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  1. I'm a n00b too! w00t!! yeah, i want to remove the stamina and sprint functions/systems and replace them with an encumberance system. also want to remove the health regen. amongst other things. hmm. ok i'l have to check - maybe i only got a "trial" version. - just occured to me, i think i used the 2016 version Cheers!
  2. ah, ok. tho i didn't expect any simple wand waving , i get it. actually installed the Community Edition but it stopped after the 30 day limit - which means 30 day limit to get stuff done, or re-install. i have Notepad++ that i've used for mucking about in Cryengine - just hoped that Epic could offer some non-limited options for this. Only reason i thought i'd need to get into C++ files is for changing things that appear to be held inside C++ scripts (judging by the BP>Script tree i've drawn at home, detailing all the stuff being called by the "GameMode") - such as changing character movement stuff, removal/replacement of some systems such as stamina/tickets/building(fobs), etc..
  3. It makes perfectly good sense to me - can't understand why anyone would find this annoying (somebody offering up the position to someone else who is happier (or better at) SL'ing)?! If i join a game, and all squads are full, i will start a new squad and offer up the lead if anyone wants it. Would you have me sit around in the selection lobby, twiddling my thumbs, until someone else turns up and creates a squad? that's entirely silly!
  4. Post Scriptum looks fantastic! but personally i'd never play it. WW2, for me anyway, is a tired and done-for theme that dosn't garner my interest.
  5. yeh this happened to me a couple of times. buggerit but i can't remember how to fix it tho, sorry. wouldn't worry too much about the errors - guessing they have nothing to do with Your Play issue, just collision issues with the M4. i usually move the camera near to the ground and Play from Camera position.
  6. sorry Odin, didn't mean to be narky about it, just a bit frustrated is all at some things that i'd like to modify being unaccessable. i can be patient, and will be, as i trust you guys will deliver in spades eventually keep up the good work fellas, it's highly appreciated! would that i had a job in the industry so it was second nature. but alas i have a business to run and not a lot of spare time outside work and chores to learn all this stuff - gunna take me a while @Psyrus: hey mate. i looked at those but honestly it mostly went over my head as i have no experience with c++ except for cursory perusals - trying to decipher what things might do (and not in SquadSDK either/yet). i get that they are creating things to do stuff between c++ and BP but at this point i cannot edit c++ files anyway , even if i wanted to because i don't have VisualStudio (i have notepad++), so i cannot even tinker with non-Squad UE4c++ to educate myself. yeah 'course, should have thought of that before, my bad
  7. this ^ is worrying, and not the impression i got from the whole Launch of the SDK thing. i want to make a MOD for Squad as well. i was hoping to dump the stamina system and replace it with an encumberance system. i was also hoping to make some other changes that i thought would require C++ stuffs, as i cannot seem to locate those things within the available BP's (or at least exposed options). am i right in thinking C++ is where i need to head? because if so, and not being allowed to access the C++ stuff is going to kill my MOD ideas, right now. if no access will be allowed to the C++ files, then the SDK is in essence just a glorified map editor.
  8. has anyone suggested that the vehicle is disabled (fire-wise), whilst repairing (over time), so that this cannot happen. and/or, the repair stations should only be at X (Main)?
  9. i just looked at an overview of this Creators thing (stupid name). There's not one single feature i'm interested in or would use. Is there a way to refuse all this bloatware?
  10. Hi @Drecks: iv'e not used splines for water, but what happens if you disable collisions entirely for your water? the only thing i can imagine needing collision with the water is boats etc. your bottom screenie looks like it's working properly - or am i missing something? can you copy-paste the spline from the Gorodok map?
  11. rushing discussion and ideas on how to fix it > it's really quite simple in the end.
  12. really?! these should definitely be instant (un-revivable) kills downed? or still running around? yeah tricksy one that. i'd like to be able to finish-off wounded enemies to force them to respawn, but on the other hand it means literally one person could wipe an entire squad by finishing off downed (revivable but incapacitated (helpless)) players, so prolly not so good on the Gameplay>Realism thing.
  13. small arms, ay? MP5-supressed P90
  14. Joint Ops. one day i hope i can get a gameplay MOD happening - lotsa roadblocks tho.
  15. Search for: "dragging" whole buncha stuff comes up. would be very ahndy for the Meds'