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  1. Squad_JO [game play modification]

    Cheers @Timhawk : thankyou, and will do.
  2. yeah, but i thought you could "duck" by looking UP? - i see peeps doing this whilst reloading good points. fair enough, i'm for ducking and weaving, considering the current level of exposure seems to be fair for using a heavy weapon (Stoms second point).
  3. Can bullet penetrate the ground?

    yeah that seems wrong.
  4. getting this in the SDK as well - thought it was some display buggyness on my end, but i think i'll ignore it for now, sounds like it will get fixed in the future if other UE4 titles don't have this problem ... hopefully
  5. IMO the 'sitting duck' feeling is the cost (entry price) for being on an emplacement (usually a pretty heavy weapon), so personally i have no issue with being exposed, as such.
  6. Knife to See You

    woot!!!! shanky-shanky-shanky. omg i so glad they put this in, thanks for posting , mate
  7. Modding Update 2.0, #1

  8. Improving RU optics.

    just coz i like to stir the pot now and then i would rephrase this to: Overwhelmingly most n00b players prefer reflex sights over iron sights, and magnified scopes over reflex sights on most maps because it makes the game easier for them. i agree with Cpt Dirty tho, an option might be nice, but again, the n00bs out there will still flock to the path of least resistance, regardless.
  9. Indestructible walls and fences.

    well, the Player made 'fences' are actually a Deployable, not a Static object/asset - different things entirely. sorry, i couldn't decipher the OP.
  10. Coms through Headset? SFX Through Speakers?

    totally one of my pet hates too.
  11. Can bullet penetrate the ground?

    i would assume that any projectile is culled if they go below the terrain at any point (correct me if i'm wrong, anyone). @LugNut: this may be due to distance. just guessing here but sounds similar to my experiance with BFBC2 - being shot through the edges of things (such as rocks) when i was 100% confident i'm behind cover (not talking lag here). we experimented with Valparisio(bfbc2) and a particular rock that persistently let rounds through it's 'top' - taken from my POV i was in-cover and the shooter was only showing the top of his head (hat/cap), whereas from his POV his rifle and head were clear of the rock enough to shoot and could hit me. the problem, we think, was the LOD's and how they render/change shape at distance. i've noticed in the Squad-SDK that terrain that is at distance changes shape radically enough to produce 'holes' and gaps between the landscape elements - which means i might see peeps behind hilltops because the hilltop has changed shape form my POV.
  12. Keep dead bodies (cheaply)

    should be a player option (clientside graphics complexity setting). i don't want dead bodies all over the place, for the same reasons @Nightingale87 has mentioned above.
  13. a screenshot would help illustrate the issue.
  14. as Stom suggested; it's the players, not the game, that is the issue. love the poster, Fosty
  15. Cock Block Rush

    @v76 i've suggested removing the "field full of neutrals" a number of times as a fix for this problem.
  16. Alpha 11

    just gets better and better. excellent work guys
  17. The Wrench -- March 2018

    nice work everyone - great to see
  18. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    is there only the one road through the entire map?
  19. Ghost Recon Wildlands

    rgr tht
  20. "Believability" of maps, realism

    Actually mapping is nothing like making an entire game. negative vibes, man. Again, not one person in here except yourself has said that making a map implies "make your own game", and Psyrus made no allusions whatsoever to that which you have stated, in quoting him. I would suggest, if you are really passionate about having fully realised "perfect" maps, that instead of complaining, you organise some reference material and submit it as a suggested-something another team/group, with the skills, can take forward. - oh wait, Psyrus already suggested this and, well ... Nothing is ever, or will ever be perfect - that's 'Reality'.
  21. "Believability" of maps, realism

    makes comment about P.S. and it's Lush foliage - but complains Squad has too many branches hanging from trees and enemies catching him with pants down - actually wants near-barren desert maps. actually, i think it's more like: Going into hotel room that is not organised and furnished exacty how you want and then complaining to the manager that he has not read your mind. no one said anything about building your own game - no need to perpetuate innacurate comments.
  22. totally get where you're coming from but, dare i say: PUBG is that game, Squad is not. - want BR? then play PUBG since it appears to do a good job of BR and already has the crowd. also: not within the Devs ideals (iirc)so ... modding! why does you name ring a bell with me?