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  1. SAW gunners need some serious tweaking

    Don't be silly. This game isn't about balancing weapons end equipment. It's supposed to be close to reality while still bein a game. Here: Even a girl can shoot it standing up without too much effort
  2. Only zoom INSIDE the optics

    Hey guys, I have another suggestion here that does kinda bother me to not see in a game like this. If you zoom in you zoom in with the entire screen and not just the optics. I don't know if this is a limitation in the engine a well considered decision or simply not yet thought off, but i would suggest making zoom only inside the optics and not the entire screen. This makes it easier in CQC if you have optics (not to mention more realistic) and will just give a player an overall better situational awareness on the battlefield at all times (in zoom). It would be nice to hear from you guys if there are any plans on such a thing or why it would not be done if it is possible. Thank you in advance!
  3. one .50 cal gatlinggun in some maps

    like the title says one of those on like this on a vehicle like this: https://youtu.be/PxqC5qtvJkI?t=51s but no more than one per map, kinda like the mk19 humvees in PR your opinions about this?
  4. Air break

    True, but better to be safe than sorry. (if that makes any sense)
  5. Air break

    Hey guys, I think I might have a rather important suggetion here: Air breaks on jets. This could make dogfights much more interesting and it might make for example bombing a bit easier because you can regulate your speed better. I personally think this is a VERY important thing missing in PR currently and I think this would be AWSOME to see in both games.
  6. Revolutionary Terrain Simulation

    I think this is pretty much impossible also for just even the PC's having to run thin in side an already huge game like squad. BUT once stuff like this becomes possible it woul add SO MUCH to the game because then you would also be tracable for the enemy by your tracks
  7. One gun i would love to see in SQUAD

  8. Tank need at least 4 man to operate

    So you are going to be the loader, right...?
  9. Radio sound filter when using radio

    radio filter would be AWSOME!
  10. Realism Improvements

    yes and also one thing that does kindof annoy me in the videos is the weapon sway. Now im not experienced at shooting or anything but I have held a replica arisoft gun of a m4 and I can't imagine that the diffence would be that much. now I dont have such a huge weapon sway at all How are you supposed to hit target at approx 200 to 300 meters out with this kind of sway... https://youtu.be/q1bQGuB_TK8?t=5m25s But if it is a realistic thing then I guess we just have to learn to shoot with it
  11. Leveling/experience points.

    NO! just. NO!