itself during my rounds of Squad consistently. In Project Reality, Humvee's, and other vehicles in the same class were able to carry and drop one to two light ammunition crates. These crates should not resupply unique weapons like HAT's and MANPAD's, but should supply ammo to primary weapons such as rifles and grenade launchers. Until a way to balance the amount of explosives is worked out, it could just be restricted to magazines from the start. It's a bit hard to believe that this hasn't been suggested more for these vehicles. Clearly all the controls and whatnot are in place for dropping supplies in regards to the Logi trucks. I think it would greatly increase the infantry combat support role that Humvee's and other vehicles like them play. Just food for thought, and if this has been brought up before I could not find anything about it with search.
  4. Plans on thermals for vehicles?

    I'm sure there are plans for this. It would be ridiculous for there not to be thermal optics in future builds. Will the Stryker have them right away? Probably not. Look at how the humvees are currently modeled inside. Everything is a WIP right now. I would expect them when the game is nearing feature completion, maybe a bit earlier. TLDR: Soon? No. Eventually? Probably, strongly leaning yes.
  5. How Bad is the AMD "Problem"?

    FX 9590 and R9 390x. I get 20 FPS. It's unplayable for me.
  6. Inaccuracies with equipment and service rifles. Russians using M4/M16s and US infantry using AK's or Tavors. Marines using Bradleys. Even Arma 2's use of the Scar L pissed me off.
  7. US Medic M4a1 Iron Sight Foregrip

    Personally, I think until the foregrip has actual effect on stability, it should be a toggle-able option in the game settings much like the founder skins. I personally would always have it on when possible, simply because I think it looks better than a bare unused rail. I would never use a rifle with rails without a grip, provided I was given the choice. Just my two cents. Probably just a stupid idea getting too close to customization for comfort for the uniformity Nazis on these forums, but whatever.
  8. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Thanks fam
  9. I was just thinking about random shit, like I often do, and I thought it might be cool to implement a true belt feeding system for MMGs. It probably wouldn't be worth it for AR's, but it would be cool for MMGs to be able to have more rounds than you can normally carry in a box if you're set up somewhere with an ammo crate. A way to balance the increased ammo would obviously be to make it so you can only use the mechanic in a certain area (FOB?), and potentially make it so you need another person to help be the "feeder". Just an idea. Not asking for it any time soon.
  10. U.S. Marines or U.S. Army?

    They will need to make the Marines eventually for the Fallujah remake. Unless they make it so that it's the Army fighting Daesh.
  11. In every one of those pictures you cannot see how long the belt is, "don't talk about things you don't have any real idea about". My point is that if you're at an FOB, you could use a belt of 2-300 rounds instead of 100. There's no reason you couldn't. Look man, I don't know what your deal is, but everything I've ever seen you post on here has been excessively sarcastic, condescending or just plain hostile. Cut the shit. There is no reason for being an asshole all the time. EDIT: Maybe I wasn't really clear what I meant by box. I meant the type of box that attaches to the side of the weapon. If it's feeding off a larger ammunition box on the ground, there's nothing wrong with that. I'm just saying that there's no reason to limit the capacity in a base the same way you have to when you're out in the field. I'm fine with something like this. (Ignore the way the weapon is configured, I'm only using this as an ammunition feed reference.) All I'm saying is you don't need to be restricted to this in a FOB
  12. Old models can be new ones

    Are there any plans to randomize models for classes? So riflemen don't always have the same skin as eachother? Unless this has already been implemented, in which case I just don't play enough to notice at the moment.
  13. Doesn't happen? Ok. I'll just leave these here then. In all seriousness, another option would just be to add a placed MMG object in addition to HMG's for FOBs. It could have a smaller supply cost to place and use.
  14. Fob or FireBase

    Don't honestly see a problem with this. Just make 3 kinds of radio/FOB central units. Largest requiring the most amount of people and supplies to place.
  15. The Weapons Thread!

    Russian Ground Forces Not frontline ground infantry. Special units tend to use whatever the hell they want, within reason. May I ask, what the hell is your beef with the PK-A? It was just a suggestion. I'd be fine with a Kobra or PKA-S. I just feel like the AK doesn't need much more than an RDS for general use. If you're going to make a slot that's comparable to the US's ACO slot, just throw a PSO or something on there.
  16. The Weapons Thread!

    Extremely unrealistic is an exaggeration. It's still Russian, and still in limited service. At least I'm not asking for a fuckin Eotech or C79 for the RGF. Why are you being so hostile about this dude?
  17. Suppression a little weak?

    Doesn't really seem to me like the issue is damage or recoil. It's the ability to function after you are hit that bothers me. If I shoot and hit a guy from 200m away, he should not be able to accurately return fire and hit or even sometimes headshot me. Especially if I'm still shooting and suppressing him. I understand that when you're shot you get a lot of adrenaline so it may not hurt right away, but that would, if anything, make you less accurate due to the loss of fine motor.
  18. The Weapons Thread!

    Pardon me, sights are a big part of smooth gameplay. If a sight sucks, it affects the gameplay immensely. If a sight isn't 100% accurate to standard issue, it's not that big of a deal. This is talking about a sight that is potentially not even unrealistic, just not the most commonly seen.
  19. Suppression a little weak?

    A good way to fix some issues would be to decrease accuracy immensely when hit. I've has too many situations where I land the first shot or two on a guy and he's able to fucking snipe me. The penalties for being shot need to be more drastic. I've found being suppressed is actually worse than taking a round.
  20. On vehicles

    I just hope they don't make them too fast. I know that sounds weird at first, but think about it. You would never see a humvee going 45-50 on a loose gravel mountain road. Limit the speeds unless you're on pavement. However, do not do what Arma does and make you instantly slow down by 30 mph when you get onto grass. Make the vehicle harder to control and maneuver on gravel, grass and sand. If you don't make them slower, at least add a button that functions like "Q" does in Arma. This would allow vehicles to move with infantry, patrol more effectively, and be less visible against the environment because they're not jerking around. I also hope they make it so an RPG may not always kill everybody in the vehicle, or even blow the vehicle up. Same with smaller IEDs. It would be great to see some disabling and cosmetic damage and less firebally explosions.
  21. Project Reality vets sign in here

    I've played about 200 hours. Checking in.
  22. The Weapons Thread!

    Devs have already said that gameplay overrules realism as long as it's not extensive.
  23. fps issue since steam

    Fps for me seems to be 100% related to the server. When I'm playing with 20-30 people I get a solid, constant 60. When it goes up to 50-70 I get about 35 FPS.
  24. The Weapons Thread!

    I care more about the aesthetics of sights than anything else honestly. That's one of the few subjects where, as long as the nationality is correct, I don't really care about how time period accurate it is.
  25. DEA vs Narcos

    Note: This is my new favorite video, and my new favorite way to respond to things I find cool on this forum.