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  1. Cock Block Rush

    Yes it is in fact linear, by Definition, absolutely, but i don't think it is/was a rotten design, or stale, and i'm sure there are others who would agree. I don't think there is such a big problem with linearity, it all comes down to how that linearity is implemented into each map. I've re-created a map with a single-line linearity but physically, on the ground, the centre two bases are the opposite of that, due to position (Novalogics positioning, not mine - can't take credit for the layout ). I'm confused: if you're not fighting over the centre, and only contestable (unless PAAS - even then you should be playing ALL centres), flag, then the game is very predictable(how so?)? - i must be missing something here. Dare i say; If players are fighting over non-contestable flag(s), then it would be generally considered that they're not playing it properly. Probable - certainly possible, but nothing is guaranteed. Grind for what, in what way? - i'm interested. I'm sure suggestions would be more than welcome, particularly if they are backed up by some semblance of realistic logic. The worst anyone can reasonably say to you is that they don't like it or some part of it. My-two-cents. Linear is, generally speaking, better than non-linear. To clarify: IMO and from my experience, non-linear (importantly this means non-AAS) is similar or the same as "conquest" and the like - total mayhem of rushing between disparate/disconnected flags all over the shop, that can be taken by anyone at any time, does nothing for cohesion of the teams or the match as a whole and is a terribly 'arcadey' mode that encourages up-the-guts run&gun and camping.
  2. not having a go, because i have zero experience, but i have to ask: i thought that was explained in the vid., that such light "Armour" (car bodywork) was insufficient to set off the charge correctly or fast enough? a glancing blow across the windscreen is probably not going to set off anything, is it? the terms used were "huge damage" and "wounded or dead", not "shreds". i also thought that this sort of weapon was supposed to fill the 'cabin' with showers of molten metal? - or is that something else i'm thinking of? what is interesting is how inaccurate these seem to be, even in the hands of the semi-skilled - and the couple of 'dud' shots. the only other live firing i have seen of this sort of "RPG" weapon was on that Mythbusters episode where they tested against a caravan and to me that looked totally devastating to anyone in the way.
  3. Squad Communication Simulator!

    hahaha! take one, take two - gold!! love it
  4. The little broken things

    Never had an issue with single-shot kills in JO - limited to head-shots (it was just considered that if you got head-shot you we're stuffed and needed to re-spawn (no healing from head-shots or knifing, either ). Player-placed repair stations? If so, why is this even a thing? That's the easiest way to create an near-invincible unit (until Javelins become a thing, of course, then you can't hide/hull-down). Repair stations should only exist at Mains, imo.
  5. Cock Block Rush

    Yep ^ Which beggers the question: is it simply a hold-over from BF's? (i can't remember, it's been too long).
  6. Placeable Flag Pole! or Flag

