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    On 6/11/2019 at 7:05 AM, Zylfrax791 said:

    Honestly, the version before vehicles was probably was the best playing iteration regarding being "punishing" because you had to play smart.

    totally agree.

    On 6/11/2019 at 9:27 PM, Zylfrax791 said:

    Joint Operations invented AAS and the consequences for dying were negligible as well as it was an instantaneous respawn. You could either spawn at any of the previous flags you had taken or main

    you could spawn kinda-instantly (if you were lucky) but only if the queue was empty and the spawn timer happened to be at 1 second, otherwise you had to wait up to 10 seconds if the timer had restarted (10 sec. between spawning players) or another 10 seconds per-person in the queue ahead of you -  fast re-spawning, in my experience at least, happened probably only about 10% of the time; most of the time i spent waiting for the timer to tick down some seconds or so, or stuck in a queue (of course being stuck in a queue was not always bad as you could, as you say, elect to spawn at a previous/adjacent cap or at main).

    so i can't agree fully to "consequences for dying were negligible"; also, there was a lot of running in JO as well if I recall correctly, so another reason dying was not always cheap.

  2. 16 hours ago, timmy said:

    Hey guys, I'm new to modding, so i have a kinda stupid question, though i couldn't find the answer anywhere.

    Sooo.. how do you place buildings on the map in the squad sdk?

    hey there,

    find any object (anything really) in the 'squad content', in the 'main contents'.

    drag anything you want into the map viewport and drop it - then you can play with it's position using the mouse and the tools near the top right of the viewport window.

    - generally speaking: static mesh (SM) for static object, blueprint (BP) for non-static's



  3. On 6/2/2019 at 5:57 PM, Zylfrax791 said:

    Honestly I don't know how far you can go with the lattice. Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong but I'm reasonably sure that part of the code isn't actually exposed in the previous SDK and never will be. I mean think about it, that AAS blueprint code is the actual core of the game so you can't include access to the general public because they'll just steal it. That's why I imagined the team would have to make AAS with PSP and ammo crates themselves.

    the lattice, and AAS, works fine so far as i can tell from my testing (until the last update lost a vital script, now it broken!), so no need to access it that i can see at this stage (so, pending new SDK).


    as for the PSP (spawn point), i simply wish to add a spawn to the existing cap-zone-stuff and change it's ownership and active states, driven by the cap zone states. i have access to lots of things but i'm held up by the above ^ issue.


    the ammocrate requires me to find out how to combine both US and INS ammocrate BP's into one single-actor BP so they can both "Look-At" a single "crate" object. - which i have an idea for but haven't been able to try yet.


  4. On 6/1/2019 at 9:42 AM, Zylfrax791 said:

    Considering AAS with PSP's were literally invented by Novalogic in J.O. Typhoon Rising it might be worth poking around in NILE to take gander at the code. That said, if I recall from the SDK its called the lattice and I can't imagine it would be more difficult than dragging some connections to the nodes of a spawn event or something along those lines. Mere childs play for this team.

    yeah that stuff is - and not far different to what NL did.


    the tricky bit, atm, is creating the Spawn Point attached to the Cap (with per-team and W.O.N. Spawn control) with a missing AAS script; im still waiting for the new SDK

  5. Dear Devs,


    I have been trying to work out how to count players within a certain range of any vehicle  - OnOverlap > CountPlayers > DoSomething type thing.


    1. I have tried from the Vehicle Spawner end of things and have had no luck - there is nothing to call on, on the spawned (Tracked) vehicle, to count players within.

    2. I thought about adding the trigger to each vehicle by way of an added Component to each vehicle - but i have no idea if this is possible or how to do it and anyway it would require modifying versions of all the vehicles, so not going to happen.

    3. I Wondered if i could add it into the SQWheeledVehicle (or one's i need to (various types vehicles)) parent but it is a C++ script that i couldn't read let alone open; this would allow all Child Vehicles to receive the Trigger.

     - no luck so far,


    thus, my ever-so-humble request is this:

    A sphere volume of 30m radius that can be called on to Count:OverlapingPlayers or do something else, that is attached to the primary Parent Vehicle Classes.


    I would really appreciate this functionality so much!




    failing that: anybody have any solid ideas on how i can achieve what i want? (without creating modified versions of all the vehicles).

  6. On 30/05/2019 at 9:32 AM, Zylfrax791 said:

    Make the flag you just captured turn into your new spawn point with an ammo crate just like J.O.

    Once we get the new sdk, with fixed aas, I will be attempting to make a cap-with-PSP (Progressive Spawn Point) - logic is all on paper atm.

    I have a working, but not ideal yet, universal ammo crate on the go as well.


  7. wot Sparko' said ^ ;)

    the SDK takes up about 90GB atm (V12), not including any additional stuff coming with the new version  (V13+), which will make this number get bigger, no doubt; ie: 100 freeGB's is not really enough.

    also: the 8GB Ram is not enough: see this post and thread>

    good luck mate

  8. 9 hours ago, Zylfrax791 said:

    Again, that main AAS mode is what initially compelled me (most likely other JO players as well) to buy Squad when it first came out on Steam and nothing more so I had none of the expectations that you and your brethren ha

    yup. me too - had no preconceptions from PR - just looking for a non- BF/CoD, large-scale (well large-ish at least (can't beat JO's 24x24km maps)) combat game that required some intelligent thinking.

    - though i've wished for many years that we could have cloned a copy into a new engine - actually that's another, no, really the compelling reason, i picked up Squad; so i could make a mod based on JO - iv'e waited 10 years for the chance.


    also, to add my two cents to the OP:

    "Dead-Dead" as it's called in here (no revive) should be a thing for head shot and knife kills, period.

