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  1. [Vehicles] Engine power and small trees

    which was? - because i not played it i have no reference.
  2. Epic Games destructible environment Demo

    if only we had a Voxel engine (like in the old days of JO) - pretty impressive what can be done with them. his efforts look hella cool btw!
  3. [Vehicles] Engine power and small trees

    my assumptions based on my SDK usage: The collisions would need to be adjusted/modified to allow certain things to collide and others not. eg: collision on some foliage/trees will allow pawns to walk through but vehicles will collide - simplistic but achievable, for a game. To achieve a more granular collision, the collision volumes need to be able to have certain vehicles collide and others not. The vehicles would prolly need to be segregated into light, med, heavy, etc., and have those 'classes' of vehicle be selectable within the collision parameters of the volume, so you can set a bush to collide only pawns and light vehicles but anything bigger will roll right over it.
  4. OWI = WFH. Covid-19 Update.

    Yes, squashing the sombrero is the most important thing we can do, collectively (massive shout-out to all medical staff(etc.), everywhere - they're going to need all the help they can get). The emerging new norm of social distancing/isolation, for the forseeable future, certainly makes for Interesting Times. It will be very interesting to see how we come out of this; i think some fundamental changes (hopefully good) will happen to how we interact socially and globally - it's quite wonderful to see communities, seperated within themselves, coming together to help each other in various ways to get through what looks like it could be the norm for months to come. Check on your elders and neighbours, help where you can - it's not hard and you'll get all those lovely feel-good endorphins for your efforts Good luck to everyone, everywhere. .LJ
  5. Adventures of Clive and Carlos

    lols! we need more Clive !!! everyone should have a pet rock, my gran used to say, or a cactus, if you can't find a rock ps: did take me a few parses to realise, heheh - n1, Twitchy.
  6. The Wrench, February 2020

    awesome stuff again!
  7. [Question] How to add custom faction to vanilla map

    so far as i can recall, yes, changing the Team Info will change the team (as long as the team is set up correctly, oc). yep, can't remember where exactly but there is a map Name within the map itself, as well as changing the map(file) name. these things are in the world outline stuffs, iirc.
  8. definitely a showcase vid. very cool!!
  9. [Question] How to add custom faction to vanilla map

    modding the Team Info's might require a game modification, i believe, as i've had to do that to make my multi-faction teams - so i've essentially created two teams that are direct modifications of existing factions (used US and MIL and modded for each team by adding faction roles). that's what I did, though. adding a new faction should be easy enough, if adding it as a stand-alone Plugin/Mod that can be used in maps. then your faction can be used in maps by selecting a different team(s) in the Default Team Info's part of the Gamemode. - essentially, copy-paste map, then change TeamInfo's. my simples explanation but i hope it helps. also: see Warmaster2143's videos here> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS4DKBROexstij9Cj0vIzeA/videos he has rather a few and some about custom factions and weapons.
  10. Squad_JO [Gameplay Modification]

    UPDATE: 25/02/20: Due to current RL sitrep for me, i've been taking advantage of not working full-time and getting into a serious amount of renovating that has been needed for the last decade or so. So after doing the ensuite bathroom and main toilet, i've now got a half-built new kitchen, new north-facing double-glazed windows, insulating north-facing walls and cathedral ceiling walls for heat and sound, re-painting as i go, new carpets coming after the kitchen is finished, soon replacing the roof on the garage&carport and then after that i still have a laundry to do. So i been a bit slack with the modding of late. I am currently awaiting the new update for the SDK, as the vehicle cleanup function has been added and i've been holding off doing my own in anticipation of this addition; i'm also hoping they added (will add) the Show Cap Perimeter function in the cap zone map widget, as was requested somewhere by another forum regular - i'm dubious if it will happen so i'm still gunna work on my own thing for it (kinda half-done atm anyway). I am also hoping they will add Canada to the base game (and SDK) so i can add them into the mod. Things i can confirm since last time are: - Weapons: ADS zoom fixed to max of Focus < actually, not yet . Focus essentially disabled. < actually i still have to copy all the weapons i need and mod them. < now done - note: weapons with optics have no "focus"; only had to copy&mod non-optic'ed weapons. - Vehicle Abandon Function: add abandon timer function to vehicles. < would love the Devs to add this function to all vehicles < and they did - just need the update to see what can be fiddled with. anyhoo, enuf for now, GG's all.
  11. lol, some don't read too good. i understood - the voice-over, yeah? no idea, sorry, def a question for the devs.
  12. Making Squad tactical realistic. The overhaul.

    from memory, ArmA3 had great fatigue and injury mechanics, even though they were highly annoying.
  13. The Wrench, January 2020

    everything IS awesome! happy new year and kong he fat choy, to all
  14. Graphic Updates

    i read it like this: You're saying if i don't get consistant 144Hz, i must have a framerate problem. are you suggesting that anywhere below 144Hz is some kind of FPS issue?