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  1. Environment Art Update #1

    PLEASE make it possible to enter this! ..not drive, but just enter.
  2. Having a really hard time with the recoil

    Just to calm your worries for a while, I'm gonna say the following: As the devs have stated that the current weapon handling and control, is just temporary.. we are getting a complete overhaul of how it works.... soon™ Now that it's said, and those that may not have been aware of this now know that it's coming, I'm gonna take the opportunity to mention how the current system is perceived. It's not very hard to tell that the recoil of certain calibers may be a bit "much" currently, as they seem to move to random directions that would not correspond with the movement of the real weapons (even if they were in a free-suspension rig). So, to anyone else who has also served or shoots weapons on the regular (or even just once, for that matter), it's not very hard to tell that the way the weapons feel currently.. feels a bit wrong. How it feels like you're not even utilizing the buttstock of the weapon, like you're not shouldering it so the rear sight moves more than the front sight (while using iron sights), how this is perceived when it's combined of this with the somewhat overdone weapon-sway when no stamina has been expended (as it would feel for a trained shooter at least) and the sway generated by movement in the game. Of course, weapon-control will vary with different weapons, that's a given. Like how the M4 will be harder to control than the H&K 416 (even though they can be perceived as very similar) due to the weight and recoil distribution as well as generally just force vectors etc (the real physics behind real guns). But the devs have to ponder over how far they're willing to take the authenticity of the weapon-control and such, considering that in real life it would also be affected by things like accessories mounted on the weapons, how even something as simple as a foregrip moves the shooter's hand further forward on the weapon which generates better control over the weapon's movement and recoil control. There's just so much to take in to account to do it "correctly" vs doing it "properly" or just "usably". So I'm really looking forward to trying out the new stuff they have in the works, when it comes. I'll reserve further/final judgement until then, and I hope others do too, because you gotta remember: It's not even alpha yet haha.
  3. The best things in life are free ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. Bipod Resting/Usage

    Hopefully they manage to make a system that's as good as ArmA 3's system, because that stability&bipod system is so god damn good! The way it was in PR wasn't very good, the way BF4 has it isn't very good, etc. It needs to be a fluid and dynamic system like ArmA 3's system, or people will just lean more towards camping in odd spots with it, rather than using it as a tool for a certain situation. (hopefully if they manage to pull it off properly, you'll automatically move the barrel over an obstacle when going aim-down-sight next to a wall or something.. to prevent you from (on your end) looking like you barrel's in the clear but isn't).
  5. Squad leader map color

    Would be nice if it (instead of just being a color-change) was a complete overhaul of the "dots", so they had small class-icons, so you could clearly tell where your squad-leader was and what role he had equipped (as well as medics etc etc).
  6. Gamma Settings

    Yep.. need some form of gamma-counter. Every match I've played on the night-maps in the current build have been filled with people adjusting gamma to see, to the point of seeing someone way too far away for the darkness of the map.
  7. left handed shooting?

    Maybe release the files for the models etc, and let the community manually make those animations. Btw, you guys have the same 1p and 3p animations don't you? As you use the 3p mode in UE4 and attached the camera to the bone in the head, don't you? Which means it utilizes the same exact animations from a 1p and 3p perspective. But, it would be great if there was a section on the forum where you guys put out "tasks" or "quests" (lol) for the community like; "Do you guys want to have an option for left-hand animations in the game? Here's a poll, if it's a success we can release the assets/files and you guys can do the work and submit it here" etc. Would cut down a lot on required resources for such features to be added, as well as allowing the community to participate past just ideas and feedback.
  8. Option to use weapons left-handed

