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  1. Medium Ruck model is too small

    yeah, i'd like to know this too
  2. Teaser Trailer - More SDK ACTION!

    wot they all said ^ <TwoThumbsUp>
  3. CPU Under Utilized

    is this due to HyperThreading? - the splitting of load across all cores?
  4. Will we see jets in the future?

    lols! it was a suggestion, not a question i'm guessing the A10 is prolly the only aircraft able to realistically manouver within the confines of any map Squad will have unless you go up above 4k x 4K maps no PR exp. jets in BF2 (&3) were absolutely lame and cheesy, they didn't even have a place in those games but, you know ... EA.
  5. Ridiculous accuracy.

    you mean 100 Yards, not meters. yes?
  6. i would say no (reservedly), because: it will make you think more carefully about spending the points before just chucking stuff down to be built. if a deployable is placed-for-building, but you decide to remove/re-place it before any building, then you should get back the points - because you have not yet committed to the build. if a shovel has been put to it in any way then you loose the points. although CD's point about loosing points already committed to the build makes sense as well - it just places less importance on the commitment to build than what i've suggested.
  7. Ridiculous accuracy.

    oh pulease! so there was a third meaning of "off hand" in the english language that i did not know because i'm not a shooter - is that what upset you? because you didn't otherwise specify what i'd apparently taken out of context, so i wouldn't know for sure. ps: @Nimbus. cheers for explaining Off-Hand no, it's not. it's all the game helpers work - the whole point of this thread.
  8. Ridiculous accuracy.

    hmm, ok that's ridiculous.
  9. Please Fix the visibility.

    AA is a major issue - many peolple comlaining about it and how it essentially destroys distant visibility by blurring everything - unless v10's UE4 updates have fixed it. atm (pre v10(SDK)) i prefer no AA at all, so i can see distant pixels instead of then being blended into obscurity. iirc (remember i was playing in 1024 back then) in any BF the only way to see & hit someone from more than 200 or so meters was to use an optic. can't recall BF:BC2 having a map that big, or ever needing to or having to make a shot that long in any bf/bf:bc2 games iv'e played, except when being a sniper. also, Frostbite: engine made specifically for one game, unlike UE4 which is trying to be the jack of all trades and master of none. UE4 is poor at doing large scale/long range stuff and i agree it does not look as good as one would expect of a new engine - but it's all we have. shadows are crap, dynamic lighting needs work and any version of AA looks good close up but poor at distance because it blurs things into the background. colour grading and various other PP settings can be adjusted by Devs.
  10. classic fps issue

    sorry, what's the "classic FPS" issue? hate to say it but .... it alpha 40-50 is prolly not so bad considering. but ... this sounds like CPU bottleneck? - someone please correct me if i wrong
  11. What are you working on?

    you got night vision?! i likey - i likey lots!
  12. they still not worked this one out yet? i get the same: mainly on OWI's maps, but some times on one of my own that i have not opened for a while (since previous update? <shrugs>) i had a BP take 15 minutes to open after the last update - my SDK seems to get slowed by the innumerable BodySetup_ files it seems to have to load for anything. your slow loading also come with constant intermitent and random apparent-non-thinking by your computer? mine can sit there doing nothing (no disk, no activity at all) for 5 seconds or more in the middle of loading bits - like it's stuh stuh stuttering.
  13. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    i really hope not - just makes Squad into CoD
  14. Please Fix the visibility.

    what you are complaining about @Hvolute, from your OP, is that visibility is poor due to lack of contrast and, presumably, poor AA. unfortunately the engine(UE4) AA and Rendering in general is entirely Epics problem, so there is no point in complaining in here that the Devs can't computer - and the AA as it stands is woefull, absolutely, along with shadows. contrast could be easily adjusted outside of the game, along with colour saturation (vibrancy), via monitor/vidcard settings. because i can't remember one, could you quote some "arcade shooters" that have reasonable visibity over 250+m (where i can spot and hit someone), let alone maps that big?
  15. Ridiculous accuracy.

    your first vid at the range shows you hitting a static body-sized target at only 300m, not 600m. (ps: blurry start of the vid hides the first volley totally, you're shooting at a tiny white blob - the second volley looks as if one shot should have been about a meter wide but hit anyway) the second vid shows you using a high magnification optic that inflates everyting well beyond normal vision in-game and you are hitting the man-sized targets at 1000m, not 1500m. both times targets look only a few pixels wide by a handfull tall, pretty small target on anything but a practice range. how about you actually make those vids at 600 & 1500 to prove your point and to settle some disbelief herein and make them in-game, not on the range - i'd like to see you dropping peeps (headshots. coz, you said ... ) at 600m using the M4-irons, in a, you know, 'offhanded' way "offhand" - what do you mean exactly because i've always thought that 'off-hand' is either a "reactionary" thing or simply means opposite of your nromal 'handedness' - i'm right handed, so off-hand for me would be my left. your version of "off hand" apparently means wait-until-the-sway-stops before shooting. you can't argue/compare RL directly with in-game! DaiaBu was talking in-game and you hit him with RL as a rebuttal?! i'm also sure the army will be blind-firing and suppressing a lot more than they do on the range, so comparing hit/miss 'easyness' in 'recent conflicts' to a practice range or a game is pointless, imo. um, ... ! i agree it appears to be easy to hit peeps more than 200 meters due solely to the stabilised aim and i think it should change (your vids show this perfectly) - there should always be some sway (more when standing - less when prone) unless you are using a bipod/emplacement.