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  1. Bumping this to add a request to bring the Ticket Count and Round Timer back to the Map and Spawn screen UI elements. These were moved to the scoreboard in v9 and taken out of the general UI. I like the cleanup of the UI - less is more - but these two data points are somewhat inconvenient in the scoreboard. This is critical information for all players, but particularly SLs. Having it on the scoreboard is inconvenient in comparison to having it in the Map and Spawn screen. I do like the v9 scoreboard overhaul and would love to see the Map / Spawn screens updated to add more utility to SLs and bring them in line with the scoreboard UI in v9.
  2. +1 New UI direction is great, some adjustments - such as the suggestion here - will make it even better.
  3. Personally I am looking forward to Squad getting more hardcore in the base game, then having a "hardcore" mode that is entirely server configuration to pre-defined hardcore mode settings. I am hoping the community grows big enough that a hardcore mode is feasible. I thnik the progression from v7 to v9 and the direction that is establishing for Squad is superb. I do not think it's the right game for you given the nature of your feature requests. egg
  4. I agree the rifleman kit with optics should have a different icon that the kits without optics.
  5. Suggested this and others in a few suggestions from my experience as an SL in Squad:
  6. FOB changes sound great, well done, looking forward to it.
  7. Having Rally Points and FOB Drops mark the time those were done up by the clock area would be useful imo.
  8. Nice experimantation!
  9. Nice sidewalks. Good stuff giving them to the community free.
  10. Suggestions from an SL point of view. I play as SL about 50% of the time, usually motivated because I hate losing the SL lottery as a player. I am "ok" as an SL. I've got about 9million hours of early days Project Reality and about 1200 hours of Squad (started playing before Steam release). The following is a collection of thoughts / feedback / ideas I've jotted down over the past few weeks playing Alpha 8.x (the first release that I think is starting to resemble the direction for Squad). The ability to designate a 2iC within the Squad: - can make enemy spotted markers on map visible to team - can make way point & objective markers only visible to fireteam and SL - 2iC waypoint markers are differentiated from the SL waypoint markers - gets binocs instead of shovel when made fireteam leader, regardless of kit - inherits squad leader when SL disconnect / quits - in the event of assuming command of the squad, does not get SL capabilities until they get the full SL kit - leads a fireteam - 2iC gets vox comms access to the Command channel - 2iC gets unique icon identifier, similar to how the SL is uniquely identifiable by squad members and team mates The ability for the SL to split a squad into 2 fireteams - can split the squad in a maximum of 2 fireteams - a fireteam can be as small as 2 soldiers and as large as 5 soldiers - the SL leads one fireteam; the 2iC leads the other fireteam - the ability for fireteam members to know they are part of a fireteam (something in the UI to indicate) - the ability to decide who is in the fireteams - the ability to re-arrange the fireteams The ability to designate a point man within each fireteam - would show in UI as different icon from non point man - the fireteam leader (2iC) would have the ability to designate a point man for his fireteam - the SL can designate a point man for his fireteam - this is to avoid the SL typically being the pointman because their icon is the easiest to track The ability for a Fireteam Leader to set a limited rally point: - ** not sure if this is a good idea as spawning is already pretty prevalent in the game, but is potentially reasonable on larger maps for a fireteam to be able to set a rally; - can set a limited rally for their fireteam only, say 4 spawns; otherwise same rally rules as general rally rules - in the event of inheriting SL, any existing rally points remain active (Squad or Fireteam) - fireteams can spawn at the SL rally, their Fireteam Rally (or an FOB / Main) - meaning a member of the SL fireteam CANNOT spawn at the 2iC rally, but a member of the 2iC fireteam can spawn at the SL rally A change to the start round session to give time for Squads to form up, SLs to organize: ~2 minutes for squads to form up, not spawned in game - if you are SLing a 2 minute break after a match is nice - this 2 minute period would include designating a 2iC and arranging kits in the squad - would still have Squad and Command vox available An "O Group" session at the beginning of the game, after Squad form up - a pre-game session where SLs and 2iCs can talk to each other - lasts about 2 minutes - all players can hear the "o group" chat amongst Squad Leaders on the Command Channel - all players can see the "o group" map drawing - SLs share markings on the map, one SL mark set is differentiated from other SL markers - include vehicle claiming in the O group session A Squad briefing session after the O group session: - lasts about 1 minute - SL briefs the squad on the plan, makes any squad kit adjustments required So the "pre-game" would be a 5 minute break between matches: - 2 minutes to form up squads - 2 minutes for SLs to plan - 1 minute to SLs to brief squads on the plan - game starts - a benefit of this is it avoids the games starting like CoD rushes where the SL farts out a plan with 3 seconds before spawning starts; it forces some "commanders intent" thinking into the start of the match which, hopefully, helps eliminate the issue where the best early-game rushing side has a high probability of winning the match - these timers could have configuration options for the server admin, say minimum half the recommended / default settings (so 1 min, 1 min, 30s). SL Map Markings The ability for SLs to put a limited number and type of markers on the map that other SLs can see. Each marker would be identified to the SL that placed it (routes, build markers, attack markers - things that are useful to share across SLs - in addition