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  1. Alpha 7.7 Released

    I love you Devs! Perfect for the beginning of the long awaited Weekend!!!
  2. yeah I just found out about the hotfix . thx anyways!
  3. - Since v7.0 - It looks like on Kohat map several players get simultanously the FATAL ERROR! crash - i have no clue what exactly forces this, but I for myself have only on Kohat this problem. I had the map open, was using the Squad voice and closed it, then it crashed - and as said - for 2 other squad members as well at the same point and time (were in Teamspeak with me - they didn't had the map open or were using squad voice) Not sure if this helps or anything, but I thought that could be worth mentioning. my specs: Intel Core i7 5820K 6x 3.30GHz MSI X99A Raider Intel X99 32GB (4x 8192MB) DDR4-2666 DIMM CL15-17-17-36 Quad Kit Running on SSD
  4. I like the Idea of the claiming system - problem is still that ppl. do not understand it, since they do not read the v7 changelog/release notes, which is also a big problem since most players are not aware of the ticket penalty of the vehicles being destroyed. Not to forget that there a still some players abusing the vehicles (especially the supply truck) as a "casual Battlefield" transport and dropping it of at the frontline, getting it destroyed. Also I have been several times teamkilled by claiming a technical with my squad and some other "squad" not liking it and wanting it for themselves. But oh well...this is a playerside problem and not about the claiming system.... I think the Idea with 2 ppl claiming a HMVEE would be great, since they could do taxi runs as well.
  5. Reward Support Players

    I totally Agree on supply/taxi runs Yesterday I was the only guy doing supply runs, dropping deploy points at the bridge in Gorodok about 6 times, so our team got heavily build up our defense, not to mentione the taxi runs i did as well for ppl. spawning in our mainbase or wanted a lift from the bridge to the mainbase to claim another technical to bring it up to the frontlines. Besides, I dug up a enemy FOB, and killed some enemys but ended up with near to nothing in terms of points. I can understand why nobody wants to do the taxi and supply runs, since they are not awarded anything. most ppl. use the Logi trucks as taxi and drop it in battlefield style gameplay at the frontline anyways - even with the claiming system. (which is infact a good approach . but another topic) besides - I love the v7 and keep dreaming at night of Squad gameplay ^^ I think I am heavily addicted.
  6. Alpha 7.7 Released

    I just had a game on Chora Valley in INS mode as Insurgent side - after 2 caches have been destroyed, no more cahcehs spawned, also we didn't had any spawnpoit besides our RP and FOBs - serverside bug? very strange...
  7. Alpha 7.7 Released

    My pulse just jumpe up to 130!!!
  8. Music!

    Besides that I do my own music (hiphop, house, Trap, electro, DnB, NRW) I'm still stuck on the 90's Rap stuff and also found back again to my DnB and Neurofunk goodies. Eazy E - Boys n the Hood Mefjus - Expedition (InsideInfo remix)
  9. Pokemon Go

    Thats totally the point why I stopped playing. It has nothing to do with the pokemon games on gameboy before, except that you are a trainer and are collecting pokemons. I wished it would've been more like the old classis RED/BLUE Versions, that you had to acutally tactical weaken the pokemon you want to catch, etc. Not to mentione a 2D "pixalated" map would be the shit. its just another "keep yourself busy" game like those farm games on facebook where you check every 5minutes. to be fair - i love the aspect that you need to move in the real world around to achive somehting, that is pioneer wokr (well for "Ingress") do yourself a favor and save your batterylife and stay away from this just my 2 cents.
  10. No Firing Sound

    Just had the same issued with the ironsight M4 (tan variant as well) 2 times in a 6 hour straigh play time. After I got incapitated it disappears and only showed itself again on another server and another map for 1 "life". I tried to reproduce the bug, but couldn't find out what I did "different" from regular play before.
  11. V7 preview logistics vehicles

    I already guessed it that they couldnt/wouldnt keep that date, which is totally fine by me, since they should take all the time they need to make this game like they intended. But yeah...thanks for the inside reddit info But still i am curiouse if they can/want to make the logistics system as state further up at any future point.
  12. V7 preview logistics vehicles

    Exactly what we want to do but time constraints do not allow. ..... @Iriontaxi: Do you mean in general or only for the v7 release? Will you consider a change to this maybe at a later stage of the game development? Maybe even after the "finished" release in December ("as planned" )?
  13. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    As far as I understood it, blueberry can join your vehicle, but if a squadmember aproaches the vehicle and "enters" it, it will force the non-squaddie out of the vehicle - if there isn't any other empty seat left.
  14. Update: Alpha 7 Major Changes Preview

    what a pitty I got a bad flu and "sadly" had to call in sick for the rest of the week... now hopefully I can enjoy some sweet vehicular slaughter this week! oh and yes...logstics!!! thanks devs for all the promising stuff!