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  1. To find out more, check the Squad Wiki. It answers all of your questions (or at least it should). https://squad.gamepedia.com/Weapons https://squad.gamepedia.com/Using_weapons_and_equipment https://squad.gamepedia.com/Kit_Role_Selection (there is minor level of weapon modification based on the kit you choose, mostly about different sights and ammunition type) https://squad.gamepedia.com/System_requirements https://squad.gamepedia.com/Communication
  2. No no no. I'll have it. Can I choose another drink instead of beer, too?
  3. Is the Squad Wiki not active anymore?

    All you need to know, you find on here https://squad.gamepedia.com/Squad_Wiki:Community_portal, @FeatherSton3.
  4. Is the Squad Wiki not active anymore?

    Thanks for your concern (and caring) and speaking up. I am not worried, only a little disappointed. I was hoping for more contributions, but we can't force people to do it. Many just can't be bothered, sad but true. Therefore, we have to make do with what we have. And I am very thankful for every edit and contribution we get. The good news is, the wiki is still active, we had edits almost every day. Yes, the edits are often only small ones and often from the same group of people (no, you are not the only one), but that's still better than nothing. Also positive, we have a good foundation of information on the wiki. Of course, it's incomplete. Of course, much is outdated. Of course, there is much work to be done still. And of course, we do not have enough people doing it. If you, or anyone else, have suggestions, please make them. However, besides suggestions, we need fingers on keyboards making edits on the wiki. I have something planed to try to make things a little better - more about this when the time has come.
  5. This forum thread documents the activities related Wiki Task #009 as listed on the Community portal. Read this post on how this task was created. You will find important information in that post - please read it before continuing here. Aim: Create external tool which extracts specific data from Squad's game files. See Wiki Task #008 on what data we are talking about. Integrate the tool in such way that its data output can be imported into the "source" from Wiki Task #008, quickly and easily with no or only little manual effort. Get official approval from the devs before starting on this task. Open points: Who will do this task? Volunteers? Action Plan: (will be added as needed) Assigned wiki editors: (will be added as needed) History: 2017-07-15: Idea was documented in this thread. 2017-06-24: Idea was proposed by Sneaky on Discord.
  6. This forum thread documents the activities related Wiki Task #008 as listed on the Community portal. Recently, Sneaky and NoOriginality got into a discussion over at Discord #wiki. Two ideas came out of the discussion: Instead of maintaining numerical game values on the wiki pages manually (e.g. weapon statistics or ticket/score counts), we should store that data centrally in one file/place and use that central data to display it on the wiki pages with some automatic mechanism. This way we only have to maintain one source of data and all pages will automatically (magically!) be updated. This is particularly useful for translations, as values no longer would have to be updated separately on all translated pages. This idea has become Wiki Task #008 (see full list of all wiki tasks on the Community Portal). An additional idea came up: We should automatically pull as much of this game data/stats from Squad game files with some tool (aka "data mining") instead of manually deducing it in-game. This way we can quickly and accurately update the statistics and data on the wiki every time a new patch comes out. Of course, this idea goes well with the first idea and would be a natural second step. To deal with these two ideas one at a time, this second idea has become Wiki Task #009 - read more about it in this thread. Both ideas are not entirely new; we had internally discussed them with the devs in the past (they liked the idea!) and we considered it a future possiblity. Maybe now is the right time to start this little project. Organisating work on the wiki: As wiki editors we have several tools at our disposal to coordinate and communicate our work on the wiki. These tools are particularly necessary/useful for tasks that are complex, involve multiple people, affect many wiki pages or the fundamental structure of the wiki, or take considerable time to complete. The Community Portal is the number one hub for all editorial things. Start here. It has a list of tasks and to-dos and shows all communication channels we have available. It's a bit out of date, but we can use it more if wiki editors will use and follow it too. For complex tasks, it's useful to use the forum for documentation and coordination (this is why I created this thread here). We can describe what we aim to do and we can document and share important progress and insights here. We can also have complex discussions here which would get a total mess on Discord. The orginal poster just needs to moderate the discussions and keep the first post up-to-date with all relevant information. For complex tasks I also strongly recommend to write up the aim and action plan (and maybe an open point list). It helps the person doing the task to think everything through before he starts. If a team of people works on the task, having an aim and plan is a necessity to coordinate the work of each