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  1. =IP= Squad Recruiting

    Intellectual Property =IP= is currently looking for more players to join us in battle in Squad. We welcome both experienced and new players under the condition that they are mature and willing to play cooperatively. =IP= Is a small international multi-game community, focusing on games that promote teamwork. We have our own mumble server, which we use for group communication. If you are interested message use on Discord, or Join our Mumble VOIP server, or message me on Steam. SilentgunnerJohn View our Group page (request invite by Discord in our New_IP_Recruit Channel): https://intellectualpropertyip.blogspot.com/p/connect-with-us.html Videos: http://m.youtube.com/channel/UCqTM898BC2JW-_KNzViz3xQ
  2. List of active clans and communities

    Name: Intellectual Property Tag: =IP= Link: https://intellectualpropertyip.blogspot.com/p/home_2.html Language: English Description: Intellectual Property is an adult international gaming community that take on a variety of games that primarily focus on teamwork. The MILSIM games we use are primarily Arma 3 and Squad. Although we play for fun we still keep organized and act as a unit. In the spirit of maintaining structure in the field we do follow a chain of command, and expect effective communication amongst our members during operations. We are looking for new recruits to join our ranks that are mature and capable of cooperating well with others in a team. We don’t expect everyone to be experts when they join, but expect them to be willing to learn. The most important thing is that we can all work together toward one goal. How to Join Intellectual Property: Joining is by Request. Send your request by Discord. Leave a message stating that you are interested in joining for Arma 3/Squad in our "new_ip_recruits" channel and a Moderator will assist you. Intellectual Property Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Jm6dkwR Members: ~40 We also play: Arma 3, PR, Racing Sims (iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Automoblista), Rocket League, Poker, and more..
  3. Match Making for Groups

    Most fully functioning games now a days allow their friends to join each other either by an in-game friends list feature or through Steam. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT FEATURE that is needed so groups or friends can reach the same server without too much hastle. The days of asking everyone "what is the IP address of the server your on" is dead, no one cares to put up with that. I still have not heard of any word on implementation of a join friend/ party system yet I'm Squad but the game is still in the early stages. I expect this feature to be added if there is to be any real longevity to this game's community among new players , especially of the non-PR vet variety. I am waiting... but loosing patience
  4. Match Making for Groups

    I am glad that Squad is integrated with Steam, however can we expect our friends to be able to use steam to follow us into a server anytime soon. Currently match making with a group is cumbersome, everyone has to find the same server out of a large list in order to play together. Many games that are integrated into Steam allow you to take advantage of the ability to: 1) Invite friends to your server 2) Have friends join you by clicking the join game button on the the Steam chat window 3) Create a party, which allows your group to enter a server at the same time, once the head of party finds a server. Squad is a great place for picking up games with people you don't know. However, it is best when you are playing with that group of friends you do know. I just hope the Devs improve Squads match making/joining features in the future so it becomes easier for Groups to play together.
  5. problem with image quality

    Same occurred on my gtx 970
  6. After game close memory error.

    I have had that over last few updates
  7. Remake

    Great map, it is over played for a reason
  8. Stance Adjustment Thread

    I would like to see key functions included in Squad that were not included in PR:BF2, such as the ability to lean out of a corner/window to reduce visability.