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  1. Need help install and not able to launch game at all - update alpha v8.7. Every time there has been an update from Steam, my system updates and when I go in to launch the new version my entire system black screens and after a minute or two a restart. I have to uninstall Squad from Steam and then reinstall. My system is running smooth as butter and after reinstalling I enjoy everything on Ultra and everything maxed out. I do have a strong system and here are my specs. System: BlackStarMan Mother Board: EVGA X99 Classified CPU: Intel I7 6950K @ 4.2 GHz Cooling: EKWB EK-XLC Predator 360 & EK-Res X3 250 GPU: EVGA dual SLI 980Ti Classifieds RAM: 32GB G.Skill 3200 MHz PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 80 Plus Gold SSD: (2)Samsung 840 EVO 120GB, Samsung 840 EVO 250GB & Samsung 840 EVO 500GB HD: Western Digital Black 4TB OS: Windows 10 Pro / 64 bit Case: Thermaltake Core P5 It is kind of frustrating, but l can work around it looking to see if there is better solution and will monitor replies.....Thanks!!! UPDATE @ 07:00 EST : Not real happy now with this new v8.7 I have had 3 system crashes all in a row and not a successful launch at all this morning UPDATE @ 08:15 EST : My older system a workstation now has v8.7 running fine and can add specs but gonna try for 5th time to uninstall & reinstall on my gaming rig and see if anything new happens as result??? UPDATE @ 10:35 EST : Did two more install and uninstalls with same launch & crash and not even getting into game. Going to uninstall and wait for support or alpha v9.0.........really really disappointed here????? Willie
  2. August 2016 Monthly Recap

    All looking great and thanks for the effort Devs! Help me to look better as a Rambo Medic. Can not wait to go urban: house to house, building to building block to block, oh man really looking cool! Love the PS images....really funny!! Kudos to All in Squad Community!!!
  3. Release: Alpha Version 7.7

    Wow not a lot of respect for a team that has been busting their asses to get us this far.....not from me. Great job and keep it up!!! To the rest of you being really really negative.....it's an ALPHA......enough said. Lighten up Francis!!!
  4. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Testing......1, 2, 3
  5. New Medic system

    I too have had the same issue over and over, what I do is re-position, like: moving around slightly, or going from prone and safe to squatting and taking lead.
  6. 100 man server. CHECK!

    Wow this looks great and can not wait to try 100 or 200!
  7. The American Football Thread!

    Just saw this!!! Pats all the Way!!! Also a Red Sox fan if you can not tell, my profile image is the Red Sox tattoo from the back of my neck.
  8. Closed Pre-Alpha week 7

    OMG, got to let you Devs know, this update is Great! The map changes are really cool, the sounds make you jump and the medic changes are right on! Yesterday I checked the portal early and saw notice of download about to happen for week 7. I waited a little while and to my surprise it was ready to download and I got several hours in game yesterday and had a Fucking Blast!!! Kudos to our fine group of Developers for there 300 plus corrections to make this the best version in 8 weeks!!! It is so good I got up at 5:00 am to get as many hours until my wife has to pry my hands off my mouse & keyboard. She has the all mighty "Honey-do-list" and I will have to leave my digital world for the real world.....but I will try to sneak away and get a round in here or there this morning.
  9. Why arent people playing the game?

    I am in Maine and will be returning to Boston area tonight to download and play for hours tonight and hours tomorrow. C-YA!!!
  10. PAX PRIME coverage

    Yeah really nice setup at PAX Prime!! Do you plan to carry this to PAX East 2016? I plan to be at PAX East and plan to set up a Squad FOB in the BYOC area and play Squad and some ARMA 3 (flying my Lil Bird and show off triple monitor setup) the whole three days!
  11. July 2015

    Every thing is looking real cool. Three cheers to the Dev's! Keep on doing what you are doping, cause it ROCKS!
  12. I know choppers are probably a long way off but...

    Personally I like the Arma 3 old/new Roto Lib advanced option to get as close to flight sim as possible, not full DCS flight model, but it works great! Just my 2 cents.
  13. Cut nose, eyelid & eyeball. It did not come out of the socket. And yes I do all the time wear PPE, but made the mistake of putting then down a couple of minutes before and forgot, dumb fucking mistake. Like I said, all good, just beginning to get over the pain, ya know that with the help of a couple of beers. I'm also a pro photographer and thank God nothing happened to affect vision at all! I also need eyes to game and this is where I spend my down time relaxing with friends. I really like Squad and feel I made the right decision in helping through Kickstarter, to this the second weekend to help get this baby get up and going!
  14. Had a very serious accident Tuesday afternoon. I am a tree guy for profession, well one of them. I had a branch snap in the face right eye got cut, just shy of needing two stitches on my eyeball........fucking gross! All good considering, I'm all in this weekend when I can play. Gonna wake up to play at 3:00-4:00 EST to play and can not wait!!! Really nice work over just a couple of days, DEVS rule!