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  1. Historical accuracy in war games

    it's already that, in all but name.
  2. Error while trying to open the Squad SDK

    1. you don't need to install any UE4 versions - just the launcher, then the SDK *the SDK is a tailored stand-alone version of UE4. 2. are you saying you have installed it on an external drive? anything copied, for backup or what ever reason, to an external-from-Epic-folder, must adhere to folder structures of the original installed version of the SDK - replacing files into the SDK without following the original structure will break things all over the place.
  3. [Suggestion] Dynamic Weather

    would be awesome, we had it in a 2004 game, so i don't see why not, eventually.
  4. graphic settings are getting abused hard

    my point was: don't have a potato and expect to run The Latest Engine/Game on it at even a barely satisfactory framerate. and it's not about "nice things", it's about accepting that your gear is not properly up to the task and if you really cannot possibly play at less than 60fps then you have to upgrade. how about: telling everyone that they need pneumatic-tyred wheels, not those old-style wooden chariot wheels, on their cars, if they wish to travel at more than jogging pace. this is more the point. and the reason i suggested locking out all "Low" settings (ie; Shadows cannot be turned Off - the only thing i ask for) - don't have them and peeps can't take advantage of it. Medium is the new Low.
  5. graphic settings are getting abused hard

    why do peeps have potatos and expect 60fps in anything, new or old? i know you upgraded, thats fine but seriously, for those still insisting on using spuds to play the latest games, try dropping your fps expectations - yes, you can play games at <60fps. my old box for Squad> i7-920, HD4870, 2Gb ram - i could still play above "minimum" (ie: shadows ON) but it did get framey a fair bit, which is why i upgraded to new hardware. i'm sure everyone knows about the benefits of playing at lowest settings - remove the Lowest settings altogheter. also EU4 seems to have a severe and unexpected drop from 'medium'(?) to "low" in the engine quality settings; above Lowest is fine and looks good, considering. Lowest (low) settings revert the engine to some kind of mid-90's look.
  6. graphic settings are getting abused hard

    agreed. i still believe they should be locking out no-shadows (lowest setting), in particular. - if you can only run the game at 'lowest settings' you shouldn't be playing, or upgrade.
  7. Recently made my first Squad video, looking for feedback.

    great vid
  8. The Expanse (syfy series)

    actually a mate told me a few weeks ago, so i can only go by what he has said - something about it being dropped, but the 'community' did some crowdfunding to prop it back up again. i can't watch it any more until i get it copies of it
  9. Little White Helicopter

    this ^ and this > with added "!!!!"
  10. Fix Bullet Physics

    watched the vid three times to be certain (in my mind) first two shots go right, the second one went left, none appear to be headshots, certainly not 'dead-on'.
  11. Post Scriptum movie trailer by Rock (WEEKEND PLAYTEST D-1)

    was that a W-Class Tram @ 0:41seconds?
  12. actually i'd say the only, and fundamental difference, is that it is mobile, period. have they put some control measure on it to stop peeps driving inside buildings?
  13. British Faction: Optics and Ironsights

    if i was in bush like that i'd want irons over optics, every time.
  14. Battlefield V

    totally agree Dennisz. does BF itself even know what it wants to be? this trailer cements in my mind how much of a joke BF has become.
  15. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    Ok. We're just trying to help out. If the answers are not to your liking then i'm sorry.
  16. The Expanse (syfy series)

    best sci-fi show for nearly ever. shame they've gone and dumped it - probably some seat-polishing-bean-counter decided they're not making enough money. yeppers!
  17. Fix Bullet Physics

    but the BF series does this, and the shot-2-seconds-after-gaining-hard-cover, so well - BF's are made on a purpose built "real" engine and still have just as many issues (BF4, on release, being a prime example). does this happen regularly? randomly? hardly at all? - i ask because it looks like plain old latency/packet-loss to me (given there is only a few seconds of footage).
  18. Vehicles Constantly Getting Stuck

