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  1. Scoreboard - what does it mean

    Have a look at this, @GatorC210: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Score#Scoreboard_during_the_match
  2. We now have both Cargo and Scribunto enabled for the Squad Wiki. I have started experimenting with both of them. Check out our Cargo and Scribunto learning pages. I'll post another status update once I have more progress. We'll try to apply Cargo and Scribunto to the Maps pages first and see how this goes.
  3. This forum thread documents the activities related Wiki Task #008 as listed on the Community portal. Recently, Sneaky and NoOriginality got into a discussion over at Discord #wiki. Two ideas came out of the discussion: Instead of maintaining numerical game values on the wiki pages manually (e.g. weapon statistics or ticket/score counts), we should store that data centrally in one file/place and use that central data to display it on the wiki pages with some automatic mechanism. This way we only have to maintain one source of data and all pages will automatically (magically!) be updated. This is particularly useful for translations, as values no longer would have to be updated separately on all translated pages. This idea has become Wiki Task #008 (see full list of all wiki tasks on the Community Portal). An additional idea came up: We should automatically pull as much of this game data/stats from Squad game files with some tool (aka "data mining") instead of manually deducing it in-game. This way we can quickly and accurately update the statistics and data on the wiki every time a new patch comes out. Of course, this idea goes well with the first idea and would be a natural second step. To deal with these two ideas one at a time, this second idea has become Wiki Task #009 - read more about it in this thread. Both ideas are not entirely new; we had internally discussed them with the devs in the past (they liked the idea!) and we considered it a future possiblity. Maybe now is the right time to start this little project. Organisating work on the wiki: As wiki editors we have several tools at our disposal to coordinate and communicate our work on the wiki. These tools are particularly necessary/useful for tasks that are complex, involve multiple people, affect many wiki pages or the fundamental structure of the wiki, or take considerable time to complete. The Community Portal is the number one hub for all editorial things. Start here. It has a list of tasks and to-dos and shows all communication channels we have available. It's a bit out of date, but we can use it more if wiki editors will use and follow it too. For complex tasks, it's useful to use the forum for documentation and coordination (this is why I created this thread here). We can describe what we aim to do and we can document and share important progress and insights here. We can also have complex discussions here which would get a total mess on Discord. The orginal poster just needs to moderate the discussions and keep the first post up-to-date with all relevant information. For complex tasks I also strongly recommend to write up the aim and action plan (and maybe an open point list). It helps the person doing the task to think everything through before he starts. If a team of people works on the task, having an aim and plan is a necessity to coordinate the work of each member. Also, all of this communicates the activities to all wiki editors and the community. Who knows, maybe someone will offer their expert help for a specific step. Aim: Describe what you want to achieve. Give a good and thorough description. Action plan: Think about all the things that need to be done, then bring it into a logical and chronological order. Make notes of what is important to remember when you are doing these steps. When you write the first draft of the action plan, it's ok if it's not 100% perfect and has missing steps or lacks details. You can add to the plan as you go along. In the early Wiki days, we started this Google document to list all the wiki pages and to coordinate and track progress. Initially, we used this document to complete the transfer of the text from the Squad User Manual to the wiki, but we can use this spreadsheet for other tasks and management, too. It's very useful to keep track and have an overview of what needs doing and what has been completed, page by page. We can add as many new columns to this spreadsheet as we need. We can also create additional Google documents if we need them (please let me add them, don't just share your own Google documents). Anyone can view the document. I will only give write permission to wiki editors assigned to specific tasks. Discord should be the main tool for direct communication and close cooordination. If we really do this task, we will probably kick it off with a voice meeting on Discord to discuss everything with the assigned wiki editors (as I did for Wiki Task #006 - sadly, this task was never completed). Recent changes is an excellet way to check what has happened on the wiki recently. Alternatively, you can also check the change history of an individual page (example: Community portal history). There is also a comparison function that lets you see the differences between the current page and older revisions - very useful! This shows you why it's so important and useful to always enter a "summary" when you do an edit of a page. We should use the wiki itself as much as possible for any of these tasks, too. MediaWiki provides useful tools. For example, you can mark a page as "stub" (and other categories) and it will be automatically be listed as a page that needs work done (see Wiki Maintenance and Stubs). This way we can also mark pages for editors to work on. We can add a description of what needs doing in the page itsef or the discussion page of the page. We can create additional "management and collaboration tools" if we need them. But for now, lets try to use the tools described above. Volunteers: But most importantly, for task this big, it needs someone (or multiple people) to take up the assignment and start working on it. I don't have the time to do neither of these two tasks, so unless someone from the community picks it up, it will not get done. Aim for Wiki Task #008: Create/add automatic mechanism to the wiki to achieve the following: Manage all numerical game values centrally in one place or file on the wiki ("the source"). Wiki pages pull data from the source in order to display it on a page. When we update the data in the source, all pages will automatically get updated. We no longer have to edit the pages individually to update the data on each page. We should try to use existing mechanism/scrips/wiki modules/wiki add-ons - no need to reinvent the wheel. We should keep in mind Wiki Task #009 as we want to integrate both together. Our solution has to work with our Gamepedia MediaWiki. We cannot install whatever modules or add-ons or scripts we want, we need to coordinate with Gamepedia staff what is available or what could be added. Open points: Who will do this task? Volunteers? Do we want to do this for numerical values only? We should list specific data examples and pages to see where we would apply this mechanism and what types of data are we talking about. Action Plan: Just as a suggestion and starting point for discussion, let me outline how we could approach this task. 1) Phase 1: Preparation 1.1) Research: How could it be done? How have other MediaWikis done it? Lets compile a list of what we can find on this. I can also talk to the Gamepedia staff to seek their advice; also, I am direct communication with all the other wiki admins at Gamepedia - I can also poke them. 1.2) Evaluation: Which of our wiki pages would we use this mechanism on (lets list them all up)? And what types of data would we use (lets list them all up)? 1.3) Design: Decide on how we implement it. Maybe it makes sense to use templates. 2) Phase 2: Implementation. 2.1) Do what is necessary to implement it. Probably test it first with a few test pages, then roll out for all relevant wiki pages (English pages first, translations later). 2.2) Maybe it will be necessary to standarising some of the wiki pages. We should probably making more use of templates, too. (See also Wiki Task #006: Weapon pages) 3) Phase 3: Wrap up 3.1) Documenting how wiki editors need to use this mechanism. Document the mechanism itself too, in case it needs maintenance. 3.2) Discuss with the devs a process by which they could provide us the latest data after a new patch has come out so we can quickly update the source. 3.3) Proceed with Wiki Task #009. Assigned wiki editors: (will be added once we have found volunteers) History: 2017-07-15: Idea was documented in this thread. 2017-06-24: Idea was proposed by Sneaky on Discord.
  4. July 2018 Recap

