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  1. Dropzone went free2play on Steam today (but it is still in open beta). Check it out. More information about the game here.
  2. Oh boy, that new map looks SO awesome. Great work!
  3. @Eistriasfeel free to take on the lead. No progress was made so you start from scatch. Talk to me on Discord's #wiki channel.
  4. Me too. You mentioning it gets me already excited again.
  5. Boy, this is awesome!
  6. Sparkypants, the developer of Dropzone, is doing a 24-hour charity stream today. In fact, they just started. Good time to find out more about the game. And donate for the Johns Hopkins Children's Center. Stream is live now: More information:
  7. It sure will. Even now there is plenty to do. The main question is whether enough people will be willing to put in the work to do it.
  8. News: Sadly, no "wiki editor of the month" for October 2016. No non-admin exceeded the minimum threshold of 200 Wiki Points.
  9. I think it's awesome! Make more.
  10. News: We have a new "wiki editor of the month" nominee for September 2016: Londonsmee / @Smee - thanks for your work, mate. Wiki Ranking
  11. Glad you like it, mate.
  12. If you like RTS or Moba games, this might be something for you. If you like both, you'll love it. Right now this game is in closed beta, however it's pretty easy to get your hands on a key. Head over to Dropzone Nation's Discord (link below) and ask one of the admins for a key. I played it for the last two weeks and enjoy it. The game is truely still in beta and needs lots of work, so don't be too hard on it. However, the concepts are good and this could become a good title. Right now you can only play 1vs2, but 2vs2 will come. Eventually, the game will be free2play. Here's the awesome cinematic trailer: And here is a useful short tutorial/introduction video: Red-Rupee also has several casted replays, worthwhile to watch. There are already community-run tournaments happening. Check out the recording from Dropzone Nation's first weekly invitational (video part 1 and part 2). Spoiler alert: The match Rinka vs _Ring_ and the finals MyDiamond vs Rinka are awesome games. The second invitational will happen this weekend. Official homepage: Developer: Official wiki: Community Dropzone Nation's homepage: Community Dropzone Nation's Discord:
  13. News: For our "wiki editor of the month" nomination I've added a new rule which seems necessary to make the nomination meaningful: you have to reach or exceed 200 Wiki points during the month, anything below will not qualify. This means you actually have to put in a noticable (but not impossible) level of effort to be considered for nomination. Sadly, no one exceed the threshold during last month August (fair enough, you didn't know about it either). Let me do two shout-outs. Firstly, @TomNedry, you are doing an amazing job as wiki admin (and this statement is not only based on your last month's Wiki score) - many thanks for your excellent work. Secondly, @LevelPulse, you almost reached 200 Wiki points in August. Maybe next month...?
  14. News: New Wiki Task #007. Finally, V7 and vehicles have arrived. And with it, a lot of information to be updated on the wiki. For this, I created the wiki task with the appropriate number #007. Your mission, should you choose to accept it... go to the wiki, hit that edit button or create new pages where appropiate, and type away.
  15. Constant change is the only thing that will be constant. Hence, we'll have to embrace it. So, don't worry. Either wait till V7 is out or go right ahead, it does not make much of a difference either way. Even after V7 things will keep changing and we (the wiki editors) will have to keep stuff up-to-date - and that's ok.