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  1. Personally I have not liked some of the recent changes, but very much liked some of the new content and other design choices. I am hopeful the direction of making the game more broadly appealing leads to a larger community and an opportunity for OWI to consider an official "hard core" mode, or for some sort of defacto hardcore mod to emerge.
  2. Ranking System?

    People here will freak out because they have a really narrow minded perception of how ranking systems can be implemented. I think a form of ranking and reputation system is vital to a social game like Squad. egg
  3. Feedback from old PR dev :)

    Hey Deer - good to see you here IIRC you did maps back in the PR days. I think the OWI guys need to be careful about player's experience if the game modes are too diverse in the way they play. Meaning if I jump in and play TDM which lets vehicles spawn every minute, versus the next server I go to is slow paced AAS and 20 minute respawns on vehicles... that can create a confusing and incongruent player experience. I remember back in the PR days there was a gaming community that took PR and modified the shit out of it... it played nothing like our game. But it still showed up in the server list like any other PR server. We politely asked them to cease that, but they refused. Eventually it got a bit nasty and resulted in us implementing a requirement for server licenses for PR and removing a bunch of modability from the server. I don't think it's such a concern of fracturing the player base, but making sure the player experience with Squad is congruent and does not deviate from the soul of the core Squad experience as the dev envisioned it to be.
  4. Some great discussion triggered here Some of the mindsents from the community and, to some extent the developers, originate from this idea of a niche game for a niche community. That might be OK when we are talking about Project Reality as a mod made for free by people working for free. My tolerance for a poorly engineered user experience is much higher when dealing with a free mod vs something represented as an independent game (which is competing with AAA games for my time). Squad and OWI are for profit businesses. I am absolutely of the belief that you can make a tactically rich, socially centric, teamplay driven, combined arms FPS that will appeal to a large (3 million +) player base. Squad, while still early access, has a lot of work to be done on new player retention.
  5. @TR97 I agree with everything you said. The technical issues are transient and I assume (hope) they are addressed before the game releases out of early access. The new player UX needs a lot of work. Once you get past those early barriers, it's got *tons* of potential and is, imo, just starting to come together as a game. Keep in mind the game is still in active development. I hope that over the next 6 months the team focuses on polish, optimization and new player retention as much - if not more - than adding new content. I was a private beta tester for WW2OL. I ran what was considered to be the most useful new player resource for that game (a small website). I really wanted that game to "work". It never did. I realize it is still "alive" today, but when they launched that game I was like "omg, this game is at least 18 months from being a feasible public beta". It never recovered from a disastrous launch on top of a partially finished game built on an engine that was never going to have the technical capabilities the vision required. Quite the opposite is true with Squad. The Steam early access program is brilliant (if not abused by cash hungry developers). The team has much inspiration in tried and tested game design from Project Reality. The Unreal Engine is a very capable game engine which technically can accomplish the vision the team has for Squad. It will take time. And, as you say, considerable effort put into the new player experience. Your first 5 minutes, 50 minutes, 5 hours, 50 hours are "milestones" along the way. My guess would be that Squad sees a lot of attrition at the <5 hour mark. egg
  6. I think an SL being able to establish (and easily recall) a configuration of FTs and the kits within each could help make Fire Teams more useful. As in when I form a squad the game "remembers" my base FT composition and squad members join into those pre-defined roles (with some options of weapon choice, cuz that's necessary). I do agree right now that they are *mostly* used for additional map markings, but they can (and are regularly) used to actually provide some additional organization and flexibility within the squad. I'm on the fence about FT comms... keeping it simple is important, but it can get REALLY chatty on Squad / Local / Command comms for the SL.
  7. Vehicle imbalance

    Definitely agree the BMP-2 would make a great addition to the game and would add some symmetry with the M2 Bradley.
  8. A12.1 broke game

    me too option 1 fixed it: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002768887-How-to-manually-clear-your-user-settings-cache
  9. The last objective being hard to capture makes sense. That should not be through mono-syllabic approaches to map layout that limit options for the attacker. Pre-placed fortifications or other terrain features can assist with defensive capabilities but still keep the options open for attackers.
  10. The last objective in the Invasion game mode is frequently well fortified. On the Mestia layer (and a couple of others) the last objective is placed in a corner of the map. This makes it increasingly difficult to assault, and definitely becomes a meat grinder like game play. In the particular match the screenshot captures, we won by 4 tickets - rare to see attacker win on ticket attrition in my experience. But the last 20 minutes of gameplay was a very repetitive meat grinder. We had assaults happening from all possible directions (a fob north, south and a mortar fob - not sure if the 20kb screenshot reflects that). Any objective in corners of maps are often not fun for my taste (Papanov for example). But definitely the last objective in Invasion should be placed so that the attacker has multiple avenues of assault, and - imo - last objectives in corners of maps should be avoided especially with Invasion.
  11. The meat grinder is awful

    +1 Perhaps some folks think the game play dynamics when overrunning an FOB are ok. I do not. I don't think they are at all consistent with the rest of the gameplay dynamics. And it's a major part of the game mechanic. This is a liability because it's a confusing dichotomy to the player base - Is this BF mixed with Arma? Or is this CoD mixed with BF?
  12. May 2018 Recap

    This is all looking great. Especially the RAAS. Lovely work, nice progress. Definitely looking forward to some game modes & maps optomized for armor Some of the newer maps have designs that bring out some meat grinder-ish play (objectives at the top of hills) and some CQB centric engagements (fights inside tunnels). I think you need to be careful with these until performance is more optimized, and even after inject these dynamics sparingly. egg
  13. A Little Update from Merlin

    The FOB spawn timer bug is debilitating; it ruins the gameplay for attackers and defenders. These types of issues should be patched within 2 weeks of a major release.
  14. un**** the fob mechanics plz

    Not sure I get the minor obsession with tunnels and underground complexes. Very few games are good at CQB and Squad is not really one of them. Occasionally these are an interesting novelty, but I believe two recently released maps have these kind of structures. The meat grinder dynamic is amplified in these settings, particularly so when combined with incomplete and/or broken FOB mechanics. I definitely think there is something to explore here. Once out of ammo the spawn rate of the FOB could be *extremely* slow (possibly no spawns, but that can introduce potentially undesirable side effects).