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  1. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    totally agree. i think it's hilarious, in a bad way, that you can even do it - can they also be 'dug' into concrete? not the road itself though, if it's concrete/asphalt. how? all this would do is push the invisible line out further, so you get to drive futher before being mined on the same route; and means that up to 1000m radius from Mains would be effectively removed from the useful play area for the opposition. what then happens to Caps that then end up too close to or overlap this extended range? the biggest meta i've noticed is all the vehicles heading straight for the nearest river/field, to dodge/avoid the roads (mines) - cannot believe that Water has not been fixed yet - the fact that it allows anything less than an APC to actually drive along rivers is highly ridiculous. can't wait for a propper water volume and bouyancy to be introduced.
  2. Anti-personel Mines

    particularly Clays, although i think they would have to be nerfed from RL a bit - they have an extrordinary range, apparently - to better suit a/the game.
  3. Camping Main

    what @zarenx said ^ (my reference here is JointOps): base camping was never more than a temporary annoyance. we never had protection zones but we did, mostly, have various options for exiting (multiple road, water, air options; map-dependant ofc). we would have peeps camping inside the zone, stealing vehicles, hiding expolsives - generally causing mischief. this was never "commonplace" as the vast majority of the community never did such things but some peanuts couldn't help themselves. instances were usually stomped on hard, mostly but not always, by the next peep to spawn, who would hunt down and clear that miscreant and any surprises that left - we wouldn't whinge about the camping, we'd deal with it. my advice would be that if Main is being compromised in any way, that players make the effort to clear it and any enemies - if someone gets dead 5 times in a row because they get spotted trying to mine in front of Main, they will eventually give up, i would suggest.
  4. V15 (& Up) Performance Feedback

    i initialy made the assumption that you, like my old box of same CPU class (i7-6700 + DDR3), were using triple channel memory (3x4GB) for 12GB. ... but a 4 & 8 mixed will cause pain for you, as Vewt mentions above, they're prolly running downrated. i'm really surprised that a pre-built would come like this - it makes no sense and sounds dodgy as.
  5. Mk. 19 & AGS 30

    has come up a few times already. here's one thread:
  6. Senescent's Videos

    funny stuff :D. i likey.
  7. Suppression

    aside from anything else in here, this seems an odd thing to say. you assume he went prone as a result of your actions; i do hope the basis of your argument is not a result of this. just thought it odd, that's all.
  8. [WIP] Bushehr [ squad map]

    nice work mate! looks like it will be fun and very interesting to play
  9. new DLC visuals

    yeah, the terrain-pop is also pretty bad, in one of my maps at least - not sure how it effects gameplay though. i was wondering if there is something like: IS occluded (100%) by fog, from players POV, then don't render - regardless of view distance. (that Mestia thing sounds ugly)
  10. The Wrench, August 2019

    really nice work everyone. Poly Land looks really cool, too @Gatzby : AAS - can we please get some update on how to use and what to use? at this point i have no idea how to use it or find the parts required and this has been the case since the v12 update broke it all. i have asked in here and in discord about this a number of times, to no avail - if i have to reinstall the SDK to fix this then so be it but nobody can tell me if i need to - iv'e had zero helpful replies so far. AAS is critical to my mod and, mostly, the only thing holding me up from getting it to testing stage. i appreciate the team is busy with more important work and i applaud their efforts unreservedly - all i'm asking for is a short answer i can go forward with. cheers mate
  11. new DLC visuals

    Q: if things beyond the fog are occluded by the fog, then are they even rendered?
  12. Autonomous Squad

    yep, that sounds pretty good.
  13. Autonomous Squad

    Main protection: as soon as an oposition player crosses into the zone, cull any vehicle they might in and also cull all loadout items - loose the vic, ammo, weapons and meds; all dressed up with nowhere to go - this is aside from the normal(?) culling of projectiles - keep that, obviously. Retard does not mean Injured. have no issue with 3 TK's; people need to be more careful and look where they're going and what they are shooting at.
  14. SQUAD: Whiplash. Fast-paced gameplay trailer.

    awesome!!! very nicely done, love it! - would make a great promo for the game, methinks
  15. Solution to "Buddy Rally"

    @=CDN= Wehmann: i just disagree with the "oops button" thing, that's all. sorry if i rambled or wasn't clear. that's why i said an abandon function is needed for the vehicles; that includes the trigger volume and logic, including a timer to destroy the vehicle for respawn. (i'm trying to do exactly this but need access to the vehicle Parents to do anything) within FOB deactivates the function, agreed. good idea about the tickets too. PS2 used the same gameplay as JointOps, basically, which is where that function was born, i believe. in JO it was a 30m radius (i think), after 3 - 5 minutes (i think), then destroy. yes, you (or the enemy) could reset the timer. they also went neutral after about a minute, i think, unless within a zone (vehicles reverted to Zone Owner, after a delay).