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  1. Any chance of a modding wiki?

    Beta at the earliest. Maybe not a full-blown Wiki, but something that informs about Squad specific fuctionality and exposed attributes. would then compliment the UE4docs nicely.
  2. Yeppers. i've not looked properly yet at the Player Controller stuff, but i thought that's where this stuff might be hiding. I'm a fair way off doing that stuff yet though.
  3. i'd love to know where the Sprint function stuff is too, so i can disable it.
  4. Join us on Discord

    the verification email thing does not work for me, tried multiple times over different days - never recieve the email - is there a problem?
  5. Allow IED place on player/suicide vest

    HAHAH!! you guys need a Gary Apreciation Thread
  6. cool, tho that's a burst - what about single shot? and is it repeatable?
  7. Allow IED place on player/suicide vest

    true that - he sounds like fun! i remember one time in JO, somebody set some satchel charges on a bridge and when they went off something glitched and took out the entire map, like everyone on the server died and the guy who planted it got punted for about 20 TK's, literally LOLs all around - ahh, happy days!
  8. Quoting limitations on posts

    Yep, fair enuf too
  9. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    surely this is something that is broken and needs fixing?
  10. Allow Turning in and out of Armored Vehicles

    ah, ok, cheers @LugNut. confusing name for it tho, i thought he was talking about driving control, not sticking yer head out a hatch
  11. Quoting limitations on posts

    hah! yeah, well ... hmmm ... Is it not the Moderators job to police walls-of-text-with-short-replies?
  12. Allow Turning in and out of Armored Vehicles

    i'm from slow-class - what is Turning In and Out?
  13. Modding Helpdesk

    @Peerun: is that what GEO means? Geography, without Structures or Gmaeplay elements?
  14. Community content WIP thread!

    looks a tad big, XR. or is it just me?
  15. Allow IED place on player/suicide vest

    Is a VBIED just a car loaded to the hilt with boom-stuffs? If it is then why don't you just load the car up with a couple Mines then place the IED and send it off - assuming here that the IED will set off the Mines as well - i would expect a large bang from this.