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  1. AnimalMother's Gameplay and Short clips

    smooth like butter ... oh shi7. heheh n1
  2. Handbrake indicator in vic HUD

    somewhat sub-optimal, yeah.
  3. Handbrake indicator in vic HUD

    zomg! why is there even a handbrake? i thought this was Squad, not ArmA. programming-wise what's so hard about: Turn off Engine = cannot roll / auto-handbrake ... ?
  4. 1. why aren't the markers player-specific as far as placement and removal/lifetime, is concerned? 2. won't be able to do much about misleading/incorrect markings, it's the player placing them that's the issue, not the game and as such the player should be pulled up about it.
  5. Humvee Gunner Crouch/Duck-Down?

    i thought what i said was plainly obvious, but anyhoo ... tit for tat is used like that in some cases where i come from - no matter, i'll change it to ... 'six of one - half a dozen of the other', or 'on one hand, ... etc.' my intent, as you can probably work out, was to highlight the "someone in a armored turret with protection is a formidable" versus "who can be picked off at ease <relatively> by a soldier" - i have no issue here, there is balance of a kind and i think it is reasonable given this is a game (pls note my additional <relatively>). you want a powerful positive then you must accept a powerful negative as well. if you simply want a position you can dominate relatively easily from then go buy a CROWS. also: what @Mauti said, above has been known for ages, try it, it's virtually guranteed protection.
  6. Can't Believe I Have to Ask This

    i also got stuck bunnyhopping until i found "just the right spot", but only once - the other time i tried it worked perfectly and first attempt <Shrugs>
  7. Ability to display flag capture radius

    been trying to get a radius circle in my Cap+PSP for long time now, just about to get into it trying again today in fact. the circle bit is the only bit i have left to fix before it's a working thing. since i've already done a couple of things elsewhere and then the Devs have stepped up way later to actually add it/them (vehicle abandon, for one) and spent rather a lot of time pulling hairs from my head trying to get other things to work (cap circle), as well, i'd really appreciate a Dev popping in and confirming if this feature will be added or not - i don't see the point in wasting time stumbling about when the Devs will impliment them anyway. @Zylfrax791: the more things change .... ? lols
  8. Beta 17.2 Released

    since CAF is now 'Included DLC', will it be added to the standard SDK, or will we have to downlod and add it manually? i wish to add them as a third faction (and want to do the same once the AussieMod is out.
  9. Humvee Gunner Crouch/Duck-Down?

    also crazy is the forward protection and amount of fire available to the gunner .... tit/tat
  10. Add ability to put weapon on safe.

    because it's a "look-at" thing, as you prolly know, you loose LoS you loose connection - would be good if the menu was persistant after initial Look-At until exiting the menu completely. standing closer won't help a lot as peeps might still block your LoS.
  11. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    please remind me where anyone mentioned "no respawns". yes Squad Ops is the "hardcore" version from what i hear and is very good at it. however, i still don't understand why yourself and probably others as well, consider a game without player-placed spawns, as opposed to fixed spawns, to be, (more)unforgiving, serious, gritty - all your words. i wonder if you'd consider JointOps to be too hard/gritty, just because you had to spawn on the Cap - i mean, some in here consider placing the spawn on/in the Cap to be the worst thing ever - it's hilarious - also there was no such thing as wave spawning, no RP's, medics could not revive themselves, headshot/knife = force respawn, no R_AmmoBag or magic R_SandBagWall, encumbrance, etc. ...? and you still have not answered the question, tho admitedly i posed it as an inferred question; what was Squads main promise, from your pov? "I have to admit I´m kind of proud that you can´t easily tell if i´m for it or against it." - please don't be, it just adds to ambiguity which leads to confusion etc. which is highly unproductive in a text-only environment; if you had been clear the first time you'd have saved yourself doing those other 13 lines of PoliticalSpeak
  12. dedicated key for each inventory item

    purely down to the loadout order and that in which OWI has seen fit to put them. when i got into the SDK and started reorganising the loadouts i realised then how messed up some are and that there is little or no contiuity to them. yeah launchers and nades should be seperate - it's like some roles seem to have the knife(bayonet) in with the rifle but others have it elswhere.
  13. Emotes

    exact oposite of the Squad ideal. sorry mate but you appear to have seriously underestimated the Squad community (or the majority thereof). as cool and distiguishing a feature that people love purchasing, just like all those other games that have exactly the same rip-off sh17 in them? do you have any idea how much this stuff is hated in games? or are you a student of Marketing. @Geebus 100% correct and could not agree more with you <TwoThumbsUp> coz that's what voice is for. period. and: MEME's ?!! waaat! Squad is not a MEME generator so i hope you were just joshing around with that comment.