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  1. [Download] US Model Photoshop Template for Retexturing.

    ah Lols!! John Clarke is sadly missed. That is one of my favourite skits from them - too funny. Clarke&Dawe should be "required watching" for everyone. ps: nice job btw
  2. Any chance of a modding wiki?

    Yes, i believe so, but DIscord cannot even get me an email so i can post, even though i was a member before - Discord is a chat-stream and a cop-out, and fairly useless when compared to a propper forum. "Forums is just so 2005" - seriously?! - and yet you deign to post here ...? What he says is not entirely untrue. i does appear that the only help modders are getting is from other modders - you only have to look through the Modding Helpdesk thread to see it. I certainly do not expect the Devs to wade in everywhere or spend valuable time reading everything - that's not thier primary job - and i don't expect everything NOW on a silver platter, but i am glad to hear they are creating a team to deal with the SDK. i'm just relieved there are like minded peeps on these forums that are willing to help thier fellow modders.
  3. Any chance of a modding wiki?

    Beta at the earliest. Maybe not a full-blown Wiki, but something that informs about Squad specific fuctionality and exposed attributes. would then compliment the UE4docs nicely.
  4. Yeppers. i've not looked properly yet at the Player Controller stuff, but i thought that's where this stuff might be hiding. I'm a fair way off doing that stuff yet though.
  5. i'd love to know where the Sprint function stuff is too, so i can disable it.
  6. Join us on Discord

    the verification email thing does not work for me, tried multiple times over different days - never recieve the email - is there a problem?
  7. Allow IED place on player/suicide vest

    HAHAH!! you guys need a Gary Apreciation Thread
  8. cool, tho that's a burst - what about single shot? and is it repeatable?
  9. Allow IED place on player/suicide vest

    true that - he sounds like fun! i remember one time in JO, somebody set some satchel charges on a bridge and when they went off something glitched and took out the entire map, like everyone on the server died and the guy who planted it got punted for about 20 TK's, literally LOLs all around - ahh, happy days!
  10. Quoting limitations on posts

    Yep, fair enuf too
  11. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    surely this is something that is broken and needs fixing?
  12. Allow Turning in and out of Armored Vehicles

    ah, ok, cheers @LugNut. confusing name for it tho, i thought he was talking about driving control, not sticking yer head out a hatch
  13. Quoting limitations on posts

    hah! yeah, well ... hmmm ... Is it not the Moderators job to police walls-of-text-with-short-replies?
  14. Allow Turning in and out of Armored Vehicles

    i'm from slow-class - what is Turning In and Out?
  15. Modding Helpdesk

    @Peerun: is that what GEO means? Geography, without Structures or Gmaeplay elements?
  16. Community content WIP thread!

    looks a tad big, XR. or is it just me?
  17. Allow IED place on player/suicide vest

    Is a VBIED just a car loaded to the hilt with boom-stuffs? If it is then why don't you just load the car up with a couple Mines then place the IED and send it off - assuming here that the IED will set off the Mines as well - i would expect a large bang from this.
  18. Head and Neck shots should kill outright, regardless of in-game caliber or weapon. The nitty-gritty of body armour and it's quirks and faults, In Real Life, is pointless in the context of this game. If this game could deal with the complexity and resolution required to accuratelly track and detail hits to the millimeter, then y'all could have those Realistic features you so desperately defend, but it can't, so we have to do with, Hit = Head, Hit = neck, Hit = lower leg, Hit = lower torso, etc. - Head, Neck and lower leg take damage but Lower toso does not coz armour - simple and easy. 40mm: Those hits you cite would be extremely lucky, once in a blue moon events i should think and most likely glancing at best (read recently the aussie journo who had a bullet in his neack all day untill they realised - extreme luck and not likely to happen twice). So basically your saying that a headshot (face shot) killing you is not realistic(realism)?!
  19. 1. Yet there are Placable IEDs in the game that are regularly used as suicide devices - suicide bomibng and the like has surely also "got to breach like 50 different human rights/war conventions" - no? Btw: does putting-down an injured combatant, IRL, constitute any breach of any "rights" or "laws" ? - if not then, who is to say that it "has no real place in a realistic shooter" ? 2. The Devs should not specifically design any "execution-style" as you put it, mechanics in the game and would not be known for such because that is not their intent. How the players use/abuse the game is an entirely different matter. And this > A general comment i'll repeat again, because i can't believe its (the Headshot bit) actually still a thing: - Headshots should = DEAD!!! also, if you want Real stuff in a Realistic Shooter; - Explosion causing 100% damage (or being 100% within the highest damage radius of said expolsion) should = DEAD!!! -"Incap" should only apply to lighter and gradual damage accumulation.
  20. Modding Helpdesk

    PostProcessVolume: you should just be able to drop one into the scene and set it to "boundless", something like that - basically tells itself there is no extent/boundry for its volume, so you don't have to scale it out to fit. You still want to stick with Dynamic Lighting though. If you're having trouble getting the Ambient (SkyLight) to look ok, then here is a tip i just stumbled onto the other day when i could only get the Ambient light level to be high enough to get more realistic shadow densities - especially Foliage (Trees). Cranking the skylight up just washed out the textures - looked shite. Colour looked wrong and it ended up far too bright So i ended up doing this: Keeping the SkyLight Colour Saturation down to bugger-all (~10%) and then pulled the Brightness down to at least half way. This gave me far more realistic shadow density - as opposed to the default heavy (Solid Black) shadows, with enough light for the "ambient" level i like, and the colour being yellow now, not blue, also gave me a warmer look - "blue" tended to make it look a bit washed out (pale). Please, anyone, correct me if iv'e mucked up anything here
  21. Quoting limitations on posts

    lazy buggers the lot of them
  22. ChanceBrahh Videos

    love the quick dismount - GOLD!!
  23. Vehicles: Controls - steering.

    Hi all, This is directed at the appropriate Dev - or someone who already has knowledge about Vehicles and their controls, and mucking about with them. I have not looked at the vehicle control stuff yet but assume i can work much of it out, however i would like to ask before i go to too much effort and hair-pulling, weather having more than one set of steering controls is possible in UE4. I would like to impliment a dual control steering option for all vehicles, like that used in JO and other games, where you use the Mouse for fine control and the Keys for "hard" turns. The vehicle bit that accepts steering control input would accept both Mouse and Keys, via an 'OR'. So steering with mouse until hitting a key to get around that tight corner up ahead, and if not using the keys then defaulting to using the mouse. Of course when you use your FreeLook button, the mouse would go-freelook and you would rely on only the keys for steering, until dropping the freelook key and thus returning mouse control for steering. Mouse steering with on-demand Key steering. Mouse Keys | | \________ "OR" _________/ | control Is this possible? Cheers! .LJ
  24. Help with terrain creation

    You could also grab a heightmap image from the googles and mess about with it - as a starting point. For any images you have that are too small (less than 1000x1000, or so) you can use Gimp or Photoshop to upscale the image. This will lead to some over exageration of contours and heights in the map, but these can easily be sculpted inside UE to make them look nice. The maps i'm making atm are derived from 900'odd pixel screenshots from within another game editor, which i then have to stick(tile) together in Gimp - they've come out pretty good considering and i'm more than happy with them, considering that like you i don't want to have to fork out on even more software for what amounts to a hobby, when i have alternatives and my own abilities to rely on.