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  1. AMD CPU performance is terrible

    Exacty, us gamers will profit more than anyone if they manage to release a CPU that will trade hits with Skylake or even better beat it (I don't think this will happen), prices will drop a lot and Intel will have to release something better :) .
  2. AMD CPU performance is terrible

    The only problem I have is that people say it in such a way that they make AMD look like shit, yes in CPU bounded games their CPUs suck compared to intel but in non cpu bound games they are decent and not as expensive, so for people who are not hardcore gamers AMD is a viable solution, And also people seem to forget that once AMD had better cpus then intel, even though it was for a short period of time, whilst on the GPU side I see AMD just as worthy as Nvidia if not more since they have also propelled the industry forward.
  3. AMD CPU performance is terrible

    Damn, more Nvidia/Intel fanboys here then I expected ... on the CPU side yeah, over the last few years (~7) AMD has been pretty much under Intel, that why I have an Intel, but on the GPU side it trade hits with Nvidia, it's just that Nvidia has way better marketing and more $ .
  4. GPU choosing

    Hmm, I know AMD cpus don't run well , but I didn't know that about the gpus , well all in all, if you are going to mostly play Squad the next few months (which I highly doubt since there is just not enough content yet to keep people coming day after day) then yeah, for short term get the nvidia , but if you are going to play other games aswell get the 380 since it is a better choice.
  5. GPU choosing

    Like B Negative said, for the same money you could get an AMD 380 which is better than the 960.
  6. 100 man server. CHECK!

    Inb4 you guys announce it will actually be 64v64 or more ) .
  7. Star Wars: Battle Cry

    Dammit Darman, this made me remember that the new Star Wars movie is still a couple of months away . I really hope these guys release their game and steal a lot of people from EA with their re-skinned battlefield 3 which they call Battlefront ...
  8. List of annoying things fixed with Squad

    Well in theory every bug they have now is a "Squad bug" ), sorry I couldn't help myself not say this bad joke .
  9. Do I need a machine upgrade ?

    I have my cpu running at 4.5 ghz since I bought it (2 years ago) you should be able to oc it at least as much as me with that cooler, also if you really wanna enjoy the eye candy you could go for a Nvidia 980 or AMD fury x since they are at about the same price and performance .
  10. Do I need a machine upgrade ?

    I have the same CPU as you do and a AMD 6970, I would say right off the bat you would be able to play on low settings and get 50+ fps on the average in the current state, the thing is that the devs didn't focus yet on optimizing the game from what I know, so I think that with your gpu you will be able to play with some settings medium some high later on when they start optimizing it and get 60+ fps but then again this is just a huge speculation as I cannot know what and how well they will optimize certain things . Check this out also https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/3d9bnk/mrrealprogaming_currently_streaming_latest_squad/ct3hqrv .
  11. Firefight Distances

    Well, I think this varies greatly by the map type, I mean in woodland maps you wont be able to engage to up 500 meters whilst on desert maps you will, because there wont be as much trees. Also I consider 0...25 m CQB, 25-150 m medium, >150 m long range , average I think is 50-100 m depending on the map .
  12. Report a Player Thread

    Are we really expecting hacks to pop up in the closed alpha ? I for one don't think so, as many of the people that are getting in are old PR veterans and those that aren't I wouldn't see them paying a lot of extra $ just so that they could get hacking in the closed alpha. And about abusive language and behaviour, I would say let communities handle that, I for one am against public shaming even though I enjoyed it in Game of Thrones .
  13. Op First Light map updates (old Forest map)

    Operation Pinecone/Operation Bear Hunt de_pinecone Green zone
  14. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    Exactly man, that is my thought also. RO2 was a big big fail for me when it came out, and by the time Classic mode came out I lost all interest in the game, I feel that this RIsing Storm 2 will be the same, they will add unlocks , hero players that run faster and all the CODish shit that we see in most of the games today. I am more hyped about ARMA 3 with the new island Tanoa I will get my vietnam fix there after I download a vietnam mod and enjoy a proper Vietnam experience that will make me hate foliage.