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  1. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Soooo awesome. Thank you, OWI!
  2. It was announced on Discord, but only on short notice, too. It probably was kind of semi-spontaneous. There will be more of these dev streams in the future, probably with better announcements, right @Gatzby?
  3. More details were listed here:
  4. Squad Wiki Editorial

    Thanks, @Gatzby.
  5. Squad Wiki Editorial

    The newly founded Squad Wiki Editorial has entered its beta phase and recruiting has started now.
  6. New players pls check the manual

    Most importantly, https://squad.gamepedia.com/Getting_Started_as_Grunt
  7. Definitely BOTH. In the long run, we have to see if one is pulling ahead - it's impossible to say at this point in time.
  8. New to the Game, need guidance

    All you need to know should be here (link below). And remember, the Squad Wiki is your best friend. https://squad.gamepedia.com/Getting_Started_as_Grunt
  9. defence - defense

    For spelling on the wiki, please use "American English" - see https://squad.gamepedia.com/Wiki_Style_Guide#General_guidelines In this case, "defense" is the correct spelling (for the wiki).
  10. Alpha 10

    Amazing update. Incredible, almost all official servers are full. It's impossible to find a good ping server in your region without queuing 5 to 10 positions.
  11. Understood. Thanks for the confirmation. Nevermind then.
  12. Well, my point wasn't so much about complaining about an admin action but the assumption that this was an automatic response and making a suggestion to make it better. Was this definitely an admin and not an automatic response? Anyone knows for sure?
  13. Got this message yesterday when playing A10 on the public test build. Not sure if auto-kicking is new in A10 or already in A9, hence I put it here. This is what happened: Played in a squad. A team mate abondoned at BTR. SL ordered it to be moved to the squad's location. So I got in, drove it over. Because I was medic, SL ordered two rifelmen to take over and me to follow the squad. I did as I was told. I left the vehicle and as I was moving towards my squad, I got auto-kicked with the following message. Obviously, this didn't feel very good, and wasn't fair/right. I don't think an automatic system will be able to always make the right choice. Instead of having a unfair automatic system, I rather have no automatic system. Alternative suggestions: Pop a message to the SL, report the incident to him (e.g. "Player Usgu was seen abondoning a vehicle. Should he be kicked from the server? Approve/Cancel") and let him approve or disapprove the kick manually (e.g. PageUp = approve, PageDown = abort). Same could be applied for a whole bunch of incidents, e.g. team killing.
  14. Wiki News

    Keep up the good work, @DanielNL.