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  1. A12.1 broke game

    me too option 1 fixed it: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002768887-How-to-manually-clear-your-user-settings-cache
  2. The last objective being hard to capture makes sense. That should not be through mono-syllabic approaches to map layout that limit options for the attacker. Pre-placed fortifications or other terrain features can assist with defensive capabilities but still keep the options open for attackers.
  3. The last objective in the Invasion game mode is frequently well fortified. On the Mestia layer (and a couple of others) the last objective is placed in a corner of the map. This makes it increasingly difficult to assault, and definitely becomes a meat grinder like game play. In the particular match the screenshot captures, we won by 4 tickets - rare to see attacker win on ticket attrition in my experience. But the last 20 minutes of gameplay was a very repetitive meat grinder. We had assaults happening from all possible directions (a fob north, south and a mortar fob - not sure if the 20kb screenshot reflects that). Any objective in corners of maps are often not fun for my taste (Papanov for example). But definitely the last objective in Invasion should be placed so that the attacker has multiple avenues of assault, and - imo - last objectives in corners of maps should be avoided especially with Invasion.
  4. The meat grinder is awful

    +1 Perhaps some folks think the game play dynamics when overrunning an FOB are ok. I do not. I don't think they are at all consistent with the rest of the gameplay dynamics. And it's a major part of the game mechanic. This is a liability because it's a confusing dichotomy to the player base - Is this BF mixed with Arma? Or is this CoD mixed with BF?
  5. May 2018 Recap

    This is all looking great. Especially the RAAS. Lovely work, nice progress. Definitely looking forward to some game modes & maps optomized for armor Some of the newer maps have designs that bring out some meat grinder-ish play (objectives at the top of hills) and some CQB centric engagements (fights inside tunnels). I think you need to be careful with these until performance is more optimized, and even after inject these dynamics sparingly. egg
  6. A Little Update from Merlin

    The FOB spawn timer bug is debilitating; it ruins the gameplay for attackers and defenders. These types of issues should be patched within 2 weeks of a major release.
  7. un**** the fob mechanics plz

    Not sure I get the minor obsession with tunnels and underground complexes. Very few games are good at CQB and Squad is not really one of them. Occasionally these are an interesting novelty, but I believe two recently released maps have these kind of structures. The meat grinder dynamic is amplified in these settings, particularly so when combined with incomplete and/or broken FOB mechanics. I definitely think there is something to explore here. Once out of ammo the spawn rate of the FOB could be *extremely* slow (possibly no spawns, but that can introduce potentially undesirable side effects).
  8. Too many times in A10.1 have I seen FOBs totally overwhelmed but unable to take them out. Game degrades into spawn camp and russian style assault.
  9. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    This was one of the best PR maps imo; the Squad version is looking superb so far - well done!
  10. Why aren't you playing Squad?

  11. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Good to see you here Fuzz. I've been on a bit of a hiatus from Squad.. busy w life and mildly obsessed with PUBG since they added First Person Perspective. I played during the v10 test period and loved where it's at. So much so that I can't play v9.. waiting on v10 to reinvigorate my interest. Desmo and team run a great server and have a good discord to support it - hope to see you on there in the near future. Cheers, egg
  12. November 2017 Recap

    Great looking progress on v10, looking forward to playing it. Best of luck wrapping it up. Cheers, eggman
  13. "Give Up" Timer

    A timer that shows the players their give up timer would be useful (it's exposed in game with the bleed out state, should be exposed in the UI to the wounded player). As the UI indicator (something like a bar decreasing in size) shrinks down, eventually it gets to 0 and the player is forced to give up. Giving up earlier than the bar at 0 would add some portion of the "early give up" to the player's respawn timer (in addition to other penalties). I believe it already works something like this, so just adding an indicator to the player would help reduce unnecessary give-ups. eg
  14. I have fingerprints all over the right side of my monitor from "measuring" the 400m distance Aside from the "friendly" FOB marker showing the distance and build circumference, and the existing FOBs having a toggle to show the circles... a mappable key command for "FOB dropped on my position" that you could quickly press and see the circles in the map would be helpful. That would be based on the SLs current location being where they drop the radio. You could then very quickly see the impacts of dropping an FOB on your current location. A bit gamey, but would help with positioning the radio in a way that allows for hab / fortification / weapon emplacements in good positions. Less gamey than moving 5m and trying again and again imo.