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  1. Helicopter Joystick Support

    including rudder? - i have a twist stick
  2. CAF content

    Just wondering how do we access the CAF stuffs in the SDK - will it be included eventually or do we need to source it seperately? Cheers!
  3. Why was Delta removed? Bring back Delta

    i iz slo what's a 'Delta' ?
  4. Exiting the Helo mid flight

    sound like it should be a bug, ay! particularly if you're at altitude, you really don't want a fast way of exiting, just in case of accidental keystrokes
  5. Helicopter Joystick Support

    muscle memory hitting the collective when i want to move fwd/bck is really doing my head in!
  6. Helicopter pitch and roll controls

    i would prefer, given the current model: AD for roll (strafe) MWheel for collective mouse axis for yaw and pitch my biggest issue is that every time i go to move forward my muscle memory is hitting the WS and changing the collective instead - really doing my head in. i cannot fathom why they swapped movement controls to opposite hands, just for the helo's - apart from 'coz current flight model', of course. if it followed our normal-handedness it would not be so unintuitive, i believe. bring on stick controls!
  7. West_Field WIP custom map

    unless you change/break something, the game will use vanilla Squad files/bits by default. check out Warmaster's youtubes, he has a bunch of very helpful vids >
  8. (Nani!?) Hip fire is weird [not normal!]

    or, and here's a really radical idea, y'all could just get used to it. sheesh! so do i (realism, anyone ... ? )
  9. A15 Survey Review

    Interesting vid. title is spot-on. He uses the most effective and fundamental tactic available - simples! BR's introduced because big maps: i don't swallow this either, even as a stop-gap. In the JO days we played on open maps that covered 10's of square km's without the aid of user-placed magic portals to help us when we made a mistake. One thing i noticed, he was pushing the "kill the spawn" ideal, and it surprised me that he was inferring that the vast majority of players ignored this and instead played shoot-em-ups, which is fine in of itself of course. The really interesting thing was this infers nobody even thinks about the spawns or that they should be killed. I'll refer back to JO because in that game the primary aim, for the majority of players, was to get into the Cap to halt the spawn as players spawned in the zone, which stopped reinforcements, forcing them to hoof it from another Cap(spawn) - taking the zone, because you were there, was secondary. The fundamental idea in Squad/JO/other-related-game-style: to deny the enemy (halt/kill spawning), to enable taking of the Cap <- THE singular thing required to win (funfact: we used to take Caps with just two players (sometimes only one player) by using the correct tactics, and this was the norm for us most of the time). I noticed the Deep And Tactical Gameplay comment above: tbh from my pov Squad is open to tactics, just like virtually every other game ... ever, but i do not consider it to be "deeply" tactical, it may appear that way if you're from a BF/CoD background but it's just not. It certainly is a fantastic game, has some interesting and complex role playing aspects but it is not 'deeply tactical' - playing ArmA2/3 was way deeper than Squad will ever be but that's ArmA's thing, not Squads' (i just think it's funny when peeps think Squad is actually that beast). Of course because i'm an old JO player and as such i find the idea of user-placed spawns(etc.) to be gamey, so there's that
  10. West_Field WIP custom map

    Factions can be changed in the Gamemode settings. I think your point lights should work ok - is there a streetlight in the vanilla Contents you could look at for reference? Your props look good, particularly the shed. Have you surfed around in the Contents and Map folders for more statics? there's a veritable sh17-ton to choose from
  11. (Nani!?) Hip fire is weird [not normal!]

    the vid seems to show the same effect that Goth Cat is seeing, based on his OP. I believe it is something to do with the position/attitude of the weapon whilst non-ads - ie: it's not pointing conveniently at the centre of the screen. Squad fires(or raycasts for CQB) projectiles from the barrel of the weapon, not to the centre of the screen, as mentioned on Dubs' post. (accuracy was not what i meant, sorry, i meant Improvement) Ok, if you are actually seeing them fired from "down there", as opposed to from your weapon barrel, then yes it seems you have a bug. But if what you are seeing is in any way similar to Dubs' vid, then it's an intentional machanic, not a bug. A vid showing the problem you are seeing would be very helpful.
  12. (Nani!?) Hip fire is weird [not normal!]

    OMG! nice opening line, however i will reply. from Dubs: i know it sais Crosshair but he explains more, (not a bug btw) Squad handles projectiles and barrels differently to any other game i've heard of. this has come up before a couple of time but i can't find them, sorry i can't be more help. Just a guess here but if you did the same test within the "CQB" range, where raycasting is used, then you might see better accuracy, maybe? can you explain how, IRL, you "shoot from the hip" whilst prone? non-ads shooting yep, "hip-firing" no.
  13. A16 Helicopter First Impressions

    i'm not either but i do know a bit about the mechanics, so reducing the collective (which reduces torque, iirc) sounds about right.
  14. n1 Tartantyco. (totally guesssing here) I think it may be some low level game logic, to do with the markers and when they are shown. I've noticed in the SDK, in AAS, that an enemy Spawn can be seen even though you should not really be able to see it - maybe it's a similar thing with the TC HAB markers showing when they really should not?