member. Also, all of this communicates the activities to all wiki editors and the community. Who knows, maybe someone will offer their expert help for a specific step. Aim: Describe what you want to achieve. Give a good and thorough description. Action plan: Think about all the things that need to be done, then bring it into a logical and chronological order. Make notes of what is important to remember when you are doing these steps. When you write the first draft of the action plan, it's ok if it's not 100% perfect and has missing steps or lacks details. You can add to the plan as you go along. In the early Wiki days, we started this Google document to list all the wiki pages and to coordinate and track progress. Initially, we used this document to complete the transfer of the text from the Squad User Manual to the wiki, but we can use this spreadsheet for other tasks and management, too. It's very useful to keep track and have an overview of what needs doing and what has been completed, page by page. We can add as many new columns to this spreadsheet as we need. We can also create additional Google documents if we need them (please let me add them, don't just share your own Google documents). Anyone can view the document. I will only give write permission to wiki editors assigned to specific tasks. Discord should be the main tool for direct communication and close cooordination. If we really do this task, we will probably kick it off with a voice meeting on Discord to discuss everything with the assigned wiki editors (as I did for Wiki Task #006 - sadly, this task was never completed). Recent changes is an excellet way to check what has happened on the wiki recently. Alternatively, you can also check the change history of an individual page (example: Community portal history). There is also a comparison function that lets you see the differences between the current page and older revisions - very useful! This shows you why it's so important and useful to always enter a "summary" when you do an edit of a page. We should use the wiki itself as much as possible for any of these tasks, too. MediaWiki provides useful tools. For example, you can mark a page as "stub" (and other categories) and it will be automatically be listed as a page that needs work done (see Wiki Maintenance and Stubs). This way we can also mark pages for editors to work on. We can add a description of what needs doing in the page itsef or the discussion page of the page. We can create additional "management and collaboration tools" if we need them. But for now, lets try to use the tools described above. Volunteers: But most importantly, for task this big, it needs someone (or multiple people) to take up the assignment and start working on it. I don't have the time to do neither of these two tasks, so unless someone from the community picks it up, it will not get done. Aim for Wiki Task #008: Create/add automatic mechanism to the wiki to achieve the following: Manage all numerical game values centrally in one place or file on the wiki ("the source"). Wiki pages pull data from the source in order to display it on a page. When we update the data in the source, all pages will automatically get updated. We no longer have to edit the pages individually to update the data on each page. We should try to use existing mechanism/scrips/wiki modules/wiki add-ons - no need to reinvent the wheel. We should keep in mind Wiki Task #009 as we want to integrate both together. Our solution has to work with our Gamepedia MediaWiki. We cannot install whatever modules or add-ons or scripts we want, we need to coordinate with Gamepedia staff what is available or what could be added. Open points: Who will do this task? Volunteers? Do we want to do this for numerical values only? We should list specific data examples and pages to see where we would apply this mechanism and what types of data are we talking about. Action Plan: Just as a suggestion and starting point for discussion, let me outline how we could approach this task. 1) Phase 1: Preparation 1.1) Research: How could it be done? How have other MediaWikis done it? Lets compile a list of what we can find on this. I can also talk to the Gamepedia staff to seek their advice; also, I am direct communication with all the other wiki admins at Gamepedia - I can also poke them. 1.2) Evaluation: Which of our wiki pages would we use this mechanism on (lets list them all up)? And what types of data would we use (lets list them all up)? 1.3) Design: Decide on how we implement it. Maybe it makes sense to use templates. 2) Phase 2: Implementation. 2.1) Do what is necessary to implement it. Probably test it first with a few test pages, then roll out for all relevant wiki pages (English pages first, translations later). 2.2) Maybe it will be necessary to standarising some of the wiki pages. We should probably making more use of templates, too. (See also Wiki Task #006: Weapon pages) 3) Phase 3: Wrap up 3.1) Documenting how wiki editors need to use this mechanism. Document the mechanism itself too, in case it needs maintenance. 3.2) Discuss with the devs a process by which they could provide us the latest data after a new patch has come out so we can quickly update the source. 3.3) Proceed with Wiki Task #009. Assigned wiki editors: (will be added once we have found volunteers) History: 2017-07-15: Idea was documented in this thread. 2017-06-24: Idea was proposed by Sneaky on Discord.
  7. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    Nice nice nice!
  8. Dropzone

