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  1. not sure about Maya, coz i use Lightwave, but you do need to triangulate all quads before importing into UE4, even when using smooting groups, afaik. i have to tri all quads in lightwave; don't use smoothing groups because my version of lightwave does not support them because they're an AutoDesk thing and i think Newtek didn't want to pay the exorbitant royalties AutoDesk demanded. otherwise call out Gatzby for some Dev help.
  2. how to make the Medic class more important/valuable? - remove the ability for a medic to heal themselves. - and remove the ability for non-medic classes to bandage(or is it revive now?) anyone but themselves. just a thought. ps: (IMO) 'epipen' such cheesey it make the sadness.

    BTW: there is no ambiguity between the words "Incapacitated" and "Wounded" in the context of this or any other game. Incapacitated is quite explicit in it's meaning; Wounded generally means "hurt", in any gaming context. if you can't deduce this then maybe leaving school before puberty was not the best choice.

    i think it might be but i'm not sure as i've never actually found an "instadeath" setting, per-se - the trouble is it's not explicit in the Health settings or in Damage model, heck it could even be in the PlayerCharacter or similar. for eg: i'd like to be able to call instadeath when you are shanked(anywhere) or head-shot, either of which could be done via the weapon or the character but most likely via the Character somehow (asking: if hit by X, then die; or if hit in X location, then die). but then you could also use the Damage model to force the head to have only 1 point so you drop from anything hitting your head but this still wont force instadeath and a trip straight to the deployment screen, so there's something else going on. i'd really like to know where it's hidden @Gatzby could we get some feedback from the relevant Dev on this, please :):)

    if anyone knows how to re-impliment the setting(s) for creating 'insta-death', for headshot or knife, i'd love to know as i really want it in my mod.
  6. Helicopters & Rallies

    apart from the stiketrough because i can't comment on those, i agree pretty much 100%. RP's: i gather they are endless teleporters now? ... oh dear.....
  7. Friendly Class Icons on the Map

    seeing which way a person is looking (head movement) would be very helpful.
  8. Why do i lag when i see people?

    these used to be caused by packet loss or loss of connection to server, in other games i've played. this was always a 'server down' thing (disconnected) - but your chat is updating ... ?! puddle?
  9. Topographical Map Suggestion

    "Unreal engine doesn't natively support vector graphics unfortunately." ZOMG! how i wish it did though
  10. Why do i lag when i see people?

    VRam - absolutely! particularly in a lappy - the gpu will probably share the system ram, which is highly sub-optimal. i'm guessing you would need at least 2GB dedicated Vram.
  11. Better Maps

    yes and no, your adding your voice, which is important @Zylfrax791 has been working on a shader(?) that lays contours onto the existing maps. i, like many, would love a true topo map rather than the top-down 'photo' we have to use currently - we can't even do an orthographic of the map, so distrotion occurs.
  12. [Mapping] So you want to make a squad map

    @Axton: hey mate, is this stuff still valid? (re: lighting layers n stuffs)
  13. Better Maps

    topo and other suggestions have been made numerous times here-in. search for "topo" / "topographic"
  14. A few thoughts

    sorry but to my mind the obvious answer is: defend the FOB. - the only reason they can be destroyed as you describe is because the Engi/Sapper got past the defence long enough to plant, exfil and trigger.
  15. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    leave the option but raise the penalty.