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  1. SDK: updates and issues

    Thought i'd start a thread for any SDK issues, problems and for update info/changes. Starting from the SDK update in September 2017. Couple questions to start off: 1. after the update i have now only 4-5 maps in the Contents - is this right? were the other maps removed for a reason? 2. can we expect any form of change-log, even rough, for each update?
  2. SDK: updates and issues

    and so handsome and informative too! (now i kno furry-russian-hat is Ushanka) yeah that lighting is wrong somehow - looks like the gun is being lit by "hard" light, whereas the rest of the scene looks "soft" lit. there is no shadows on the rock (It looks cel-rendered) to your left ?! looks like the gun has no ambient light applied and the scene looks almost only ambient lit
  3. The Wrench - September 2017 Edition

    hi guys, sorry for my hissyfit yesterday. i think the problem was a combination of missing cookie and my frustration levels - appologies. yeah, i don't do social media from my phone. yep. hence the missing cookie. i'd just prefer that the forums not be left out, as seems to be the case since discord was started.
  4. The Wrench - September 2017 Edition

    i get that many people use Discord because it's the latest cool thing for kids to do but i don't have the time to waste wading through a social chat program when i can find what interests me in here(official forums) in seconds. i thought the modding forum was actually up before Discord. yeah i'm sure they are, that's not the issue. the issue is discord itself. i use it only when being ignored in the forums. it's a chat stream, nothing more, almost impossible to collate anything into any reasonable order, and wastes so much time trawling through the different streams to find anything interesting or relevant, i get frustrated or bored and leave. i'm not asking for a miracle here, simply a link to the discord for the sub form - otherwise you are actively ignoring the part of the community that resides on the officail forums, wether you mean to or not. EDIT: ok, so i just went to discord again, to trawl, and blow-me-down it's broken, again. it came up saying i had to register (again!? omg! 3rd f'ing time), of course it said the account was already in use - yeah, coz my account, stupid program, just let me use my account and .... ah whats the point complaining - now i have no access again to even post a 'help me'.
  5. The Wrench - September 2017 Edition

    Cheers @Psyrus much appreciated @Gatzby: you need to provide links on the forum as well - Discord-only is not adequate - oh, and the fact that Psyrus had to alert me.
  6. agreed. in JO we could ghosty any vehicle into peeps or objects simply by exiting at speed - it was a thing we did all the time because it was easy. i still think @15kph or so you should still be allowed to exit but with the fall-down-get-up-again animation as a penalty.
  7. The Wrench - September 2017 Edition

    is content for these updates only being pulled from Discord?
  8. Loot

    hahah! nice one
  9. SDK: updates and issues

    Hey Fisho, yeah i agree, i miss them too. oh man!, that Texture2d thing, iv'e seen that before! you just reminded me - can't remember where tho, and it was before the latest update. lighting issues? lols! so many instances of offset shadows (CSM = rubbish) in nearly all the maps i see played (youtubes). i've given up even worrying about them now - maybe one day Epic will give us a proper solution for Dunamic Lighting.
  10. sounds like a good idea (time pause/delay) for seat swapping. what exactly would constitute "stopped" for a vehicle? i really think a maximum speed/velocity to stop you getting out would be better - say over 20kph? otherwise you could have issues of when the game engine decides that the vehicle is "stopped" and not shuffling/shimmying on objects or rolling after stopped. i also think the "fall over and get up" thing is fine for exiting at speed - it forces a pause on you so you cannot exit from a vehicle and shoot at the same time.
  11. Disable ALL chat! PLEASE!

    never was a big problem in the old days even with trouble makers - they'd just be ignored or punted. these days however there does seem to be a prevalance to Trolling by the latest generations of younger humans. it's all about socially acceptable attitudes and respect for others - something sorely lacking in-general in the last 10-15 yrs (aka: Manners).
  12. too blurry

    not in-game but in the SDK i have to disable all AA, entirely. now this is my preference but if i don't then anything beyond say 50 meters (guessing) looks not "blurry" but "smoothed" like an up-sampled 80%-render-scale screen, causing a loss of detail across the board and particularly at distances, where it is more obvious. i thought somebody sauggested that disabling all Squad/UE4 AA and using only your vid card to AA is better - could be entirely wrong tho
  13. [Assets] JointOperations themed

    I know, right? ... heheh ... p.s. some textures look wrong because i've not yet gone through and changed/adjusted them.
  14. [Assets] JointOperations themed

    . UPDATED> 15/10/17 (pix) Hi All, Iv'e decided to make a thread for this as i'm about to start making some more stuffs! This thread is dedicated to my efforts making assets from the game Joint Operations (Novalogic) - mainly Typhoon Rising but i may add some from Escalation as well - for use in Squad Modding and to be included in my upcoming JO Mod (if all things go well). The assets will consist mainly of a selection of the classically recognisable buildings and game-play objects, a couple of vehicles and a bunch of Civilian assets for deco's. At this point i will be making these in a fairly low poly counts that will eventually be fleshed out fully down the track. My Flickr > i will post screenies of each as i go - peeps can check out the album for more. i am using Lightwave3D 11.5 for my modeling and exporting FBX's. *** these are the low detail initial "comping/placehlder" versions i can/will flesh out down the track, hence the lack of detail in some things. Cheers! .LJ
  15. [Assets] JointOperations themed

