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  1. Backer Tag Redeem!

    it's good thank support
  2. Backer Tag Redeem!

    my steam account is linked but i don't have ingame credit in profile field and no tag in forum i'm commander founder
  3. Server Licensing General Info

    not dedicated server files?? but game server provider are bad for me
  4. Alpha 3.9 Released

    host server file??
  5. The Squad User Manual

    This is a interesting request for me but for the quick start guide
  6. Best version of Windows?

    just for info seven= kernel of windows server 2008 windows 8.1 and 10=kernel windows server 2012 the inner core just 6 years difference you just set Windows 10 and this is much better than the windows 7 kernel,management of the ram,driver
  7. The Squad User Manual

    the French translation is over the distribution will be done in a few days Merci quand méme :)
  8. The Squad User Manual

    i don't speak for me just for casual player next gen :P
  9. The Squad User Manual

    It might be wise to do a quick manual based on the current manual. I do not think every player will read the entire manual. :lol:
  10. How to host a dedicated Squad server?

    i check price to vilayer choice dedicated server man
  11. excellent tes dessins skor celaa peut éviter les tk de certains :lol: , sinon 3instance sur un serveur c'est juste après cela dépend des heures mais bon
  12. Alpha 3.8 Released

    good job i wait host server in steamcmd :D no holiday for dev :P

    one server ovh three server of squad 150players ....stop admin see log too many high ping in french server i search to create my own server with real dedicated just one server of 50player with good latence

    Me too two server are locate to ovh same ip for 100player ???
  15. C'est un loueur de serveur mutualiser style bf 4 non merci c'est trop la galère a plusieurs serveurs sur le même disque et processeur (machine virtuel pour les serveurs squad) c'est la misère pour les joueurs rien ne vaut un vrai serveur