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  1. SDK: AAS not working

    1. not sure - interesting though. 2. yep. previously working map and AAS setup thanks mate, much appreciated. and i will drop that report as well. cheers!
  2. SDK: AAS not working

    @Gatzby: ahoy there mate, i'm still having issues with this, dunno what to do: So i tried to load Kohat, to see if AAS is broken for me in there as well, and this happened > As you can see i gave up even trying to load it to find out. i have replaced all the SQCaptureZones's and the SQAASLattice - still cannot find the SQAASCaptureZone(Component) to add to the Main bases. AAS is still not working for me and i don't know why. Given the other issues i appear to be having (in the other thread above), could someone please advise me weather i should reinstall the SDK from scratch, or if there is actually a way to Verify the install (given this is not an option in the launcher any more). cheers!
  3. Smoother/faster editor experience - hardware?

    @Keebler750: i had task manager up whilst trying to load a stock map (Kohat - trying to work out why AAS is broken for me). i usually don't expand processes but decided that because i had unexplained memory usage ... ive got video of the cpu usage cycling up and down from 100 to the low teens - it's really weird. also shows the extra ram usage i couldn't explain - (the 11,968,4..(12'ish GB!)) , and also the shader compilers. the above pic is 'normal' (for this loading), except the cpu usage fluctuation, oc. just checked whilst typing this: loading finished at about the 30 minute mark. also getting the odd alarm buzzer sounding (not sure what it is though - no obvious cause). about 15 minutes into Distance Field Mesh calculating now (using 14GBram) - 60-odd done, 300 to go ... EDIT> i gave up about 10 minutes later after the alarm sounded again, and ended the process.
  4. cheers @Dubs, thanks for the info
  5. i is slow, but that look like rocket launcher, not flame thrower....
  6. Why I dont want Helicopters

    1. i believe the "rush" is a natural consequence that nobody will be able to stop, in any game that is objective based, has the entire team spawn in one (general) area and, most importantly, demands that they get to the first objective as soon as possible. i don't believe it is entirely related to game modes of a serial/linear nature - in fact from what i've seen from the early days in Squad i can say without hesitation that the field-of-neutral-caps is what caused the meta to even be a thing in the first place - the whole "rush to block the enemy at it's own gates" kinda thing. but "rushing" has been discussed numerous time in here, to no end. 2. yes it is and is indeed not so simple, but still what most peeps will do anyway because their alternatives are thin. for example: you can bombard the cap with Mortars (no need for the mortar boys to rush in) or lob shells in there using tanks (they prolly don't need to rush either) - however what does the rest of the team do apart from stand around twiddling their thumbs whilst only a small part of the team is doing area denial - of course they mount up or start running for the cap as fast as possible (ie: rush (or hurry?)) - there are alternatives but only for a few; the rest of us have to hurry (asap) in to do area denial now to Fog-Of-War: how can fog of war really work well when you can deduce where the enemy is, reliant on peeps and SL's spotting and making enemies known to the rest of the squad and team of course. it would take only a couple of peeps scouting around to quickly find the enemies current location(s) and thus the most likely location of the next cap. did someone say helicopters? they should be a thing and will be. there are already counters for them in the game and they are (will be?) pretty delicate flowers. i really don't understand why peeps would think they will be too-much for Squad.
  7. Devyx Feedback

    an Encumbrance system would be nice, and realistic - missed it in games since the JO days. Customisation <should be removed form all team-based objective games (imo)>- probably not what you are thinking of but here goes; customisation of Load-out only, would be frikn awesome and of course would naturally be tied to an encumbrance system. now when i say customisation of Load-Out, i mean Load-Out selection from a list of pre-defined standardised weapons (and Items) suitable for the game and it's intended style and play, but no swapping of items on weapons, or uniforms or colour stuffs. so a choice of 2-3 M4's with different sights (as currently iirc), or choose to wear body armour(or not), how many nades of what type you actually want to carry - those sorts of things. so you can select different per-slot and effect your Encumbrance, but have no control over 'micro' customisation of the Items themselves.
  8. Remake

    Kutu Arms Market
  9. Engin crash

    hi Redmenace. is this the first ever time? some PC specs would be most helpful to anyone trying to troubleshoot your issues
  10. Forests

    ah Warti', nice screenie for reference -so lushness - is that a climbable tree in front of you? damn i wish we could still play JO - now where did i leave my MP5-s... to the OP: i also wish i could lather on the foilages to a realistic level, but when i do the frames don't like it at all (grass is the worst), and that's just me running around my map in the SDK, not served pub game and apparently that matters
  11. Bunch of things I can't find the answers to.

    re: 11/ Bleedable Thresholds: desired logic: > take damage until zero Health > go Incap > then either: Revive to full Health, before Death, .......................OR, not get revived and Death after time/bleed = force re-spawn (or choose to). so, no bleeding or bandaging, and no wounded health-loss unless incapacitated and then only as a "timer" for the medics, to revive. i have made changes as per pic: so, would it work? because i have no idea how i can otherwise test/tell if it does. also: 1. what happened to the Heal-To-Revive switch? i was thinking of turning it off - is it not used any more? thanks in advance
  12. Bunch of things I can't find the answers to.

