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  1. Graphic Updates

    i read it like this: You're saying if i don't get consistant 144Hz, i must have a framerate problem. are you suggesting that anywhere below 144Hz is some kind of FPS issue?
  2. Graphic Updates

    not sure if troll, or am i misreading this ...?
  3. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    i can't decide as both are Bad. B) is ridiculous, should never have been a thing, instantly degrading the value of Medics.
  4. ohh, that could be problematic
  5. not sure about Maya, coz i use Lightwave, but you do need to triangulate all quads before importing into UE4, even when using smooting groups, afaik. i have to tri all quads in lightwave; don't use smoothing groups because my version of lightwave does not support them because they're an AutoDesk thing and i think Newtek didn't want to pay the exorbitant royalties AutoDesk demanded. otherwise call out Gatzby for some Dev help.
  6. how to make the Medic class more important/valuable? - remove the ability for a medic to heal themselves. - and remove the ability for non-medic classes to bandage(or is it revive now?) anyone but themselves. just a thought. ps: (IMO) 'epipen' such cheesey it make the sadness.

    BTW: there is no ambiguity between the words "Incapacitated" and "Wounded" in the context of this or any other game. Incapacitated is quite explicit in it's meaning; Wounded generally means "hurt", in any gaming context.

    i think it might be but i'm not sure as i've never actually found an "instadeath" setting, per-se - the trouble is it's not explicit in the Health settings or in Damage model, heck it could even be in the PlayerCharacter or similar. for eg: i'd like to be able to call instadeath when you are shanked(anywhere) or head-shot, either of which could be done via the weapon or the character but most likely via the Character somehow (asking: if hit by X, then die; or if hit in X location, then die). but then you could also use the Damage model to force the head to have only 1 point so you drop from anything hitting your head but this still wont force instadeath and a trip straight to the deployment screen, so there's something else going on. i'd really like to know where it's hidden @Gatzby could we get some feedback from the relevant Dev on this, please :):)

    if anyone knows how to re-impliment the setting(s) for creating 'insta-death', for headshot or knife, i'd love to know as i really want it in my mod.
  10. Helicopters & Rallies

    apart from the stiketrough because i can't comment on those, i agree pretty much 100%. RP's: i gather they are endless teleporters now? ... oh dear.....
  11. Friendly Class Icons on the Map

    seeing which way a person is looking (head movement) would be very helpful.
  12. Why do i lag when i see people?

    these used to be caused by packet loss or loss of connection to server, in other games i've played. this was always a 'server down' thing (disconnected) - but your chat is updating ... ?! puddle?
  13. Topographical Map Suggestion

    "Unreal engine doesn't natively support vector graphics unfortunately." ZOMG! how i wish it did though
  14. Why do i lag when i see people?

    VRam - absolutely! particularly in a lappy - the gpu will probably share the system ram, which is highly sub-optimal. i'm guessing you would need at least 2GB dedicated Vram.
  15. Better Maps

    yes and no, your adding your voice, which is important @Zylfrax791 has been working on a shader(?) that lays contours onto the existing maps. i, like many, would love a true topo map rather than the top-down 'photo' we have to use currently - we can't even do an orthographic of the map, so distrotion occurs.
  16. [Mapping] So you want to make a squad map

    @Axton: hey mate, is this stuff still valid? (re: lighting layers n stuffs)
  17. Better Maps

    topo and other suggestions have been made numerous times here-in. search for "topo" / "topographic"
  18. A few thoughts

    sorry but to my mind the obvious answer is: defend the FOB. - the only reason they can be destroyed as you describe is because the Engi/Sapper got past the defence long enough to plant, exfil and trigger.
  19. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    leave the option but raise the penalty.
  20. Why do i lag when i see people?

    i wouldn't think latency is the issue (guess) can you try lowering your Effects level down a notch? (see wot happens) since it's only 'sometimes' this may be hard to track down. may also be related to on-demand loading textures for the soldier model. - (playing in the SDK) every time i set off a charge/ied for testing - only one per test - when triggered, the framerate drops to about 1 or 2 fps, for the explosion - i figure this is something to do with first-time loading&running the explosion effect, that is causing the issue - but i suspect that lowering that Effects value may help (SDK won't easily let me set settings so i not tried yet). just realised you're playing on a laptop - nothing against lappies per-se but they will always be suboptimal for gaming. too many compromises to make (mobile CPU and GPU, for instance) it still should be playable on lower settings however.
  21. Whitelisting Playtest

    cheers Gatzby, quite happy to guinea-pig this really need to get my arse into gear wi my mod, but too much RL stuffs !!
  22. Beta 17 Notes from Game Design

    awesome extended replies @fuzzhead, thank you so very much <TwoThumbsUp>
  23. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    to everyone in general. just watched (skimmed actually) that Bluedrake vid (previous page) - to be entirely honest i was not impressed at all and i'm glad that i was playing Jointops instead during that time, if BD's gameplay is any guide to the level of maturity in PR (i assume not, OC). i agree with most here that post-V13 appears to be dumbing down the game in various ways and i also wish that some features were gone and some returned to rectify this, but my interest is in modding-of and not really playing-of Squad. also, stop assuming that everyone who is backing/supporting Squad is an old PR player. ps: did notice how the running speed in PR seemed to be similar to any other FPS - quite unrealistically fast (i'd judge it about 7-9 meters/sec) - so arguments about running is too fast in Squad are BS if you could run that fast in PR. also: stop calling out "spiritual successor" as being "a literal copy of", that's not what either of the words mean.
  24. Useful Tips For Players New To Squad

    good stuff

    agreed (except voip ch's, o'c). this forum is about the only place i can recall ever seeing/hearing-of the term Dead-Dead and i could never understand why people use it. in every instance above, the words Dead-Dead either refer to the state of being alive between Incap and Dead - which makes no sense, or can be replaced with just a single 'Dead'. there is no Dead-Dead mechanic. INCAP mechanic: - take damage down to zero HP's = Incapacitated ... (no revive before bleed(s) timer is out = Dead.) * you loose all 100 HP's you go Incap > while Incap you lose HP's until the Bleed(s) reach -300HP > = Dead. DEAD mechanic: - get Incapacitated again within 60sec. of revive = Dead. - get head-shot/knifed ("insta-death") = Dead. Incapacitated = recoverable by medic. Dead = non-recoverable - must re-spawn. i don't have access to anything beyond the latest (v17?) SDK.