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  1. Christmas is dead at SQUAD ?

    Howdy pps! Is the SQUAD dev. team doing any Christmas or New Year special event for the squad community? There has existed events in the past, where participation during a period, rewarded you with new weapon skins or something along those lines. Anything as such coming up? Just wondering! Cheers.
  2. I h8 when cars are all over the map

    This I support 100%. GIVE THIS MAN A BEEERR!
  3. I h8 when cars are all over the map

    The militia end up in "Rainbowheaven". You know the one, I'm referring too.. and the insurgents well... those snackbars! Get a second chance at coming back as ZombieHadjis straped to wheelchairs packed with fart bombs, going choo-choo...
  4. I h8 when cars are all over the map

    Crewmen kit – Cool abilities to can add to the role to make it more usable. In emergence situations the ability to do minimal field repairs. Carry’s an extinguisher help douse burning vehicles stop them from taking more damage over time. Ability to camouflage net vehicles left in the field for concealment, denying enemy to spot abandoned vehicles from far away. The only role in squad that lets you pick up weapons from dead enemy’s in the field. The ability to create a campfire and send smoke signals when squad leaders are not communicating. Carries around a bag, stuffed with magical Taliban chickens, that when sacrificed to the chicken GOD, your squad instantly gets a 100% stamina recovery. Oh and you can driver vehicles. Logic !
  5. I h8 when cars are all over the map

    Truck driver role, lol woot ?
  6. I h8 when cars are all over the map

    Reading your comments, your argument provides an insight into your lack of experience with PR and functionality of the system. If you know how PR played, you would know that every logistics vehicle in PR and hopefully in Squad will be able to provide changeable “KITS” at the back of the vehicle so you can change your Roll once you got to your destination. You are stuck in a black or white mind set about crewmen kits. So you brush off other ppl point of views by labeling their ideas as “milsim argument trying to forcibly shoved down people’s throats” Wow…easy there cowboy, saddle down from the “righteous-high-horse” you rode in on. I think you need to widen your field of view, if you have an upbraidment about your squad members changing to a crewmen kit in order for him to use a vehicle that’s your own opinion, you may not like it but that doesn’t change the fact that he needs it to drive the damn thing.
  7. W♥S Mortar Calculator goes 2.0

    Andriod version pls ! Don't want to be tabbing down every time I want to use my calculator, makes not sens to tab out of the game ever time u want to adjust new fire mission. I'm gone stick to the old on until a andriod verion is out.
  8. I h8 when cars are all over the map

    @Zylfrax791 Only time will tell, however I'm 100% on the crewman kit. There is no way they are not putting that into the game. it would almost be suicidal if they didn't. Think of it, why wouldn't you put it in? There is only benefits. Who knows... squad players might actually use vehicles the correct way!
  9. I h8 when cars are all over the map

    Trust me anything with a weapon on it will need a crewman kit! The only vehicles exemped are going to be trans, lighter taliban and militia techis dont belive me check out PR, and hey I'm happy for it. Means less bullshit in squad. 2 drive a MRAP u will need crewman kit, it will come. Especially the crow! PPL are so wasteful, the devs will be forced to implement it to stop all taxi trolling. Just wait and see.
  10. I h8 when cars are all over the map

    Muahahaha.... Dread it, Hate it, Run from it, like it or not destiny still arrvies!
  11. 40vs40 upgrade 50vs50 v.10 ?

    Is there any feasible time frame on which to expect 100 player servers being the norm rather than experiment? Is this just a matter of a patch “switch on” when we get closer to the end of the development process which could be years down the line? At what point, do we look at this and go yep we are there!? Are we waiting for people to catch up when it comes to hardware? Or is this doable with current supported hardware in mind with optimisation needed to be done.
  12. 40vs40 upgrade 50vs50 v.10 ?

    Does 20 more players make the game or server unplayable ? Has anyone tried 100 player slot sever, are those stable or do they crash?
  13. 40vs40 upgrade 50vs50 v.10 ?

    Has anyone seen a 100 player slot server hosted ? just wondering, cant remember last time i came across one. Is it me or do you need specific hardware requirements to see 100 player servers hosted in the server list?
  14. 40vs40 upgrade 50vs50 v.10 ?

    Any info if squad developers are increasing the game to support server player count from 40vs40 to 50vs50 with v10 of the game. Thanks! And if the game is allready able to host 50vs50 for years, why are the servers locked to 80 players ?
  15. Vehicle Approval Suggestion

    I approve. GET THIS MAN A BEER!!! ASAP.