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  1. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    Well done guys, looks really good. Can't wait to play!
  2. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Fantastic, thanks!
  3. Alpha 3.8 Released

    Fantastic. I booted up the game and my version still says 3.7 though, I'll try restarting steam. EDIT: I think restarting steam worked.
  4. Closed Alpha Released

    Servers 24/7 on the 26th? What a nice birthday gift, thank you.
  5. Cannot rebind lean keys.

    Thanks mate!
  6. Hey squaddies. On the latest build I noticed Prone is now in the control rebinding in-game but lean is not. I tried rebinding lean to "Z" and "X" and Prone to "Q" but when in-game lean is still on "Q" and "E". Anyone else having trouble rebinding lean? Thanks!
  7. A discussion on Sights

    I'm hoping there will be a setting to change mouse sensitivity while in scopes/sights. I find at the moment the scope sensitivity is really quite slow/sluggish. I hope a "Scope/Sight Sensitivity" setting will be added.
  8. June 2015

    Looking really good! Keep up the fantastic work guys!
  9. Less clunkyness due to a new engine. I still play PR(and love it) but I really dislike the clunkyness of the refractor engine. Just a move from that old engine to a new one is a huge difference.
  10. Looking good! The suspension looks fantastic.
  11. I have a quick question. For Fools Road will it be British vs Militia like in PR or will it be different? I'm really hoping it stays Brits vs Militia.
  12. Development Diary #2

    Being colour blind this is great news. Thank you!
  13. Development Diary #2

    At work so I can't wait it right now but can't wait until I get home to watch it.
  14. Remake

    I've got a question regarding the Fool's Road map remake. Do you aim for it to be released at release and will it stay British vs Militia?
  15. Support from Scotland

    Welcome fellow Scotsman. There will definitely be a lot of UK based people playing.