    If you like RTS or Moba games, this might be something for you. If you like both, you'll love it. Right now this game is in closed beta, however it's pretty easy to get your hands on a key. Head over to Dropzone Nation's Discord (link below) and ask one of the admins for a key. I played it for the last two weeks and enjoy it. The game is truely still in beta and needs lots of work, so don't be too hard on it. However, the concepts are good and this could become a good title. Right now you can only play 1vs2, but 2vs2 will come. Eventually, the game will be free2play. Here's the awesome cinematic trailer: And here is a useful short tutorial/introduction video: Red-Rupee also has several casted replays, worthwhile to watch. There are already community-run tournaments happening. Check out the recording from Dropzone Nation's first weekly invitational (video part 1 and part 2). Spoiler alert: The match Rinka vs _Ring_ and the finals MyDiamond vs Rinka are awesome games. The second invitational will happen this weekend. Official homepage: https://dropzone.gameforge.com/en_GB/home Developer: http://sparkypants.com/ Official wiki: http://dropzone.wikia.com/wiki/Dropzone_Wikia Community Dropzone Nation's homepage: http://www.dropzonenation.com/ Community Dropzone Nation's Discord: https://discord.gg/TPMDmEx
  9. Dropzone

    Dropzone went free2play on Steam today (but it is still in open beta). Check it out. http://store.steampowered.com/app/572520 More information about the game here.
  10. Oh boy, that new map looks SO awesome. Great work!
  11. This forum thread coordinates activities related to the weapon pages on the Squad Wiki. This task is listed as Wiki Task #006 on the Community portal. A lot of the coordination and communication among the wiki editors happens on Discord (there is a dedicated wiki channel for text and voice) and the Community portal, so make sure to check those out too. However, a focused and structured discussion is probably done most effectively on the forums, hence the creation of this thread. More to follow shortly...
  12. Wiki Task #006: Weapon pages