    Update 15/10/17. Pix. there's more in My Photostream and Album, including LW screens and reference pix. CammoNet1: Hut2:
  16. Meanwhile in isis

    lols! needs some music
  17. How I Squad Lead (hints & tips)

    good vid Ani it's all fairly basic logical thinking at the end of the day, isn't it. as iv'e only SL'd once and not played for donkeys', i think you(or someone) needs to explain more about placement of things in relation to the machanics of the game - as these are the things that are not 'obvious' from the start and seem to cause consternation amongst some - like, why do you think that the mortar was placed incorrectly. i know you gave noise as a factor but if the local squad does their job properly and defends, then what is the problem with mortars so close?
  18. ^ these things. absolutely, from my extremely limited experience in Squad so far. did PR have a tutorial campaign/ranking system, like that which is requested/demanded? did PR only allow fully competant and experienced (via tutorial) players from the start - or for that matter did the BF/ArmA tutorial campaigns ever actually make any real difference? I also think that "we need a testing regime" is simply a knee-jerk (albeit understandable) reaction to inexperienced peeps feeling up Squad, on the cheap, to see if they like it. i honsetly cant recall anyone who played a single player version of a MP game purely to educate themselves about how the game actually works. it was only ever an option for passing time when no body else was around to play MP. some games have had the SP and MP games made by different companies and they looked and played very differently, which made SP for 'tutorial' purposes, pointless. i've said it before; being given a licence/rank (via tutorial/time/ponts) does not mean a person has learned anything (or cares) - just look at the number of ph*#wits on the road - they have have "passed" too. rote learning will never trump experience. if some harder-core/serious servers require peeps to "show appropriate skill" before being let loose then fine, set rules and regulations but it should not be a basic Squad thing, it should be a per-server thing.
  19. Switching weapons while in vehicle

    ah yeah rgr tht, quite roomy in the back actually. i was thinking more in terms of passenger seats in smaller vehicles though.
  20. Animation System Update

    amazing affort guys, congrats to you all, even if it's not quite finished yet. is it me or does it look like the ADS views are more stable? - less crawly/jittery. only one thing i don't like; the range adjustment for iron sights - please let me get used to the gun rather than handhold me to the correct elevation - i personally don't like any zeroing of scopes outside a "sniper" class, particularly for this level of game, you just need to get use to the gun(s).
  21. Gunshots sound quieter

    hmm ... interesting. there is a fair bit of background hiss and some other "humming", or did you have the volume cranked way up for the vid? weird how the guns sound quiet but you steps don't. i can hear it quite plainly in the vid so it's prolly not your headset - maybe something else.
  22. Switching weapons while in vehicle

    i think someone from the "can swap inside a vehicle" camp should provide a vid of RL soldiers switching inside a vehicle, so we can see what is feasable and what is not, after all "realism" has been cited in defence of the idea ...
  23. Squad_JO [game play modification]

    cheers @Verdin
  24. Squad_JO. This is a proposed Game-Play modification for Squad, of the epic Novalogic 2004 game Joint Operations:Typhoon Rising (JO, JointOps). I aim to copy, as closely as I can, the game-play and feel of JO. This will be a free, not-for-profit mod - I am doing this for my personal love of JO, for the community in general, and "to see if I can". The end result will be entirely dependant on what things OWI allow us to tinker with after the SDK is finalised (release-finalised), and will also be dependant on the changes that occur in Squad over time as things are modified, added or removed from the base game itself. The mod will aim to recreate the classic and original AAS game-play style of JO and will mostly use Squad assets and elements, with some additional things added and some things removed or disabled from the base game. The mod will never, ever, incorporate Unlocks, Ranking or Achievements of any kind. <*> Rough Outline (wishlist): The mod will offer a slightly faster paced and open game play style with less of the RPG overhead that Squad requires from players. - It will retain the squad grouping system and all comms as they stand. - I intend to remove (unless unable to) the Ticket, Stamina, Sprint, Claim, Deployable and Logistic systems/functions. - FOBs, HABs and Rally Points will be removed as they do not fit a purely AAS style and will thus be redundant. - The medic system will be mostly unmodified but bleed will be removed (unless unable to). Damage taken reduces hit-points, falling damage reduces hit-points. loosing all hit-points will cause Incap (revivable), unless sustained from a high fall, head-shot, knifing or being run over - these last will cause Death (requiring re-spawn). - There will be less Squad screen-candy (helpers) and the command rose will be greatly reduced depending on what functions are actually needed for the mod, although I will be adding some other screen-candy from JO. Media: As of yet there is none apart from my Assets and Maps - see relevant modding threads > http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/28961-assets-jointoperations-themed/ & http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/28867-wip-dormant-volcano-isle-vanilla-jo_mod/ Recruitment: None at this point in time, but I'll most likely have to put the word out for specialist help with some things eventually. <*> Current Progress: I am in the process of creating numerous easily recognised assets from the original Joint Ops game including; Maps(numerous), Statics (numerous), Vehicles (one or two), weapons (MP5-S at least) and game play and UI elements - these can be found (or eventually will be) in my threads in the modding forum (links above). This process will take some time to achieve as I am the only person working on this mod, by choice at this point, but will be spending most of my spare time outside of work and life-in-general on it. I do not wish to have to ask anyone else for help at this point in time as I think most of the things I need to get done I can probably do myself, however there may be some things such as rigging a vehicle/weapon or more difficult BP_'ing/scripting stuff, that I might have to call out for help on. <*> Finally, Thanks * infinity to OWI for providing such unheard-of access to their game and for encouraging us all to have a go. I know there is a lot of things that I have mentioned above that I am going to (hopefully) butcher from the basic Squad game and I do hope the Devs don't chuck-a-hearty over it, but they have opened the door of opportunity for me to "see if I can", and I do fervently hope to be able to re-create a resemblance to my all-time favourite game. GG's from .LJ
  25. SDK: updates and issues

    anyone? i thought this would be an easy one ...