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  1. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    Why would you model a B1 before making a PzKpfw IV H/G/J, V G.. or literally anything that was produced/captured in bigger numbers?? All (~100) captured B1s were out of service by 44 and most of them had been given away long before market garden started, like why did you decid to model this one first for Germany? Even if by some miracle there happened to be one of them driving around at the time why would you work on this unicorn and not on one of the standard mass produced tank that was in service throughout the war and that saw frequent use during market garden? muh authenticity man.
  2. What's going to be in V6

    Star Wars expansion when?
  3. ACOG? Terrible or not that bad...

    Ak-74 is 5.54x39 (bigger AKM has no scope) M4 is 5.56x45
  4. February 2016 Recap

    AMD Performence coming with the new animations?
  5. The Weapons Thread!

    The only thing I really miss are PKMs, PKPs, and M240s and the heavy deployable toys :D
  6. I removed both files it helped with the horrible stutter but now nobody can hear me on coms, will try several other servers to see if it stays like this fx8120 -------------------------- Only deleating the radiovoice file does the trick for me, thanks, I'm pretty sure this helped and is not just placebo
  7. What do you mean with speed? clock? Why would it change? Power saving settings in the BIOS or? anyway, HD7870 & FX8120 on 4.4GHz here, 6 cores active, 60-70ish in SP on lowest settings, 50 people server 20-25 fps on lowest settings. I'm not able to test the workarounds right now but I really hope it helps otherwise the early beta access is kinda useless :mellow:
  8. FPS capped at 47-50

    I have the same problem, switching from epic (except shadows) to low makes a 1-2 frame difference and I'm running at 25-30fps in Multiplayer with 50 other people, when I play solo I have around 70-90fps on epic (except shadows). fx-8120 on 4.4GHz HD7870 8GB RAM 1333MHz