    The truck may not be touching the log in your view but that does not mean it's collision box is not touching the log - if we had per-polygon collision it might be a different story. In the vid, both the downhill wheels seem to be off the ground and to be hanging down on the suspension - you are effectively hung-up on the log. what do you mean by "frame"?
  19. Just as a matter of interest: what do peeps think of Loepardi's view, disregarding the gun blur/overdraw of course. personally i think it looks fine, considering the actual view. colours and detail look fine to me.
  20. Squad_JO [game play modification]

    Cheers @Timhawk : thankyou, and will do.
  21. Squad_JO. UPDATED: 11/01/18. see latest post. This is a proposed Game-Play modification for Squad, of the epic Novalogic 2004 game Joint Operations:Typhoon Rising (JO, JointOps). I aim to copy, as closely as I can, the game-play and feel of JO. This will be a free, not-for-profit mod - I am doing this for my personal love of JO, for the community in general, and "to see if I can". The end result will be entirely dependant on what things OWI allow us to tinker with after the SDK is finalised (release-finalised), and will also be dependant on the changes that occur in Squad over time as things are modified, added or removed from the base game itself. The mod will aim to recreate the classic and original AAS game-play style of JO and will mostly use Squad assets and elements, with some additional things added and some things removed or disabled from the base game. The mod will never, ever, incorporate Unlocks, Ranking or Achievements of any kind. <*> Rough Outline (wishlist): The mod will offer a slightly faster paced and open game play style with less of the RPG overhead that Squad requires from players. - It will retain the squad grouping system and all comm's as they stand. - I intend to remove (unless unable to) the Ticket, Stamina, Sprint, Claim, Deployable and Logistic systems/functions. - FOBs, HABs and Rally Points will be removed as they do not fit a purely AAS style and will thus be redundant. - The medic system will be mostly unmodified but bleed will be removed (unless unable to). Damage taken reduces hit-points, falling damage reduces hit-points. loosing all hit-points will cause Incap (revivable), unless sustained from a high fall, head-shot, knifing or being run over - these last will cause Death (requiring re-spawn). - There will be less Squad screen-candy (helpers) and the command rose will be greatly reduced depending on what functions are actually needed for the mod, although I will be adding some other screen-candy from JO. Media: As of yet there is none apart from my Assets and Maps - see relevant modding threads > http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/28961-assets-jointoperations-themed/ & http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/28867-wip-dormant-volcano-isle-vanilla-jo_mod/ http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/30540-wip-black-rock-beach-vanilla-jo_mod/ Recruitment: None at this point in time, but I'll most likely have to put the word out for specialist help with some things eventually. <*> Current Progress: See Update posts. I am in the process of creating numerous easily recognised assets from the original Joint Ops game including; Maps(numerous), Statics (numerous), Vehicles (one or two), weapons (MP5-S at least) and game play and UI elements - these can be found (or eventually will be) in my threads in the modding forum (links above). This process will take some time to achieve as I am the only person working on this mod, by choice at this point, but will be spending most of my spare time outside of work and life-in-general on it. I do not wish to have to ask anyone else for help at this point in time as I think most of the things I need to get done I can probably do myself, however there may be some things such as rigging a vehicle/weapon or more difficult BP_'ing/scripting stuff, that I might have to call out for help on. <*> Finally, Thanks * infinity to OWI for providing such unheard-of access to their game and for encouraging us all to have a go. I know there is a lot of things that I have mentioned above that I am going to (hopefully) butcher from the basic Squad game and I do hope the Devs don't chuck-a-hearty over it, but they have opened the door of opportunity for me to "see if I can", and I do fervently hope to be able to re-create a resemblance to my all-time favourite game. GG's from .LJ
  22. yeah, but i thought you could "duck" by looking UP? - i see peeps doing this whilst reloading good points. fair enough, i'm for ducking and weaving, considering the current level of exposure seems to be fair for using a heavy weapon (Stoms second point).
  23. Can bullet penetrate the ground?

    yeah that seems wrong.