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  1. A Bit of Merlin on Early Access Exit

    lols. this a great thread
  2. cc// Crack Clan TV

    yeah, great vids! very well done <TwoThumbsUp> love music too!
  3. [WIP] Mogadishu Map (Black Hawk down scenario)

    hey @Xx-RAGING-DEATH-xX ....
  4. suggestion Concentric circles

    sounds like an interesting idea Smee. if they work out how to Draw 2d circles on the map, i'd love to know because i also want to use them for Cap Boundary marking, in my mod. (atm, afaik, UE4 can't draw circles)
  5. Bring Back v9 Hit Reg

    well a couple feet, yeah, and it most likely extended up to full Capsule height (assumption). yes this is an obvious glitch, i totally agree, but definitely not a 'hit-reg' issue though - it's registering quite well, your 'nade bounced back. neither were "head-shots". i agree with Dundish and TheRed above. the problem here is calling them as head-shots when they clearly were not - your bullets would have to pull left by ~100mm over that distance to hit his head. anyway, two to the neck+/or shoulder - he's prolly pretty phark'd i won't comment on the other two as i could not make out where the shooter was, the vids are of average quality and very short. however the 'through the wall' one sounded like from hard left (ie: beyond your peripheral at the time) - to me anyway. you must have a pretty good run most of the time though, considering you have only posted a minute or so's worth, total footage from what, many, many hours of playing? compared to BF's and BF:BC2, this game easily appears to have far better hit reg (my POV). PS: has anyone read the "Boom - Headshot" paper lately? i know it's prolly outdated to some degree by now but it explains quite succinctly how latency works, and all that stuff - well worth a read. (please: anyone know what i'm referring to? is it still relevant to modern engines?)
  6. [WIP] Black Rock Beach (Vanilla & JO_mod)

    Hi all, Just started on the next Joint Ops themed map. This one is Black Rock Beach, a long time favourite i'm sure. I have just finished painting the terrain and applying the foliage and they are now done unless i have to move things - you never know instance counts at the side if you're interested - and that's not counting all the GrassType foilages either UPDATE BELOW Map: Black Rock Beach Size: 3k x 3k Gameplay: AAS for Squad vanilla and for the JO mod. Plenty of room for mixed forces. Pics @ my flickrz > Cheers! .LJ
  7. [WIP] Mogadishu Map (Black Hawk down scenario)

    looks far more interesting than the original BHD map
  8. [WIP] Black Rock Beach (Vanilla & JO_mod)

    @Psyrus, @Gatzby here's a link to a vid showing the problem. > from left to right i have Scrub Bush, then small-to-large Oak Trees. it looks like shadowing not being applied correctly/evenly. no idea what's causing it or how to fix it. tried but couldn't remove link to you Gatzby, soz.
  9. [WIP] Black Rock Beach (Vanilla & JO_mod)

    i know it sux . can't work out what's going on with them - they're Squad stock. i wouldn't mind so much if they didn't turn so bright. they seem to receive shadows later than the bigger trees behind them. my biggest disappointment with the engine so far is Shadows, particularly when everything else looks so good. i know Oxygencube did that vid on lighting but i think the devs should revisit doing some basic setup stuff for the next iteration of the SDK, particularly around lighting again, but also things like asset-loading in maps versus performance, etc. - a basic set of guidelines/rules we should be following, sort of thing, would be very helpful.
  10. A better tactical map

    @Guan_Yu007: (from my POV) actually it's nearly impossible to tell an elevation using the current map type. all you have is shaded terrain - no actual elevation data. I think what you really mean is that you can see that there are bumps and dips on the map, which helps with locating yourself spatially, but you cannot possibly discern specific elevations, or differences between them - if you can i'd like to know how. also, having contour lines actually shows the true terrain form in a more accurate way that is not at all difficult to learn and requires no estimation or guesswork - if i could learn how to read topo (topographic) maps in Scouts when i was a kid, then it can't be too hard, ay? PS: topo maps can also have 'shaded' terrain, for those who struggle with standard topo. Topo maps would be my preference as well - with a "satellite" view for those that can't/don't read topo.
  11. [WIP] Black Rock Beach (Vanilla & JO_mod)

    UPDATE: Been a while - RL stuffs. So now i've been able to do some more on this map. I still don't like how some foliage is not receiving shadows (bright green) when they clearly should (not distant and in front of other shadowed trees), but i can't work out what's causing it - i'm guessing it's something Asset-related though. I'm getting from about 40, to 70/80 FPS. Vid of the first look at Black Rock Beach >
  12. "Splash Damage" should penetrate, depending on the material - concrete etc., not so much; lightweight materials, absolutely. Damage transferred can be set up per material, just like everything else in the game that deals with per-material decisions (general penetration, squibs, sounds, etc.). no need for physical destruction (until it's technically feasible at least) of structures.
  13. Fob gameplay idea

    They (attackers) only halt the spawn - they don't kill the HAB outright when in range, they still have to dig it up. right? So just defend the HAB (and it's surrounds). < or am i being too simplistic? Most times i see a HAB being over-run (in all the vids iv'e watched) is because the spawning defenders that leave the HAB don't even bother to look around, or up! - it's truly staggering how little spatial awareness many players appear to exhibit. Just my POV from playing a game for a number of years that had virtually the same mechanic and it was never an issue - tho having said that, in that game it was the Caps (only) that were being defended as there was no FOB/HAB/RP in the game.
  14. Super Secret Mission

    oh mate, so many oblivious, too lols! (gold elephant stamp for you )
  15. It's Time To Get Crazy

    The splash page for joinsquad.com contains not one single instance of "Military Simulator" or "Mil-Sim", that i can see. Or are you citing a different page?
  16. Beautiful New Map!

    oh man, totally what i was thinking too.
  17. Hardcore Mode/Suggestions

    these, i like.
  18. The meat grinder is awful

    Weight-Of-Numbers logic for contesting the zone/cap
  19. Beautiful New Map!

    it's amazing what you can achieve with access to enough assets.
  20. Historical accuracy in war games

    it's already that, in all but name.
  21. Error while trying to open the Squad SDK

    1. you don't need to install any UE4 versions - just the launcher, then the SDK *the SDK is a tailored stand-alone version of UE4. 2. are you saying you have installed it on an external drive? anything copied, for backup or what ever reason, to an external-from-Epic-folder, must adhere to folder structures of the original installed version of the SDK - replacing files into the SDK without following the original structure will break things all over the place.
  22. [Suggestion] Dynamic Weather

    would be awesome, we had it in a 2004 game, so i don't see why not, eventually.
  23. graphic settings are getting abused hard

    my point was: don't have a potato and expect to run The Latest Engine/Game on it at even a barely satisfactory framerate. and it's not about "nice things", it's about accepting that your gear is not properly up to the task and if you really cannot possibly play at less than 60fps then you have to upgrade. how about: telling everyone that they need pneumatic-tyred wheels, not those old-style wooden chariot wheels, on their cars, if they wish to travel at more than jogging pace. this is more the point. and the reason i suggested locking out all "Low" settings (ie; Shadows cannot be turned Off - the only thing i ask for) - don't have them and peeps can't take advantage of it. Medium is the new Low.