to the enemy markers currently available). A change to the FOB status where it is: - yellow for not yet active - blue for active - red for under attack FOB Placement Indicator An addition to the FOB icon to indicate which Squad placed the FOB (like Rally points). This might be confusing where players think that is a spawn for that Squad, but this is easily learnable. I find it useful to know which Squads have placed an FOB. Perhaps this could be in an info pop-up in the map. SL Qualifications An in game mic test that is required to be a Squad Leader. Vehicle Claim Indication A UI indicator which vehicles are claimed / allocated to your squad - this would only be when in close proximity of a vehicle, say 10m and be very discrete in the UI - this is so squads know who has a claim, if any, on a vehicle - an active claim would be differently displayed than an inactive claim - an inactive claim would be the last squad to have a claim on that vehicle - this would allow checking if it's OK to take a vehicle - would also allow checking what squad may have abandoned a vehicle - I am not talking about the map, rather the in game UI for when you are close to a vehicle - This would enable checking with a Squad if it is OK to take their vehicle Logi Status Indication A UI indicator in the map to differentiate a Logistics truck that is empty vs loaded. Scoring breakdown More granular breakdown of individual, squad & team scoring: - kill count - points gained from kills - points gained from objective capture - points gained from objective defence - points gained from vehicle destruction - points lost from vehicle losses - points gained from FOB destruction - points lost from FOB losses - Other points sources FOB related Scoring A "pyramid" scoring scheme for player spawns at an FOB your SL placed. Each spawn on the FOB would grant points to the squad of the SL that placed the FOB. Penalty for shitty FOBs A points penalty to the team and SL that placed an FOB that was destroyed by the enemy (in addition to ticket penalty). End of Round Scoreboard Have the scoreboard persist for everyone who was in the squad at the end of the round and not affected by folks disconnecting. SL Optics Optics as an option for all faction Squad Leaders. No way I am the "top dog" and taking an inferior weapon. Limiting the SL's combat spotting capabilities is a material issue as is the fact that not having an optic sucks. Rank / Progression related Some kind of rank / progression system where you can easily tell the experience level of players, including other squad leaders. Some kind of reputation system where you can tell the "reputation" of players, including other Squad Leaders, as determined by their peers. Some kind of rank / progression system that prevents players who are new to the game forming and leading squads before they understand the game mechanics. Commander & Command Squad A Command Squad that has a Commander role plus other members, say a 5 man squad including commander, and whose primary job is to coordinate squads and allocate "heavy support assets" (when those are part of the game). I say 5 because 100 players = 5 squads + 1 x 5 Man Command Squad = 100 player server. Could be 4 man Command Squad on 80 p Servers. A minimum rank / progression level required to form a command squad. End of Round Debriefing A post match debriefing where players can optionally: 1. assign a reputation score to their SL 2. assign a reputation score to their squad Squad Member Markers The ability for each member of the squad to drop a single marker from a limited set of markers, only visible to their SL, with a very short time to live in the map, say 30 seconds. This is to help with the "BTR UN MY PAZISHUN" stuff. The SL can check the map, then add a marker for the specific type of contact. Server Configuration Options Over time it would be nice to have a standard set of configuration options for Server Admins. Something like "standard" and "hardcore" (in addition to "custom"). I despise the idea of those being things like "different heath settings". But having "hardcore" server configuration that enforces some options that may not be appealing to newer players is attractive imo. However, I believe the community is too small for this at this stage. ===== Cheers, eggman
  11. Can confirm this fixes the issue.
  12. I am also having this issue. No change I am aware of making. Have tried everything here, including uninstalling Stea, Squad, EAC, etc. Still get "Server Closed Connection". Was fine last night... Have given up, dunno what else to try. egg
  13. Similarity is completely acceptable. Using the actual binary objects without license is illegal. It appears that the binary objects from BF2 were used. This could become a legal issue and would make incorporating this map into the Squad base game an unnecessarily risky proposition for OWI. Someone asked me if I thought EA would care about the buildings being similar / identical to BF2. They would likely not because arguing that the design of middle eastern buildings is owned by EA is an untenable argument. When providing that response, It never occurred to me these were actual binary objects exported from BF2. EA absolutely does own those binary objects. Simply as a matter of principle EA may be forced to take action when their intellectual property is used without license in a commercial product. They left us alone in the Project Reality days because we were making a mod for their game, but the last thing OWI needs is lawyering up to deal with obviously avoidable issues. egg
  14. Also have 21:9. Bought the Asus RoG PG348Q. Makes a big difference in Squad... can drive with map open, can see much more peripherally. I was skeptical about the benefits of 21:9, but I wouldn't go back to 16:9.
  15. If the meshes or any part of these buildings were imported from BF2, this could become problematic. Definitely to be avoided. It hadn't occurred to me that the similarity was a result of these using BF2 assets. If the models used in this map simply look like the same buildings DICE created for BF2, even a near identical copy, but are original creations, this is completely fine, not an issue.