    Encumbrance should be a thing (speed/stam tied to load-out).

    Rally's should be limited spawn number and Buddy-Rally dropped entirely from the game. (i disagree with the concept of Rally Points, full-stop.)

    - IMO. these three things above, alone, account for much of the "gameyiness/arcadyness" i see in this game when watching the numerous vids i have seen so far.

  9. sorry, but from my POV it's already super annoying in BF's and the like (referring to BF5 and that other stupid GhostRecon game of recent, in particular) - they were so badly done and over-the-top-ridiculous that i wished for an option to turn them off.

  10. On 28/04/2019 at 9:42 AM, Jorgee said:

    13. It would be nice to detect when a vehicle is flipped and left in that position some minutes, and auto destroy it. Same for vehicles abandoned for more than 20/30mins for example, to help gameplay.

    AbandonTimer is one of the things i'll be doing in my mod (logic's on paper atm), because it was in JO and because it's a good idea when for when vehicles get left behind - not likely to happen too often in a 'propper' Squad match i imagine -  but none the less very handy to have. i will be setting mine to about 3 minutes of nobody within about 30 meters (a'la JO again) before Set_DestroyVehicle happens, to initiate re-spawn.

  11. aint played for ages, but here i go:

    i think, instead, that foot-fall sounds within tree'd/forest-ey areas should be more noisy; more leaf/stick noise. - extra noises generated when you collide with a bush (etc.) would require rather more added overhead to detect and set playing, as opposed to modifying the current sounds to bring some realistic compromise between the two.

  12. On 28/03/2019 at 3:09 AM, Zylfrax791 said:

    So essentially return the realistic damage attributes of the vehicles that the devs spent many many hours implementing back to arcade mode?

    agreed - ridiculous idea.

    On 28/03/2019 at 12:13 PM, Stom said:

    While the technical issues like performance are certainly a problem

    and should be addressed where/when/if possible - because they will/can be a real thing for some peeps, however ...

    On 28/03/2019 at 12:13 PM, Stom said:

    the lack of visibility is sort of the point.






  13. On 26/03/2019 at 5:21 PM, Zylfrax791 said:

    DF:JO had such a role and it wasn't very useful for the most part either. First of all, dudes would grab the Barret and post up on a hill and almost instantly you'd hear the distinctive loud sound and within a few minutes you'd simply run up there and backstab them

    hella yeah!!! (extra exclamation marks for good measure) - you just reminded me how much satisfaction was to be had by doing that.


    not sure why we'd need an AM role, tbh. there's so much available to use as AM already in the game, why have such a specific and limited role?

    ps: i don't agree with Crewman roles either, i think it's silly ... unrequired, when any peep can play Driver no matter what thier Role/Kit is without issue.


  14. i'm for body armour as long as ....


    going out on a limb here 'cause only one game i've ever played that had body armour (that was obvious/option in loadout) was JointOps and it worked very well due to it having weight, within an encumbrance system that included all weapons, ammo and items/accesssories.


    (IMO): The simplest way to introduce Body Armour into ANY game - tie it to encumbrance. give it weight, make it affect you as well as providing you a bullet-sponge. - you might be packing BA but you'll run a bit slower, so .... 


    OC we'd need an encumbrance system first ... and loadout modification/selection.

  15. if it's not already been mentioned before here; IMO, A10's would be far more suitable option with restricted enviroments such as in Squad, than higher speed turbojet based aircraft (A10 being turbofan).


     My reasoning: The A10 was designed for pretty much exactly the scenario(s) that (can) occur in Squad:

    1. short-range stand-off (can call in very fast) - the ability to fly quite slowly, behind "nearby" terrain if need be, but also get going real quick when needed (well fast enough for Squad).

    2. very nimble and highly manourverable - should be plenty happy within the confines of a Squad map.

    3. armed for anti-tank and area-denial - either or both would be perfect for Squad; killing tanks (AT) and such - not dubbed the 'Tank Killer' for nothing - as well as giving troops wot-for on the ground (AD).


    My thoughts on combatting the A10:

    1. they are relatively slow aircraft anyway due to being driven by turbofans instead of turbojets - i'll say it now; they'll be ordinance magnets as soon as they stick their heads out in the open (just like the choppers (which iv'e said before)) - landing rounds on them will be relatively easy, by pretty much anyone on the ground.

    2. their low speed manuoverability - this will inevitably cause the pilot to expend more effort and concerntration on flying at low speed which will distract them from other stuff like projectiles coming their way.

    3. exposed under-wing ordinance - surely the devs could take advantage of this as localised damage/destruction - some bomb/rocket gets damaged and pops under the wing (even if they don't do this IRL)) - takes out the wing/control-surface and the pilot has to bail or limp home.


    i get the impression from what iv'e read herein that peeps (generalisation oc) seem to think that the only jets we could ever consider/have in Squad must be high speed strike aircraft that need 10's of km's to work in because they have to rip along at just under the speed of sound.


    i would guess at the A10 could have a stall of about 100-150kph and top out at say 300kph, yes/no? seems reasonable considering it's RL abilities?

    a tubojet, in comparison would probably have a stall of at least 300kph (just a guess) - at the end of the day an A10 will look so much sweeter, and realistic, flying slowly than any high-speed strike/bomb aircraft - the f35's or woteva they were in BF3(?) were completely ridiculous and looked as such, so don't come back at me with "but vtol/stol!?",

    {caveat} vtol/stol - ok, use them, but make the pilots have to manually control thrust vectoring - auto-vectoring (and auto-hover, in helos) will make it way too arcadey - now, if you like that idea, we can then consider those big helo-plane things (soz, brain failure on name) with the enormous vectoring prop bits.