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  1. Cant make an account

    Fixed it, nevermind
  2. Cant make an account

    So I just got the game, installed it, and everytime I click on "Register Now!" it tries to take me here www.sqdev.net/register, but just redirects me to the squad home page and I can't do anything
  3. Weapon Sway

    I agree with this. No game gets weapon sway right, it's like they think when you look down a sight the weapon just sways everywhere. Usually, it's more of just short, tiny, quick movements left/right/up/down. And that it becomes slightly worse over time...
  4. Sprint while crouched!

    Don't make it look like Arma's, the spring-crouch looks so unnatural and weird in it...RO2's isn't bad though.
  5. Weapons Raised/Lowered Suggestion

    Maybe what M81ERDL just said, but this wouldn't benefit gameplay or anything, so it's not a big issue, I was just thinking it'd be a nice little feature
  6. How old is the Squad community?

    Developing fetus
  7. Weapons Raised/Lowered Suggestion

    Darn, alright, thanks for the reply though
  8. Dale here, please read further.
  9. Question about the squad setup system

    So I just got done playing some, and after some really akward/funny moments of me not knowing what to do, I finally got a hand of it and had a lot of fun. Probably annoyed a lot of people with the "how do I talk, how do I heal" stuff though...
  10. Question about the squad setup system

    I thought I had to buy BF2, I'll look into installing it. I've been really interested in it though, it sounds like the game I really want to play. I like Arma but it's super glitchy, and after seeing this game, not really what I want to play. Edit: Where do I get Battlefield 2? Can't find it on Origin, and I can't download it on steam...
  11. Question about the squad setup system

    delete this thread
  12. Directional VOIP

    I hope we will be able to, that would be awesome
  13. Directional VOIP

    Also wondering this, I also think that if you're outside a building and someone is inside a building talking, those people inside the building should be more quiet and muffled
  14. dank memes

    I fixed it by adding a dank meme about dank memes
  15. dank memes

    delete this thread