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  1. Increase HMG emplacement shooting Angle

    from using them in SDK: the 50cal is a sit-down-at-it type setup - so your character is naturally limited by the confined sitting position - but still has a wee bit too-narrow arc for my liking as well. the DSHK tripod is a stand-up type and so your character would have more freedom of movement because they can shuffle their feet around - in the SDK the DSHK can be used through ful 360deg. being able to adjust it's location/rotation after placement(+building) like @LugNut said sounds like a good idea - maybe a UnBuild>{rotate}>ReBuild cycle?
  2. Incorporation of Water into Maps

    well from what iv'e seen in vids the water planes look to be just that - a thin plane of water texture with no substance, sure it "looks" nice on top but ... - and the way water fades/disappears near the edge looks really lame - it looks like an obvious placeholder, kinda thing.
  3. Should not be able to blow up IED after dying.

    IED's & Satchels, etc., that are or can be remotely detonated, should all be culled on the death of the placing player. Claymores, Mines, etc., that are place and forget automatic firing, should not be culled on the death of the placing player. i don't believe that there should be any provision for passing/picking-up of the 'Boom-Button' by other players - unless you introduce weapon , ammo, etc., pick-ups off players and the ground, and retreval of non-detonated munitions type of system.
  4. Squad Roles: Discussion

    pub matches could easily do this on their own if it is within a good community - simply comes down to the regulars wanting to play like this all the time and encouraging others to join in. no need for extra complxity/systmes - just communal organisation
  5. Incorporation of Water into Maps

    buoyancy is not that hard to do from what i've seen so far (gunna be playing wi it ver soon) for vehicles (boats, cars, trucks etc.). we just need a decent water volume that actually looks and acts like a water body - rather than simple water planes which look sh1te.
  6. [Free Assets] British Asset Pack - Version #2

    excellent kit, really nice work <TwoThumbsUp>
  7. I kiss Grenade

    heheheheehheehhh, ohh sorry but that's pretty lol-worthy
  8. November 2017 Recap

    AAS gets some some lovin' w00t! ( totally missed this on the first read )
  9. Video format for YouTube

    Hi all, I have looked at youtubes prefered format for vids but PowerDirector15 does not output like that - it's actually fairly limited, certainly compared to Vegas or PPro. Now i just did a vid for my map; the original capture ran out to 600+Mb and is clear and ok brightness considering the subect. when i churn it through PD15 it bloats to over a Gb - no good. so i tone it down, with 128KB mono audio and a Bitrate drop, it comes out at about 450+Mb (slightly crustier but ok), so not so bad. when i upload it to youtube though it ends up more crusty and darker, and dare i say slightly quieter. so; Q1. does Youtube crustify vids in general? Q2. what format (size, bitrates etc.) do you guys use? (i using 720p @ 25, 128KB mono, H264 as MP4) Q3. what total size would you expect for a 3-4 minute vid at my settings?
  10. Hacksaw Ridge

    yep! and still sour it wasn't filmed in 'straya with an actual aussie actor - cannot beat the original.
  11. Teamwork incentive

    whilst this sounds like a solid idea, i just wonder if it will cause issues with squads being to closely bunched simply because everyone in the squad wants the buff all the time. i also see how some might come to call it unfair if they're not quite close enough to thier SL, in a firefight, but the other enemy is and therefore garners a greater advantage. the 'proximity' is the real sticking point - i think it should be no more than say 5 meters, so that there is some form of offset for the buff, due to being a more compact target - there has to be Tit-for-Tat (not just Tit all the time, otherwise you end up drowning in boob ;P ). as Cpt Dirty noted, it doesn't reflect realism ... but then many things don't, so ...
  12. Function: Day/Night cycle - via Timeline

    i've noticed another thing that's a bit NQR. the lighting levels (the 'look') of the map is very different when PIE (looks washed out) compared to normal editing mode (looks nicely shaded). i have yet to remove the ToD to test without it. i will post screens later on as i'm at work atm.
  13. Lets talk about Squad

    the things you said remind me so much of the old JO days you look like a pretty clever player, nice shooting. btw, what is that zoom wimdows for?
  14. Regarding v10 Staging Period

    geez there must be a lot of immature little turds out there. i also think you guys are overly worried about how bad it could get. i have a possible solution: the CaptureZone for the Mains will act as a universal protection zone (i kno it supposed to already). ie: you cannot die inside the zone, from anything, and the Zone boundry is set to cull any outgoing or incoming projectiles. this would stop any possibility of vehicle deaths inside the zone, stop any raping with external weapons, and stop turds inside from TK'ing.