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  1. Official Squad Forum Alert Level

    I think we are at BTW guys.
  2. [WIP] Yamalo [Vanilla]

    Vehicle warfare on Yamalo for initial release! Or at least smaller version with flags being closer to each other (like first version of Gorodok).
  3. [WIP] Yamalo [Vanilla]

    More like a lack of Steam Workshop integration release
  4. One of my fav things about Squad SDK is the engine itself: it is fresh, nextgen and things can look gorgeous. There are really many possibilities. We all know how it was with Unreal Engine 3, for how long new games and tools were made on that engine. I think with UE4 it will be the same or even better. When i was working on Polish Faction for Project Reality (a BF2 mod) we had a serious problem with lack of documentation, lack of people willing to help us because modders that knew how to work on that engine were not active anymore. At that time Battlefield 2 modding scene wasn't on the highest form. We were looking for people with knowledge and enough freetime to help us in our project. Hah i've even found a guy who made for us export of one vehicle. Clive, from Australia, 52 years old... yep. But here with all this support from devs, modding hub, the Community... With every day there are more and more new people that want or know how to create things. This is amazing. This is how you make a modding support for your game. Great environment and foundations for future projects like new factions, maps and total modifications of Squad. I want to see all of these things. And i know that i will. Soon™. Good to be here.
  5. I think that they will write something about: -UE4.16 upgrade -SDK -IFV -animations -breacher? -Brits -localized damage for vehicles -splash damage -core inventory -offworld core
  6. Laptops that work with squad

    Dont know how much now. I got it 2 years ago in Poland for 4300zł=915 pounds For such a price i would reccomend a cheap laptop+desktop that can run SQ.
  7. Laptops that work with squad

    Im playing on MSI GE62 2QC with i7-5700 2.7GHz (up to 3.5GHz in turbo mode) Gtx960 2gb vram 8Gb ram 1333mhz 1Tb hdd Graphic settings: 1080P Vsync on Smaa+screensharpening1.0 Effects medium/high Shadows medium Foliage and view distance on high Bloom, eye adaptation on Have 35-55 fps (most of the time 40) on full server depends on map. Stat unit command show that gpu is a bottleneck (dont know about usage) Cpu can go pretty hot but with fans set to max i can play with it. With better cooling system there would be no problem.
  8. Squad: 9.6 Preview Trailer

    Nah. Looks like they still use admincam to take every shots. You can see some slowmotion made by "aminslomo" command. With Sequencer it would be much more better and smoother.
  9. Squad: 9.6 Preview Trailer

    You mean Sequencer? It is an UE4 build in tool for making movies. Hopefuly they will use it for V10 trailer. As someone suggested with radio comms. We have so many sq vets with great voice. Dont forget that v10 will be like a fresh new game so a little introduction should be implemented of what Squad is all about. A little scenario should help too.
  10. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    #hailRhino ! Helpful as always
  11. Mines, mortars, and IEDs oh my!

    GJ. There is never too much of good tutorials for Squad
  12. And people still complaining... Do you know that during previous Free Weekend the biggest complain for new players was Server Browser and no Fav Servers and Queue? Awesome work devs as always.
  13. A lot of work were made here. And people says Devs are not busy HYPE!