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  1. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    The problem is not the 1.000 ammo cap, it's enough to supply a team for a while. The problem are players who rearm at a crate after they've fired 1 rocket, 2 GLs or patched someone. If players would stop rearming like that it would save ammo for the more important roles like AT and Medics. OffTopic: Commander role could still be the leader of a squad, all it means is that this player got some more options then a regular squad leader.
  2. Mortar & Destruction

    Some screens from a public match on the Mumblerines teamwork server.
  3. When will the British Faction be released?

    The British models are pretty much done(?) since we saw some good footages of them a while ago. But just because the models are done doesn't mean they can simply release it, they need to model all the weapons, deployables, vehicles and so on. There's a lot of stuff that needs to be created and finished before it can be released. My guess is v10 or later, so maybe 2-4 months.
  4. Teamkillers and 1-man squads

    Just play on well administered servers and you wont see this.
  5. Helicopters.

    Well, my guess is that the anti-air kit will be similar to the HAT kit, 2-3 max on each team. It won't be like battlefield where you have 20 people with stingers. Ground vehicles are not pointless, I guess you never got to experience squad without vehicles. Also there is this video, IT'S NOT MADE BY THE DEVS but it shows you what it could look like.
  6. Helicopters.

    I am pretty sure some maps will get bigger when they introduce airwarfare. Remember that the biggest maps in Project Reality are 4x4 km2 (there's in one 8x8 km2), so everything depends on how realisticly they're gonna make them
  7. Vehicle driver scoring.

    Don't get caught up with the "score", the real reward is the teamplay you have with your crew and how good you perform.
  8. Al Basrah feels Somewhat Empty?

    As some people have mentioned above it would be nice to see a more dirty look of some maps, I hope we'll get to see this in the future. The expanse of Al Basrah is nice but I would like to see the expanse going east rather then south.
  9. For heavier vehicles like IFV and MBT, yes. For helicopters, yes. For Transport/Logi and humvee, No.
  10. Platoon Leader?

  11. 9.4 Thoughts?

    So yesterdays twitch stream with lots of leeeks and no one have made a forum post yet? This looks very interesting, especially the mortars <3 - Mine - Mortar - MATV/MRAP ? - IED https://clips.twitch.tv/UgliestSpoopyShingleKippa https://clips.twitch.tv/EncouragingFilthyPartridgeKappaRoss Thoughts on this patch?
  12. Some general questions i have .

    To answer you question about the positioning of the hand, it's comfortable.
  13. When they add the new animations perhaps, we just have to wait and see. And by the way, there is no AT4 in the game at the moment
  14. Price drop?

    One of the reasons for the price might be to keep the community small while it's being developed. When it's released they can decide either to keep it at the same price or increase it.