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  1. Required experience for being a SL

    Yes, of course! if you have a specific language that you only use in the squad. You should be able to lock it down just for that language. But you need to communicate the function of the lock to the rest of the team, in the squad name. Example, [ANDES] SPN MIC ONLY. [ANDES] Clan tag, SPN language, MIC ONLY need to have a mic to play in this squad. If you describe what it is you are locking your squad for, I have no problem. [ANDES] SPN ONLY, MIC or something.
  2. When they putting in aircraft

    Reading this makes me want to go back and play PR all over again, the PR community is fantastic. Unlike the squad community the toxic levels are pretty high, mostly cause of all the free weekend and child attitude players coming in, it's eating away at the maturity of squad community slowly. You can clearly see this by how ppl talk to each other on forums and over Coms ingame. You will never get organisation levels up to where they need to be on a public server for dedicated tasks like CAS or trans, if retardness is what you are working with. And this is the core problem in Squad atm.
  3. A10 is great and all, but...

    RP's are meant to be spammy, it's their nature. 2. RP's can't be replacement for FOB, because the entire team can't spawn on ur RP, only ur squad. 3. Devs have tested different ranges on RP deployment, they have decided 50m is the sweet spot. 3 ppl (1SL+2 Players) to put down a RP is retarded, and adds to the micromanagement of SL. No thank you.
  4. player skin

    Black Taliban anyone ?
  5. Rush Meta, NO MORE!

    HOW REFRESHING to see squads FAIL, again and again, using rush “meta” tactics on uncapturable objective in V10. You could literally hear SL’s over coms discouraging and arguing against rush tactics. OMG I was laughing so hard when I noticed pockets of squads trapped behind enemy lines with no way of getting back, having lost all transportation. Hahaha omfg. Just lol! For the first time in a, LOOOOONG time in Squad you could actually see people gravitating towards capture points that were active and in their capture order. It’s like someone flicked on a switch and everyone suddenly had to adapt to the new situation and stubborn squads, were immediately punished by their own actions for ignoring to listen. GOODFACKINGJOB DEV. Thank you for bringing back the Meta to where it matters on the map. NO MORE RUSH!
  6. POLL - v10

    AGREE! 100% now let us stay in V10 until release

    Please, please… don’t make us go back to playing version 9, PLEASE… for the love of GOD… I just can’t force myself to go back. I can’t comprehend why we can’t continue enjoying version 10 and at the same time continue giving feedback and bug reports until release date. The servers are stable, yes I got a crash here and there but that’s normal. Please don’t close the Pandora’s Box, it’s kind of cosy in there! Can’t we just stay at v10 until full release, just patch the current build… on release date? Please don’t make us downgrade to v9, I can’t take it anymore… I NEEED MY DALY... dose of v10. I know it’s not perfect, WHAT IS? V10 is so damn good, it’s sure better than going back to scraping the bathroom floors with a toothbrush in v9. Love the new snow map, it’s so different and the weather effects are just cheery on top, the map layout with its slope hill sides along the roads are perfect spots for new ambush tactics. The snow map is my new favourite map, can’t get enough of it. Thank you for the new toys! The AA flak cannons mounted on vehicles and deployable, are brilliant moves and gives SQUAD that accurate flavour of today’s conflicts around the world. The sounds, OMG the sounds…the grenade SOUNDS, GO BOM! So… refreshing, I NEED MORE NADES! GIVE ME MOORRRE MUAHHAHahhhaa… You guys have put my fears to rest with the new system animations, OMFG is it good… “WE” the community can ALL AGREE ON, THE ANIMATIONS are GODLIKE. I have never, EVER had so much fun traversing obstacles like we are having in version10, omg you guys have knocked this one out the ballpark. It’s not a homerun, “it looks odd and need smoothing out in some places”. BUT FACK is it good, I have gone from HATING some maps because of all the obstacles in the way to LOVINGING MY new Spiderman ability’s lol, I mean WTF devs, 10/10 IGN. The traversing sys, really opens up the map and makes new tactical movements possible, it’s like you want run around and explore your environments. In combat, what you thought was a safe is now unpredictable. And when face with new challenges, boldness is rewarded for assaulting a fortified position, solving an obstacle problem is now left to imagination and experimentation. This is exactly what I’m talking about. THE ANIMATIONS, please don’t make me go back traversing maps without my PARKOUR skills. The lean left and lean right when prone, is a step in right direction. All we need now is ADD prone ROLL with moderation, fire a few shots, displace position by rolling… rinse, repeat. Why not? What’s the hurt, test it out see what feedback u get. The new claim approval “page up, down” stroke of genius, can’t tell you how much I appreciate the notification popup sys, where all I need to do as SL is press one button. However there is an error, where by the pop up message seems to repeat itself every time a squad member gets on and off the motorcycle as Taliban faction. Just drives me nuts. I hope you guys are enjoying v10 as much as I am. And Please, pritty please... let us stay in V10 until release. Post your thought, and support the idea of keeping to version v10 until release date! Cheers.
  8. Required experience for being a SL