    Sweet. Cannot wait for v12.
  5. I'd like to give specific examples of what we are trying to achieve. Below are types of data we want to export from Squad's SDK and then import to the wiki and use it on the following pages/tables/data. Looking at these complex data types and our many tables and infoboxes, I am afraid this will become fairly complicated, so choosing the right tool to do the job is important. I am not sure if Cargo would be up for the job or we need something more powerful like Scribunto. Map data and images Map hi-res images with grids plus showing each layout (with flags and flag names; maybe also with vehicle spawns for BOTH teams) for each game mode, list factions per layout, list of assets per layout, list of flag names per layout, starting tickets for each team per layout). Example: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Gorodok Plenty more: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Maps See also https://squad.gamepedia.com/WP_-_Helpful_info_for_server_admins#Idea_1:_maps_overview_for_map_rotation Vehicle stats List of all vehicles, ideally which faction are using them. Example: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Vehicles Respawn timer, number of passengers, ticket costs, supply capacity, in the future: crewkit required "yes/no"). Example: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Category:Vehicle_infosheets Example: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Tickets#Assets_ticket_costs Weapon stats List of all weapons and their correct names. Example: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Weapons Which weapon is used by which faction and which kit. Not sure if that is easily possible to extract or even automatically generate on the wiki. Example: https://squad.gamepedia.com/British_Army#Kits_and_equipment Weapon magazine capacity. Example: https://squad.gamepedia.com/AK-74M. Plenty of weapons https://squad.gamepedia.com/Category:Weapons. Weapon magazine count and equipment count (e.g. bandages) per kit per faction. Example: https://squad.gamepedia.com/British_Army#Kits_and_equipment Weapon caliber for all weapons. Example: https://squad.gamepedia.com/AK-74M Deployable stats Constructions points for deployables. Example: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Sandbags. Plenty more: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Category:Deployables Kit stats Kit restriction per faction. Not sure if that is easily possible to extract or even automatically generate on the wiki. Example: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Kit_Role_Selection#Faction-based_kit_restrictions Game modes/general stats General ticket costs. Example: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Tickets#Common_ticket_costs Game mode specific ticket costs. Not sure if that is easily possible to extract or even automatically generate on the wiki. Example: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Advance_and_Secure#Mechanics Score. Example: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Score
  6. Also, very cool: http://en.gametactic.org/squad Ideally, we have one tool that could do it all (Map Viewer and interactive Tactical Board).
  7. This forum thread documents the activities related Wiki Task #009 as listed on the Community portal. Read this post on how this task was created. You will find important information in that post - please read it before continuing here. Aim: Create external tool which extracts specific data from Squad's game files. See Wiki Task #008 on what data we are talking about. Integrate the tool in such way that its data output can be imported into the "source" from Wiki Task #008, quickly and easily with no or only little manual effort. Get official approval from the devs before starting on this task. Open points: Who will do this task? Volunteers? Action Plan: (will be added as needed) Assigned wiki editors: (will be added as needed) History: 2017-07-15: Idea was documented in this thread. 2017-06-24: Idea was proposed by Sneaky on Discord.
  8. There is an amazing example of what has been achieved in PR: https://tournament.realitymod.com/mapviewer/ Everything generated automatically from the gamefiles and made available online. Magic! The original PR post about the mapviewer: https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=139823 And the sources are here: https://github.com/realitymod/PRGallery
  9. I played it quite a bit, during Early Access and now since the release. It is as good as it promises to be. There could not be a better Descent successor. Multiplayer is also a lot of fun. Added link to Reddit AMA.
  10. Remember the game Descent? I loved it back in the old days. I played all three Descent games. Now Overload is coming out. Made by many of the original developers - now a small independent game studio. Overload was Kickstarted and has been on Steam Early Access for quite some time. On May 31 2018 it releases into version 1.0. Right now they started an open beta for the multiplayer. You'll find instructions how to join on their Discord #mp-announcement (link below). Release trailer: More info: Homepage: https://playoverload.com/ Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/fJbKNsU Kickstarter: To help you remember Descent, maybe listen to this one:
  11. Overload launches today. This is the launch schedule (taken from their Discord): Thursday 7:30am CDT/12:30pm GMT: (ish, Steam servers pending): Full game goes live! Thursday 8:00am CDT/1:00pm GMT: Review embargo lifted - say what you want and stream what you want! Thursday 9:00am CDT/2:00pm GMT: 12 hour launch day stream begins! Join us at https://www.twitch.tv/revivalproductions for the celebration of the launch! Thursday 3:00pm CDT/7:00pm GMT: Reddit AMA during the live stream When is GMT? https://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/gmt
  12. Console Commands

