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  1. Well, lately I've seen and heard a lot of complaining about people leaning while running/fighting etc etc. Some have even gone so far to call it an exploit or hack... what's your opinion dear community?
  2. 60 fps is good enough for a game like this, if you're expecting 100 fps or more then you'll gonna have to wait a long time. I am running it between 35-60 fps depending on the map with a i5-3570K
  3. It wouldn't surprise me if they decide to add the M1128 but there's is no use for it atm since there are no tanks or vehicles with heavy armor in the game yet.
  4. There are a lot of good servers out there, just to name a few; Server names / Server locations Mumblerines (Sweden) Exodus (France) ZXD (France) RIP (France) 2.FJG (Canada) Mumblerines servers are administered not only by the clan but also by other clans and players.
  5. Retail release maybe late 2017 or some time in 2018 but this is a guess. Things may go faster or slower no one knows.
  6. It's not a feature and something you should try to avoid doing, some servers don't like it.
  7. More vehicles will come no need to worry.
  8. We all know that AAS is the true way of Squad, but re-introducing conquest is a great way to help new players who has not played AAS before.
  9. Some additions might be added in 8.9, others may appear in A9 and some may not even be released for months.
  10. I would recommend you to join a server with strict rules... You could check Mumblerines server rules on discord, https://discord.gg/EF3UV.
  11. Artical; http://www.pcgamesn.com/squad/squad-breacher-class-ama "We've talked very casually (very very very casually) about doing a system where you get some kind of "Battle XP" after every round you complete, and the amount you get is just for playing," said Fleenor. "And by casually, I mean we have no real plans for it. We wanted to work through what the issues there were, like what you encourage by having an XP system, what kind of rewards you can give for leveling up, what does it actually mean to be a higher level than someone else, and most importantly, how can we use it to make the game experience better and make you want to keep playing. It was a fun discussion, and we came up with a pretty ok set of ideas we could try out if we had the time."
  12. If you accidentally team-kill a fellow member it will be displayed like the picture above. If you have admin right on a server team-kills and suicides will be displayed in the the chat box, upper left corner.
  13. How would you know if its inappropriated? Everyone got their own opinion, Adolf Hitler isnt something I find inappropriated while others do. People are free to use whatever name they see fit as long as its not exaggerated. A name is exactly that, a name. Too long, thats just ridiculous. I can agree that people with symbols, dots or confusing letters you cant pronounce should be warned then kicked if they wont change it.