    soz. dbl post
  13. Bunch of things I can't find the answers to.

    re: 7/ Ammo Crate. still looking for a way to use both Teams InteractUI pointers on one object - also have no idea how the 'look at' thing works, to allow access to the ammo crate. so far i have a US and INS ammocrate butted together and then Grouped (to make the "armoury") for placement, so that each Team has each side to access from - it works fine if you know which side to look at, at a glance, bit it's not ideal by any stretch - really want a single object. now for a new one Vehicle Spawner: inside this there is a variable called "Tracked Vehicle". i assume this some kind of tracking of the vehicle to tell the spawner when that vehicle has been destroyed? and does not control anything else? am i right? - an explanation of it and what it does would be very helpful. > i may need an Array of Tracked Vehicles instead of just 'vehicles'. because i'm changing the spawner from single to multiple vehicles i don't think i will need any of the re-spawn logic or the 'tracking' or the re-spawn timer. i'm using a volume to check the spawn is clear and an array of spawned vehicles to check the allowance limit, keeping the spawn delay timer and adding ADD (spawned) and REMOVE (destroyed) for the array, but beyond that i don't think i need anything else. the logic being: spawn clear + under allowance = SpawnActor. so it will spawn until allowance met. so, if it works: i should spawning vehicles until i can't any more and waiting for them to die - now the question is: when "vehicle destroyed", what happens to the entry in the allowance array? is it removed automatically when the vehicle dies? or do i still need to explicitly remove it? (ie: do i even need the remove-from-array bit?) cheers!
  14. SDK: AAS not working

    i will try that, thanks mate tho the last time something like this happened i just "verified" the SDK a few times and fixed it but alas that button is now gone. i was actually surprised how little of mine got broken this update.
  15. Smoother/faster editor experience - hardware?

    yeah, i walk away and make a cuppa most times it happens - which is not 'often' and usually related to particular files as I've described above, but is highly annoying none the less - but don't get put off too much; maps i've made dont take anywhere near as long to load, albeit they are smaller in both size and asset load. re-compiling of Shaders when mapping (foliage work, etc.) can be a bit annoying but aside from that it runs very well.
  16. Smoother/faster editor experience - hardware?

    this is interesting, i don't know what i'm doing wrong either. post-V12 SDK update i had it using all of my 8GB of ram - opening anything crashed the editor - which is sub-optimal. so, i go buy myself 32GB ram - wtf, its xmas, buy meself a pressie! install the 32gb, and i get this: _______ QUOTE:"Glad i went all the way to 32GB, instead of just upping to 16GB. Nothing opened: Very basic map loaded: not really sure what it needs all those 17 GB for. " ______ now, second time i loaded it up it used only about 8'ish ?!<shakes-fist> last time i loaded it it was sucking down 23+GB !!!!??? and yes, loading of "stock" maps seems to take forever. the first-time-after-starting-SDK load of any map or asset takes way longer than it should. for some reason compiling MutableSoldier takes 2-3 minutes (tho i think it's to do with needing to recompile 60+ child BP's each time as well, so, there's that) oh, and the fact that the SDK uses 107+GB of disk space - didn't know about this one till i started running low on disk space
  17. What makes a good map?

    for a map based-on/using a real location: use real terrain (USGS) use satellite/google-maps for painting/placement of pretty much everything else (terrain layers, foliage, roads, buildings, etc.). use location photos: for what the landscape and foliage actually look like, for what buildings look like and any incidental/clutter. role-play in your head different scenarios, that use those real locations/areas on your chosen terrain, in a realistic way, to help you find the places of interest that can be used as Capture Points, etc. ps: micro-editing of terrain - for adding detail - can be extremely tedious and half the time not come out how you might want it to.
  18. Alpha 12 SDK is Live!

    Glad i went all the way to 32GB, instead of just upping to 16GB. Nothing opened: Very basic map loaded: not really sure what it needs all those 17 GB for.
  19. Alpha 12 SDK is Live!

    thanks guys
  20. Alpha 12 SDK is Live!

    and this ... using all 8GB of my RAM?
  21. Alpha 12 SDK is Live!

    @Gatzby: I just realised my SDK install is 107GB ... !! - is this right? i thought it was about 30'ishGB have had two crashes due to out-of-memory errors and it just crashed on start-up, so i'm doing a "Verify" to see if it fixes anything. or do i need to uninstall and then reinstall the SDK?
  22. FOB in buildings HQ's (HAB)

    like some contrast'y colour for the doorways, in ghost mode when placing, so they stand out better?
  23. Alpha 12 SDK is Live!

    i second that Smee. particularly to do with lighting (and shadows) - my two biggest problems i don't know how to fix. great work on the new SDK everyone. <TwoThumbsUp>
  24. V12 Squad SDK Update?

    ooooohhh! i cant wait cheers @Gatzby