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  1. Frustrating, I have the same problem.
  2. too much recoil =)
  3. Welcome berzerk!! it's good to see JO players coming over. We would be happy to have you on our side.
  4. Why? this should be covered in the employee code of conduct. I don't worry about the admins it's the script kiddies that will ruin this game one day.
  5. I like AAS (advance and secure) and the possibility of rolling the map.
  6. I agree, if you wish peace, prepare for war!
  7. Of course no one will be hacking in closed alpha... but eventually the hackers will come so being prepared or having a plan makes sense.
  8. Foghorn, I think your naivety is showing.
  9. I think public shamming is a good idea. What does this mean "Anti-Cheat should take care of them , permanently"? or at least have a report a rat page so we can alert the mods to a possible issue.
  10. Please remove that second line of text, thank you!
  11. I like the idea Rulie!!