    Copy. Understand and thanks for replying again. Just to let you (and other forum readers) know, we won't add it though. Reason: I don't want us to have to maintain all those individual commands on the "server administration" page and 40-ish vehicle pages. Also, I don't think most readers of the vehicle pages are looking for the spawn command but just vehicle information. I don't think it's asking to much for those who look for it, to go to the "server administration" page, same way you found the commands eventually. I'd say, that page is where those commands primarily belong.
  13. Post Scriptum Keys

    You can now get Post Scriptum and access to the playtests by just pre-ordering the game on Steam.
  14. Does this help you? Either way, send an email to support.
  15. Console Commands

    Just let me clarify. You mean if we add a link to the individual vehicle pages from the command list? I did one example here: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Server_Administration#Stryker Is this what you mean?
  16. Console Commands

    Could you please specify exactly what you mean by ID? I don't understand. The wiki lists the spawn IDs as, for example, "/Game/Vehicles/Technical/BP_Technical_Transport_INS.BP_Technical_Transport_INS_c". What else do you need?
  17. Post Scriptum Keys

    Does below help you? If not, you have to be more specific with "invalid".
  18. I did some research into existing scripting tools and particularly those that are already supported by Gamepedia. The following are my findings; not a complete list, not an in-depth research. There are many other Gamepedia wikis that use some of the following technologies. There is great collaboration and info sharing between all the wiki admins, so it's possible to get in touch with them to find out more or to get help for getting started. Scripts There are various scripts available to automate handling of data for MediaWikis. 1. Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) https://www.semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/Semantic_MediaWiki https://help.gamepedia.com/Extension:Semantic_MediaWiki https://help.gamepedia.com/Cargo:_Cargo_and_SMW Due to SMW's incompatibility issues with many other extensions and systems, Gamepedia no longer supports SMW. 2. Cargo https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Cargo https://help.gamepedia.com/Extension:Cargo https://help.gamepedia.com/Cargo:_Quick_start_guide https://help.gamepedia.com/Cargo:_Cargo_and_SMW Cargo basically are infobox-style templates that both define a data structure and then store their data in a Cargo database tables so it can be easily queried. 3. Scribunto https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Scribunto https://help.gamepedia.com/Extension:Scribunto https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lua_(programming_language) https://www.lua.org/ Scribunto allows the use of the scripting language Lua (or other languages) in a MediaWiki. 4. Page Forms https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Page_Forms Parsed forms that create and edit pages that use infobox-style templates. Bots It's also possible to run automated bots that perform tasks. There are multiple bots available. https://help.gamepedia.com/Bots 1. PyWikiBot (PWB) https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Pywikibot https://help.gamepedia.com/Logging_in_to_third-party_tools 2. AutoWikiBrowser(AWB) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser https://help.gamepedia.com/Logging_in_to_third-party_tools Other stuff I also came across the following, but not sure what it does and if it's useful to us. 1. DynamicPageList3 (DPL) https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:DynamicPageList https://help.gamepedia.com/DPL:Manual
  19. 4/20/2018 SquadChat with ChanceBrahh

    Sweet, @Gatzby, thanks for the archive.
  20. Post Scriptum Keys

  21. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Soooo awesome. Thank you, OWI!
  22. It was announced on Discord, but only on short notice, too. It probably was kind of semi-spontaneous. There will be more of these dev streams in the future, probably with better announcements, right @Gatzby?
  23. More details were listed here:
  24. Squad Wiki Editorial

    Thanks, @Gatzby.
  25. Squad Wiki Editorial

    The newly founded Squad Wiki Editorial has entered its beta phase and recruiting has started now.