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  1. <whispers> psst! remove RP's entirely. <slinks away>
  2. since yesterday (21/06/17) i have had to manually log in to the forums and a warning comes up in the left-hand end of the address bar saying the connection is not secure. Is this a thing that will be fixed? or is it something else. cheers! .LJ
  3. no worries, glad to help. will be very interesting to see how it looks when you've finished.
  4. Rogoor!
  5. ooh, leaving us hanging, eh?
  6. @Zylfrax791: pretty sure you need to be in Spline Editing mode (via the Terrain Editing section on the LHS of the screen - i think it's in 'Painting' - you have to change the "tool", there is a drop-down and Spline Editing is at the bottom), and i presume from there, 'coz iv'e not done it for a while, that you can then select them and delete. likewise, except i did for JO (Nile), mainly, and UE is way more complex, but of course it's also much, much more than just a Level Editor.
  7. 1/ are they Splines(made with)?, roads are. if so you might need to be in the Spline Edit mode (under Terrain editing somewhere, iirc). 2/ what one bit left? i guess it's un-selectable as well? ermm no idea, soz. 3/ Vehicle ownership through the vehicle itself? if not, i dunno. 4/ You can do this by renaming the 'objective' - the "CaptureZone" label/name. @anyone: 'course if i'm wrong, please jump in and tell me.
  8. Fear and run away, yes. be wiped by AoE spam? i don't think so. You would have to limit them to literally a handful of rounds. Of course if the gunner is exposed, then maybe 'who cares', as they could be picked off relatively easily.
  9. or just tell everyone "extra thick slabs and a $hit-ton of post-tensioning, in that one", heheh!
  10. ohh, sorry mate ... i thought the " the odd "new player" who just bought squad on special last month " would have alerted you actually. No stress - it's all good.
  11. vehicles

    mostly correct (afaik) @Zylfrax791: as long as the asset is able to be set up for more than one collision (ie: not a Sphere, etc), you should be able to set different collisions for different parts of the tree. for example: i want to make a climbable tree, so i will be making a collision for "climbing" up to a low branch, and another collision for the branch itself - so i can walk on it. also, i'm pretty sure that, by default, all the foliage assets can have collision set to represent more realistically how you (your car) will react with them, in a basic sense, ie: small bushes collision set that nearly everything can go through them; bigger scrub - peeps can't go through them; trees- extend collision to suitably sized vehicles; biggest trees (stuff) extend so that nothing can go through. Now the foliage may not be bendy, due to expense, and "react" to anything but at least you can interact with it better and not keep getting stopped/hung-up on things that should not do so. Daniel, i would not do it via weight(mass) though - prolly no need to get that specific actually. Per-Vehicle-type would probably suffice. you are talking about the ability to pass/go-through a foliage item at a basic level, Mass would just complicate things i would have thought. ie: a Tank can go through medium sized scrub/bush but anything smaller is stopped.
  12. ^ n1
  13. in JO, Humvees (and boats) with the nade-spammer fitted (mk19) were removed from many maps due to them being way too OP and peeps taking advantage of the high rate of fire and stupendous damage they could inflict over quite an area. Be careful what you wish for.
  14. @rulie: yeah mate, know what ya mean. All good things . . . . Assuming Carrot - lolz! some peeps need to read before opening thier mouths
  15. @F$K: yes, you are correct, in reality a Humvee is not the same as a Hilux, however the game is not equal to reality. if you're a licenced driver from Russia and you get into a car in America, chances are you can drive around without difficulty, same goes for heavy equipment. surely there can be some allowances made for the game. I have no issues whatsoever with stealing(laying claim) abandoned vehicles, regardless of who used to own them - if you are dumb enough to loose a vehicle through theft because you abandoned it, then it sux to be you my friend.