    @Eistriasfeel free to take on the lead. No progress was made so you start from scatch. Talk to me on Discord's #wiki channel.
  13. (Image Source: DoD photo by Master Sgt. Andy Dunaway, U.S. Air Force, photo from article here) Summary: I have the following suggestion concerning the radio and local voice chat. Add the new function "focus-listening" which allows to focus-listen on one particular channel while automatically tuning down the volume of the other channels. Let me explain in more details what I mean and how it could work. How does this feature work: When listing on radio or local chat to conversations, you hold Left-Shift and the corresponding key of the channel you want to listen to. While you do this, the volumes of the other channels are lowered while the full volume of the "focused-listened channel" remains, allowing you to clearly understand what's being said there. I consider this feature not only extremely useful but also realistic. In the real world when using your mobile phone, you often cover your other ear with your hand to cancel out environmenal noices and other people's chatter. A radio can be used exactly in the same way. This also works the other way around. If you hold your radio away from your ear, the radio voices are muted while you can focus on the person speaking next to you. My rationale for focus-listening to one particular radio channel and ignoring other radio channel is this: with a walkie-talkie you would listen only to one particular channel at any given time, not ALL available channel. On a music radio you also listen to only one station, not all stations at the same time. I admit that I don't know how military radios work, but I assume they also listen only to one channel at a time, right? Focus-listening would work just the same once we get radio channels for each squad (numpad 1 to 9). Just hold the Left-Shift and the corresponding number on the numbpad. While you hold down the focus-listen key, you see onscreen an coloured indicator (lets call it "focus-listen indicator") that tells you A: you are currently focus-listening and B: on which channel you are doing this (the indicator is using the colour of the channel, i.e. blue, green or red). It could look like the following icon - it's similar to the speaker icon we see when we actively speak on a channel. The icon below intents to look like an ear shape - please excuse my lack of designer skills - but you get the idea. This icon could appear exactly at the same spot where the speaker icon appears, as both icons cannot appear at the same time (you cannot focus-listen and speak at the same time - to speak, you have to let go of the Left-Shift key). I think the "focus-listen indicator" alone is probably not enough visualization. When focus-listing is active we should also highlight or mark incoming channels in some way to show which of them you are focusing on and which you are ignoring - this will help you even more to home in to the channel you are really interested in and make clear which person you are currently listening to. Here some ideas how this could be visulized on the HUD. Of course, this is optional and just an additional way of aiding the player. Suggestion 1: Use a lighter font colour for un-focused incoming channels and the normal dark font colour on focused channels. Downside: depending on the background, this could be hard to read. I don't like this idea much. Suggestion 2: Cross out channels you are not focusing on. I like this idea. The cross-out is a simple and intuitive visual hint to the player. Suggestion 3: We could also highlight the channel you listen to with an additional icon or marking of some kind. I have no specific idea, but we sure could come up with some design. All these HUD ideas are just my first thoughts/concepts how we can visually indicate focus-listing to the player. I am sure if we set AJAX or the devs to the task they will come up with something much better and workable. Game settings could look like this: We also need the ability to rebind the "Shift" key, as the focus-listener modifier, to another key. Not everybody has long enough fingers to easily reach B when holding Shift. Example: As a Squad Leader you want to focus-listen to an important conversation on the Squad Leader radio channel and ignore loud chatter on the squad radio. You hold Left-Shift and G on your keyboard for as long as you want to focus-listen to the Squad Leader radio channel. While you do this, you will hear the Squad Leader channel on full volume while any chatter on the Squad radio and local voice chat is tuned down and hardly audible. This allows you to fully follow the converation on the Squad Leader channel. Additional sub-features/variations: 1. Optional feature "mute environmental sounds" (highly recommended): We could even go further and reduce the surrounding environmental sounds while we focus-listen on any channel. This is still realistic, as this would also happen in the real world if you covered your ears with your hands and the radio. The benefit of this would be to reduce surrounding noices like machine gun fire and therefore being able to hear what is being said on the radio even in noisy situations. A really useful feature. If we want to be hyper realistic, reducing environmental noises only works when focus-listening to radio channels and not local voice chat as you can hold shut one ear to cancel out the environmental sounds while you press the radio close to your other ear, but you can't do that in any form when listening to local voices next to you with your open ears. 2. Optional feature "close both ears/gun&hand-free vision" (nice-to-have): And for the fun (and realism of it), we can also assign a new button that represents holding shut both your ears with both your hands, i.e. all sounds are slightly muted. If we want to go even further, add animations that have the gun and your hands disappear from view when we do this. Additional benefit: this feature would help taking scenic screenshots without a gun and hands in the way - NICE! I admit, it's a silly idea as muting all sounds in general does not really serve a useful purpose (if you want that, you just turn down your computer/headset speakers) but having a gun/hand-free vision would be really useful to take screenshots. Therefore, completely independent of my suggestion here, we could assign a new key to select no equipment/weapon (for example key 0 (zero) or any other key; it could also just be a console command). This will just remove the hands and weapons/equipment entirely from the screen. Just an idea. I may bring this up in a new suggestions thread some time in the future. 3. Optional feature "use both hands" (not recommended): For hard-core realism, when using focus-listening, force players to let go of the mouse and use both hands on the keyboard to simulate that they would not have a free hand to fire a gun while focus-listening to the radio as both hands are needed to do this. Possible keyboard shortcuts to achieve this: hold down three keys far across from each other on the keyboard, for example Left-Shift + Right-Shift + channel key. This is just taking the original idea further, but in my opinion too far. This would make using the focus-listen feature too annoying and would compromise its practical use ingame. I thought I just mention the idea here to show that taking an idea too far turns it into something counterproductive. Why do we need this feature: We all know that it's hard to follow ANY conversation when you are overwhelmed by simulatenous conversation on multiple channels. This is particularly difficult for Squad Leaders who have to speak on three channels. Yes, as Squad Leader you can tell your guys on the Squad radio to shut up and ask the other Squad Leader to repeat his statement, but often it's annoying and often people won't listen. Yes, the real world is also messy and noisy and you have to deal with it. But in the real world you also have your hands which you can use to cover your ears and you don't listen to multiple channels at the same time. Adding focus-listening to the game would make listening much easier while still being realistic. The control scheme I propose is simple and intuitive. It will not make things more complicated. It will add another level of realism to the game and is just plain practical. I consider this feature as important because it will help communication in Squad - and communication is THE key feature of Squad. Lets make communciation as good and effective as possible. Focus-listening is a small but powerful and useful feature to help with this. Give my post a "Like" if you want to see this feature implemented. The guy in picture below says loud and clearly: "We NEED this feature, ASAP!" What speaks against this feature: Nothing I can think of. I just don't know if it can be easily implemented with Mumble or not. (Image Source: Copyright Steve R., direct link, more amazing picture by Steve here)
  14. SQUAD - the Cheesy Tactical Guide

