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  1. Alpha 12 SDK is Live!

    Glad i went all the way to 32GB, instead of just upping to 16GB. Nothing opened: Very basic map loaded: not really sure what it needs all those 17 GB for.
  2. Alpha 12 SDK is Live!

    thanks guys
  3. Alpha 12 SDK is Live!

    and this ... using all 8GB of my RAM?
  4. Alpha 12 SDK is Live!

    @Gatzby: I just realised my SDK install is 107GB ... !! - is this right? i thought it was about 30'ishGB have had two crashes due to out-of-memory errors and it just crashed on start-up, so i'm doing a "Verify" to see if it fixes anything. or do i need to uninstall and then reinstall the SDK?
  5. FOB in buildings HQ's (HAB)

    like some contrast'y colour for the doorways, in ghost mode when placing, so they stand out better?
  6. Alpha 12 SDK is Live!

    i second that Smee. particularly to do with lighting (and shadows) - my two biggest problems i don't know how to fix. great work on the new SDK everyone. <TwoThumbsUp>
  7. V12 Squad SDK Update?

    ooooohhh! i cant wait cheers @Gatzby
  8. The Wrench -- October 2018

    so looking forward to this V12 update - awesome! any chance Mouse Steering for vehicles will be included?
  9. FREE WEEKEND´s are out of control

    @Baumi seems every free weekend is "out of control" - pretty sure the same would happen to every single other game on the market, in some way. prolly got something to do with peeps wanting a taste without having to jump through the hoops of a training/tutorial requirement. Whilst the "we need training for newbies" camp has valid points, there has also been numerous peeps questioning the need for an obligatory, or required-to-play tutorial as it forces every person to complete it before being allowed to play. don't misunderstand me, i think tutorial type training could be a considered addition to the game - as an option. The problem, and i've posted this before in one of the other threads (ages ago), is that you cannot stop a n00b from being a n00b, regardless of the tutorial/training required to be allowed into combat. IE: forced training will not ensure a player will play the game properly or in the way it is intended to be played - it comes down to the individuals willingness to play properly, rather than being a n00b. The RL example i gave to back my argument up is: A driver can be awarded their licence to drive after completing training and testing, but this does nothing to stop that person from being a complete <insert expletive> on the road. IMO there is so much info out there - vids, community-made guides (which are excellent, i hear), etc. for newbies and interested players to peruse that a training/tutorial, in the game itself, may not be needed - but it would not hurt to add an optional one at some point in development (and it would be be very low on the priority list, methinks) for those that want it - besides all that, we already have a fully-fledged training ground built into the game, that can be used any time. I also agree wholeheartedly with @Zylfrax791 thoughts. my first experience in Squad was absolutely awesome due to others guiding me on how to SL during the game as i had virtually no experience - they wanted me to learn.
  10. V12 no ammo

    i hope there will be an option to switch off the Persistent Ammo in the SDK - not something i want in my mod, certainly not at this point.
  11. Weird graphics issue

    @extaa: i've seen this in the SDK for a long time now - dunno what's causing it tho.
  12. Squad_JO [game play modification]

    cheers @Serp403 & @Zylfrax791. Noice! ahh, something rang a bell when i was watching a vid of it - now i know why
  13. Squad_JO [game play modification]

    UPDATE: 03/11/18: stuff worked out / done (current SDK version) - Soldier: modified Movement speed and removal of Stamina. - Soldier: modified Roles and Kits. - AAS: using the standard AAS Gamemode(modified) - Turns out Invasion is a single-direction mode not bi-directional. - Tickets: now used only for counting the number of Caps owned, which also ends the game on losing all Caps(Tickets), and i assume the game will also end on Round Timer ending and display total Caps held by each team if not all of the Caps are taken. - Night-Day cycle: finished at this point uther stuffs - given up on making my own Weight-of-Numbers functionality due to the new(V12) spawn control now having something similar, with Spawn becoming inactive whilst enemies are nearby (which is what i was trying to achieve) - waiting on the next SDK update for this. - working on a Vehicle Allowance function, to limit the maximum number of each vehicle type on-the-field at any one time. - working on how to modify the Soldier Wounded State, to remove bleeds and simplify incap & death. - still working on a "universal" ammo crate that both teams can use; still few hiccups (read: SDK crashing). subsequently found out UE4 apparently does not like two of the same BP's put into one BP ( ), so i'm going to try overlapped and grouped - see if that works. main thing i'm still not so happy about is Shadows and Shadow LOD'ing (particularly on foliage) - hopefully the new(V12) lighting will fix things. Cheers! .LJ
  14. Walls

    definitely make your own meshes, if you can - this way you have full control over what they look like and how they function, and if you start making things in a modular way you can end up having only a relatively small library of basic 'building blocks' that can be used to make almost any larger structure(s) you need. as for scale: make everything 1:1 in your modelling program, and then find out what scale you need to use when exporting meshes, to compensate for UE4 using Centimetres, not ISO-standard Metres or Millimetres, as it's Working Units. i'm pretty sure 3ds has UE4-friendly options when exporting your .FBX mesh (i use Lightwave, so i'm not too savvy on 3ds) - for example, in Lightwave, working in Metres, i have to scale my meshes by 10,000%(no idea why but it works) before exporting (no UE4-Scale options in Lw) so they come out at the proper scale in UE4.
  15. AXL Attack, Explore, Logistics

    cool looking movie! Yeah, Boston Dynamics does some way-cool stuff.