    1. HUD progress bar - no, it will be kept (i'd like to move and/or modify it tho.) - the 'Flag' would simply be an indicator in the game world to compliment the progress bar in the HUD. 2. No 'have to' watch anything as the HUD Bar is still there. 3. All players could see it - i don't see a problem with this. In fact if i get it to work i will have persistent HUD elements for contestable and previous Caps (per team), so you can always see the state of the currently important zones to your team. 4. In traditional (true) AAS what you describe seems to be correct. Both teams fight over the Cap until one team wins it. However that Cap is still contestable because it needs to be defended until your team can Advance to, And Secure, the next-Cap-in-line. Once your next-Cap-in-line is won, then your previous Cap becomes non-contestable by the enemy, and the only way it can be taken again by the enemy is if they force a reverse in direction of the battle by defending well and attacking their next base (your current defense Cap) and forcing you off of it, thus allowing them to Cap and Own it, and make that previous Cap of yours contestable again. ahh sorry, just realised i prolly didn't need to type all that, oh well 5. I think i see a problem now - this paragraph would suggest that there is no notification (visual or otherwise) of your currently Owned Cap being attacked by enemies entering your Cap zone - whilst you are not defending it or do not have weight of numbers advantage for defending it but the enemy has weight of numbers advantage for attacking it. Also, the 'Flag' will not necessarily be visible all the time due to obstructions in the way - depends on your POV in-game. If i get it to work i will be adding sound and visual notifications for when you or an enemy Claims the Cap (due to weight of number advantage) before actually taking the Cap, and for when a team completes reducing a Cap, to then Claim it, and for when a team finishes taking a Cap and thus Owns it - these would all be Public Notifications, so all players know what's happening. Perfectly good and reasonable tactic . I will also be trying to implement into the HUD, a counter of Friendly and Enemy numbers for the current Cap (as per JO). However in Squad, due to it's more role-playing nature i don't think it would be a 'good' thing - or maybe not, i don't know. Another thing i'd love to implement, but can't because UE4 can't draw circles (zomg lols!), is Cap zone perimeters/boundaries on the map. Again something that Squad should probably not have. Your description of play above is quite similar to a highly successful tactic our squad(clan) used regularly in JointOps matches - we would purposefully get out of the zone to trick the other team into moving forward (off-Cap) until they were at a point where we could pop back in and take the zone with weight of numbers before they could get back and defend it. If they were dumb enough or un-organised and didn't leave a defense group then they got rolled. I distinctly remember myself and two others were given the job of infiltration group - we would sneak in around the back and take cover literally 1m from the zone perimeter, then wait for the enemy team to move out, leaving only 2-3 defenders. Once the enemy was well-engaged we would use our MP5-S (suppressed) smg's to, as quietly as possible, take out the defenders in one timed hit and crawl over the perimeter line, allowing us to halt their spawn, then one of us would run in and claim 'the centre' to start taking the Cap. Most of the time the other team didn't even know what was happening until they couldn't spawn anymore at their Cap, which was of course far too late and they ended up in the middle of a meat grinder and forced to spawn one Cap further back. As soon as our team had even just one player entering that zone we would up-stumps and move to the next zone and attempt the same tactic. The one major thing, in general, in JointOps was to get as many(as required) attacking peeps into the Cap as quickly as possible and hold it until the next Cap was won, whereupon we could then leapfrog forward to the next contestable Cap and become the attacking group, whilst the just-won Cap was now defended by the previous attack group. haha! yeppers to that soz for the wall-o-text.
  7. Spotting enemies?

    because i'm considering updating to a wider style monitor (> 16:9) a question. your 34" @ 1440 versus a 24" @ 1080: veritcally, there is only about 2"(50mm) and 360 pixels difference (if i worked it out correctly) - do you really see much difference visually?
  8. Please Fix the visibility.

    @Nimbus: wierd how the gun is out of focus but your hand is not. Yeah, totally agree. i'm thinking UE4 is just plain inaccurate over longer distances. maybe it's an 'artifact' of a PBR system? your screenie clearly (pun ;p) shows things being sorta smooshed out of existence. i wonder if oversampling the render makes much difference - i'm guesing very little if anything, though, after all a render at 25% or even 50% bigger still needs to be re-sampled back down to screen resolution. would be interesting to see a 4k screenie.
  9. Easy Fix for Voice Comms between Gunner and Driver

    hmm, ok. i figured they were talking about dedi vehicle chanels, tbh - fair enough. it will however most likely require some extra code for the switching In-versus-Out of vehicle - but probably not too difficult i still maintain that simply reducing the in-vehicle noise/engine volume (likely just a single variable) is just as 'elegant' an option to consider.
  10. Placeable Flag Pole! or Flag

    i plan on having an animated flag on Caps to show capture & ownership state, if i get it to work for my mod. but, tbh, i would not want them on a FOB/HAB in Squad though, coz this >
  11. Easy Fix for Voice Comms between Gunner and Driver

    how could it improve the game? people are already complaining about the VOIP delay and you want to add more overhaed? why add it in unnecessarily when an easier option is to do what i suggested? here > a simple fix and no additional keys/buttons/voip required > K.I.S.S. sorry, i don't even understand what is meant by the 'earplugs and stuff' bit.
  12. Please Fix the visibility.