    A reputation sys would give leverage to the "normal joe" and a reward system for ppl that take their time and give a helping hand, teaching others. Is something like that alot to ask to implement? I think this would also encourage good behaviour by keeping a friendly tone during conversations between SL and his/her squad members. If you have a SL that talks down to his members, he might have to think twice about how he or she connects with fellow players, this will give the player base a tool to balance out the kick attitude if you do not agree with "MeLord the squad leader" lol. I would think! its in the developers self interest to help nourish their player base to thrive, by adding funcitionality to the game that help support players that are willing to contribute. There is an opportunity here, I hope it doesn't go amiss.
  9. Required experience for being a SL

    wrong post sorry! dont know how to delete this.
  10. Required experience for being a SL

    A Mentor tag for helpful SL's could be good. There are a lot of good players out there help them. [Mentor].name or [M].name I would love to see “squad leader reputation” value. ppl could vote for you and how helpful you are, SL +1 = one vote, one player. The number value would be displayed and it could be a cool thing to show of as SL, a accomplishment to encourage better squad leading. This would also give squad players a tool to help drive and promote teamwork with a commending system. However I dont think u should be able to downvote a SL to avoid abuse. If you like, thumbs up and if you don't like... well just dont vote, kind a thing. People would be able to vote once for their every new SL. A inclusive tool would give our community a helping hand in grow towards a more positive direction.
  11. Required experience for being a SL

    Or you can join a server "like RIP server" where locked squads are not allowed "Server rules". Some servers like "QFF1 and QFF2" allow locked squads but only if they are runing morter, logistics or armor. If you play on a server that is managed correctly and there are rules against bullshit with good admins you should be able to enjoy Squad a bit more then picking random servers with no rules and miss managed. As far as SL is consered, befriend a good SL and try adding him to your friends list, play with him or her often if you are not interested in joining a clan. Take note: The locking mechanic is to be used for limiting number of squad members for a certain type of a task that is needed to do the job in the field, this is so that you do not waste manpower like having 9 ppl babysitting a 1 or 2 mortars. If its beeing used for anything ales other then functionality, its abused for favoritism and selectivism. Favoritism and selectivism, is easly managed by server admins. It's in the interest of admins to keep a healthy server, by asking a squad leader of a 5 man, why they locked down their squad and what is the pourpose of the 5 man team. If the squad isnt called mortar team, or logistic, fob, trans squad or something similar that tells the rest of the team what the squads functionality is. Then that 5 man squad should be asked to open their squad to others or be kicked for favoritism and selectivism. period. Added note: Clan Squads should be exempted rule. If they want to do Recon or somthing sneaky behind enemy lines. Nevertheless those squads should state their clan tags in the squad name and squad function, squad name =WAR= MIC ONLY RECON or [IDF] MORTAR, LOGI, FOB or (RIP) ARMOR 2 PPL MAX.
  12. Christmas is dead at SQUAD ?

    Howdy pps! Is the SQUAD dev. team doing any Christmas or New Year special event for the squad community? There has existed events in the past, where participation during a period, rewarded you with new weapon skins or something along those lines. Anything as such coming up? Just wondering! Cheers.
  13. I h8 when cars are all over the map

    This I support 100%. GIVE THIS MAN A BEEERR!
  14. I h8 when cars are all over the map

    The militia end up in "Rainbowheaven". You know the one, I'm referring too.. and the insurgents well... those snackbars! Get a second chance at coming back as ZombieHadjis straped to wheelchairs packed with fart bombs, going choo-choo...
  15. I h8 when cars are all over the map

    Crewmen kit – Cool abilities to can add to the role to make it more usable. In emergence situations the ability to do minimal field repairs. Carry’s an extinguisher help douse burning vehicles stop them from taking more damage over time. Ability to camouflage net vehicles left in the field for concealment, denying enemy to spot abandoned vehicles from far away. The only role in squad that lets you pick up weapons from dead enemy’s in the field. The ability to create a campfire and send smoke signals when squad leaders are not communicating. Carries around a bag, stuffed with magical Taliban chickens, that when sacrificed to the chicken GOD, your squad instantly gets a 100% stamina recovery. Oh and you can driver vehicles. Logic !