    I did search didn't find it, maybe I should have searched for single words
  9. Would be nice if we could have the option to use (at least some of the) weapons left handed, as some people would prefer the immersion aspect of it, especially if they are left-handed shooters in real life. Of course this will require some new animation-work etc, and some weapons just won't be compatible with it (like the L85 for the brits etc), but it would be really nice to at least have the option (even if it would cause some reload-times to be longer etc). Just something to consider, and most likely will only come way later down the line of course (if even considered at all).
  10. Hopefully crops will move when you go through them soon. Flexing, folding over, etc. Like plants and grass in arma 3 does it.. so you can visually tell something is going on in the field. Also something to remember for the ground-modelling around where there's supposed to be crops etc. Farmlands seldom have flat ground.. usually fields and arable ground in general are covered with worked ground (yes, even in the middle east. Differently shaped depending on type of plants), wave-y, striped, uneven ground. Changing the ground underneath where you guys are putting crops etc, would help with immersion a lot, as it doesn't look like an afterthought to put crops in anymore if it's changed like that. Don't forget that the cropfields in afghanistan etc, have those "walk paths" across them, so there's sections that are raised up where the farmers walk and cross the center of the field, to not walk on the crops themselves.. as well as the man-made ditches running along most fields there, to route water past the crops etc etc. (But seems like kohat and logar has some of it closer to the rivers, but less on the more mountainous areas, which is nice).
  11. Kalashnikovs are comin'

    Well, the Russian Ground forces "government issue RPG" currently is the RPG-30, as it's disposable like the M72 etc.. but they still use the RPG-7v2 somewhat, and those paratroopers still use the v3.. but considering that Squad is aiming for what's "G.I equipment" for the forces (by the looks of it, even though insurgents don't really have any G.I), shouldn't the one that's the current standard issue RPG be the one they get? Since the RPG-30 became standard issue back in 2013. ..probably less work for them to just give them the RPG-7 the insurgents currently have, but would it be authentic enough? Wouldn't want Russia to seem like they're using the same equipment as they did in the soviet era still, that might just seem insulting to those that actually are Russian
  12. Kalashnikovs are comin'

    Hopefully the PKP for the Russian Army.. as they haven't really used the RPK or PKM since soviet era, but the RPK and PKM are perfect for the Insurgents etc Kinda makes me wonder at the same time, will the Russians get the RPG-28, RPG-30 or RPG-32, since they don't use the RPG-7 anymore?
  13. Kalashnikovs are comin'

    How awesome wouldn't it be if the Insurgents got randomized looks to their weapons (but they were still the same caliber etc)? Like, say you're playing the rifleman-class and that class uses the 7.62x39 AK's, but you could be given a plethora of 7.62x39 AK variants that would do the same job.. only the look of the gun would change, for that more authentic feel to it, as they would basically use whatever they had available realistically at least. ..hell, even Vz.58's might be found in Insurgent hands, but that's probably never gonna happen (as they are higher rates of fire than AK-variants etc).
  14. Kalashnikovs are comin'

    Haha that is very possible.. but as said, since they're border guards, they're not really the ones we'll be fighting as or against in Squad, so it kinda became inert
  15. Kalashnikovs are comin'

    You gotta remember, they're supposed to be a faction that creates asymmetrical combat, they're "weaker" in the sense of technology but will have a lot more tools at their disposal that others don't. Like say for instance IED's/Roadbombs, smaller lighter vehicles able to access more terrain (like motorcycles), possibly sticky-bombs and "cooker-bombs" to use against armored vehicles, etc etc. It's going to make sense as the game development progresses further down the road, and they'll get a lot of things that'll be unconventional and unexpected by the more technologically modern factions.. ..but then again I have to wonder how it's gonna turn out, if they encounter "futurist" tech that some factions like Norwegian Forces for instance have access to etc (as Norway has all the "ninja tools" as people call them, extremely advanced tools and generally better equipped soldiers than the rest/most of the forces in the world, things like the nano uav's, IED-jammers, jet-mountable cruise-missiles single-handedly capable of taking out entire warships, etc.). But, I'm sure they're either going to try and drastically restrict the tools such factions have, or even do some amazing asymmetrical combat where there may be a very well equipped faction, but the combat becomes a "numbers-game".. like maybe 30 vs 70 insurgents etc, combat where they're going to need advanced gadgets to actual win (because they're outnumbered by a lot), or maybe a uphill-struggle, where the dug-in faction has a massive advantage etc. Trust the devs for that sort of stuff etc, we'll see more justifications to why some factions are "less equipped" vs others as the game progresses! ..hell, we don't even have helicopters or jets yet, so that's gonna change up combat so much, and I'm so stoked to see where this game is headed and what's in store for the future of it!