    Me too. You mentioning it gets me already excited again.
  15. Steam Free Weekend & Sale

    Boy, this is awesome!
  16. Dropzone

    Sparkypants, the developer of Dropzone, is doing a 24-hour charity stream today. In fact, they just started. Good time to find out more about the game. And donate for the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. Stream is live now: https://www.twitch.tv/sparkypantsstudios More information: http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID=31742
  17. Wiki News

    In order to more closely link the forum to the wiki and keep more community members informed (and involved), I will be posting Wiki related news and request in this forum thread here. You will also find a similar "news" section in the Community portal of the wiki. On the same wiki page, you also find a Wiki Task list. This list attempts to help coordinate and focus the attention to of the wiki editors on what needs to be worked on in the wiki. We need you! In case you thought the wiki is all done and finished, reconsider. Lots of content is still missing. Also, Squad, the game is changing and evolving. Without updating the info on the wiki, the wiki will soon be obsolete. After an initial boom of activities and contributions on the wiki after the first announcement back in May 2016, editing has dried up alomst compleletey. The wiki need your help, Squad community! Please remember, the wiki is for you, the users (and many of you have asked for a wiki). But the wiki also needs you, the users, to run it. It does not run itself or by only one person. It needs the community to support it fully, otherwise it will die. Hit that "edit" button on pages where you can make a contribution. Check out the wiki task list and see where you can help out. If you have questions or ideas or are unsure about something, send me a direct message on Discord. More news to follow soon...
  18. Wiki News

    It sure will. Even now there is plenty to do. The main question is whether enough people will be willing to put in the work to do it.
  19. Wiki News

    News: Sadly, no "wiki editor of the month" for October 2016. No non-admin exceeded the minimum threshold of 200 Wiki Points.
  20. SQUAD Cinematic trailer (FHB)