    so there's lots of opinion and conjecture in here - maybe peeps could post screenies, along with their reasons why the visibility is, or is not, good (including mon. size and in-game settings). personally i don't take to much stock in peoples opinions about these sorts of things, if they can't provide some visual proof/reference to thier claims, because these things can be quite subjective. i bring this up because the discussion(s?) about re-shade and visual fidelity elsewhere, where some screens were posted, shows just how wildy different peoples idea of "good" is.
  13. Squad Modding Roundup

  14. ah, rgr tht! also: what about as soon as someone starts digging it up (<100% built) the spawn is disabled. ie: as soon as you put your shovel to it, none can spawn. - this would be independant of "enemies near" spawn reduction.
  15. yeah iv'e noticed this in sooo many vids. however i'd call it Spawn Raping (i prefer to call a spade a spade) as this is a more accurate description of what is happening. it's cheap and from my POV detracts from the game, making it far more arcadey just like CoD or BF. the fix (imo): disable the spawn as soon as the enemy has the advantage over that HAB, so that raping the spawn is not possible(encouraged). now the rebuttal will prolly be something like: "but comms to warn of the HAB being atacked - don't spawningz", but seriously, it seems, going by gameplay vids, that tons of players are either asleep on the job, deaf or just plain stupid, as player after player spawns in front of the enemy to die and loose points and tickets for the team.
  16. Please Fix the visibility.

    i disagree - of course i could be wrong: what is needed is more resolution to reach the edges of a higher FOV (engine-based-rendering), so that the 'view' does not need to be streched to fit - this is my understanding of how things work, please correct me if i wrong. personally i'd like a 8k x 4k headmount display so i could have virtually total periphral coverage without distortion/stretching.
  17. Direct teammate coms

    not ragging on the idea - it's not totally silly. but. another nine keys to add to the mix, and, being able to keep track of which team mate is which key - ok, some might have no issue with the extra RP overhead but there will be many who do, i'm sure, me included - i say this because i don't want to be forced into checking the map (squad mate list) each time i go to make a call, to be sure i'm getting the right person. i've heard that the voip comms is laggy as buggery already, do we really need it overload it even more? good reasoning for Voice Emotes ("medic" calls will only be heard by the Medics) ? so many simple commands and such could be done with emotes instead - and no voip overhead involved. i already commented on this in the other thread: how about reducing the volume inside the noisy vehicles so that local is easier to hear?
  18. would like a 'trip' option as well. for 'Engineer' class (also see below). damage range like standard IED, but directional, obviously. for "Engineer" class, for any faction (other loadout option is the C4 , to work same/like IED without shrapnel). also for removing dead vehicle carcases from the field? not sure about "large" IED's - i mean most other games iv'e played usually use C4 for this stuff, ie: C4 is usually the "big" explosive charge. is the current IED not already a "C4' type weapon anyway? IMO: Scout class should resemble 'recon' type class - bino's, target designator(if it comes) - that sort of thing. Engineer class should handle all the "explosives"; {IED's, mines}, {clays, C4} - grouped here as loadout options - so, IED or Mine, etc. all independant of faction - unless you really need different names for essentially the same thing.
  19. MBT/Tank interiors

    totally agree with Gopblin and L0cation. pointless eye candy (imo)
  20. Cock Block Rush

    remove Tickets. remove Player Placeable Spawns. remove fields-full-of-neutrals.

    this could be applied to soooo many threads in here. agreee totally.
  22. Do you think there will be new faction

    i'd like to see an Aussie or ANZAC faction, at some point
  23. minecraft 2018

    'no, it's radios all the way down'
  24. Easy Fix for Voice Comms between Gunner and Driver

    maybe it's being held over for a Command channel in the future ... ? still find it odd that peeps want even more complexity where it is not required, just becase "IRL" ...