    I think it's awesome! Make more.
  21. Wiki News

    News: We have a new "wiki editor of the month" nominee for September 2016: Londonsmee / @Smee - thanks for your work, mate. Wiki Ranking
  22. Glad you like it, mate.
  23. Wiki News

    News: For our "wiki editor of the month" nomination I've added a new rule which seems necessary to make the nomination meaningful: you have to reach or exceed 200 Wiki points during the month, anything below will not qualify. This means you actually have to put in a noticable (but not impossible) level of effort to be considered for nomination. Sadly, no one exceed the threshold during last month August (fair enough, you didn't know about it either). Let me do two shout-outs. Firstly, @TomNedry, you are doing an amazing job as wiki admin (and this statement is not only based on your last month's Wiki score) - many thanks for your excellent work. Secondly, @LevelPulse, you almost reached 200 Wiki points in August. Maybe next month...?
  24. This post is outdated - since Steam Early Access you can no longer download Squad via Torrent. What is Torrent? Torrent, or more correctly called "BitTorrent", is a protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing (see Wikipedia for more information). In order to download files with Torrent, you need to use a Torrent client. A large number of Torrent clients exist. Torrent is frequently used on the Internet nowadays, particuarly when downloading large files. Torrent download normally has the advantage that it is faster and more reliant than a direct download. Instead of downloading from a single source - a server far far away, where all users attempt to download at the same time, you download from peers in your region or with fast network access. You can also download simultaneously from multiple peers. All this is handled automatically by the Torrent client. Of course it assumes that enough seeding is available (see very end of this post on seeding). If no seeding is available, direct download might be faster. I would recommand either using Deluge (Wikipedia, Homepage for download) or µTorrent (Wikipedia, Homepage for download). Deluge is open-source and entirely adware-free, µTorrent includes ads which you can only remove when you pay for µTorrent. Also, when going through the installation of µTorrent you have to take care not to include the crap it will try to install as well. However, µTorrent is among the most often used clients on the Internet. Decide which Torrent client you want to use and download and install it on your computer. ComedyInK has written instructions on how to use Deluge here. If you want to use µTorrent, follow the instructions below. All Torrent clients work very similarly though. Careful, from the Squad Alpha Portal you download only the Torrent configuration file (Wikipedia) for the Torrent client. This file is very small and is used by a Torrent client to start the actual download of the Squad zip file. How to use µTorrent for downloading Squad? Start µTorrent. The start screen looks like this. You can start a Torrent download either by providing a Torrent configuration file (click on the plus symbol) or by pointing to a web address (URL) that provides the Torrent configuration (click on the hyperlink symbol). If you want to download via Torrent configuration file, you need to download the file from the Squad Alpha Portal first and then feed it to µTorrent. If you choose the web address option, enter the link to Squad's Torrent configuration. You can copy & paste the link directly from the Squad Alpha Portal and click OK. The web address option is the easiest and fastest way to download. Confirm the Torrent configuration screen below with OK. Download starts. Wait until the download is finished. Now you have the Squad zip file downloaded. You find it in your download folder. You can also just double-click the zip file in µTorrent and it will open your download folder. If a warning pops up, click "continue". Here it is - your downloaded Squad zip file, ready to be installed. On how to install Squad please refer to the Squad manual. A final notes To help others from the Squad community to download Squad via Torrent, you should seed your download. Seeding is a term used with Torrents and refers to making your download available to other Torrent users in the Torrent network. Torrent is based on peer-to-peer file sharing. Other Torrent users will download from other Torrent users close to them instead of downloading the files from a central server. All you need to do in order to seed: after you finished the download, let the Torrent client continue running, don't close it. It will automatically start seeding. Please do this also for following days - just start your Turrent client when you PC is running. After a new Squad build was made available, lots of people will be downloading in for the following days. Contribute to the community be providing Torrent seeding. This will help Squadies in your region to download Squad faster than without your help. Thanks. Active seeding looks like this: