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  1. Bullet and Target Reaction

    Any news on hit animations, are they being considered? maybe in the next update?
  2. Comms Drop?

    I wouldn't go as far as to say it's "complex" and I wouldn't want to make it complex, all I'm asking is a more realistic and some might say ground breaking, where others may follow your example, who knows? Just have a 20 second or thirty second mute so as the opposition don't have instant news of your position, once this becomes excepted and normal, players would see this as a realistic and an acceptable risk of being shot, this is not a massive change, and as you said people already have the option of Teamspeak, Mumble, to say players would gravitate towards these just because of a 30 second mute in game is a bit of a stretch in my opinion, and I also think some players like to play within the rules and take a pride in that. It would also add a fear and jeopardy angle, if you radio your squad mate and they don't reply you wonder if they've been shot or just didn't answer you! This is not taking communication away from people it's adding another wrinkle and more immersion Yes your right communication is a big part of the game and we want to make sure it's accessible to everyone -- 'cause they *need* it.
  3. Comms Drop?

    I second your idea, you should be able to hear enemy in local chat if in the proximity, much more realistic and works for both sides equally.
  4. Comms Drop?

    Yes ok fair comment, but really how many people are using Teamspeak and the like? Clans should in my opinion more than others play in the spirit of the game.
  5. Comms Drop?

    Voice communication drop or mute for 30 seconds after getting incapacitated, this I'd like to see as many times you may sneak up on the enemy and take out a player only for him to shout out straight away, " I'm down enemy 20m to my North, " this breaks your surprise element and he is able to alert every squad player to your presence. You usually end up getting shot and killed pretty quickly after a kill, as the whole enemy squad check there maps and zero in on your position in seconds. I think a comms mute once your incapacitated for 20 or 30 seconds would be realistic, as you could re-position without everyone knowing your position, the downed players comms would be re-instated after the time lapse, this could be justified as the " SHOCK " period of just being blasted with high powered bullet. To be clear this would only happen when you're incapacitated and not just wounded. Just wondered everyone's thoughts and ideas on this? or any improvements to add.
  6. Bullet and Target Reaction

    Go to 1:17 for the hit animations. I've posted this before and the bullet hit reactions in RED RIVER are the best I've seen and are believable for a video game. Remember this is just a third person animation you can see here, in game you lower your rifle once hit, and can't shoot for the duration of the animation in first person as well, the animation in first person also copies what you can see here in third person. This combined with a slight blurring effect on screen would in my opinion be ideal, and the standard you would want to achieve.
  7. How old are Squaddies? - Questionnaire

    v 5.1 don't cheek your elders kids.
  8. Free look / TrackIR Support

    anyone working on freelook, Track IR now that v10 is here.
  9. Gotta say this whole V10 has been a PR disaster for them, they obviously showcased it far too early. My question is if they knew it was so far off why do it? Also the coding C++ was not ready so why didn't they employ a dedicated coder for this? With all the money they've made surely this was a must. There intentions and promise are great, but there execution is poor, these are my feelings on this only because Squad is such a fantastic game and I love the game. Let the flaming begin...... PS. another Month goes by and no V10! just saying. and by this I mean the animation overhaul which is the core of V10, ( not the Demo weekend ) which was showcased and said was almost there back in August 2017...... = disaster. Too all the fanboys out there don't tell me this hasn't been a car crash, it has.
  10. Alpha 10 Public Test

    THREE WEEKS CONFIRMED That joke isn't funny anymore!
  11. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Just my two cents, it would be Professional suicide to drag this back now to version v9, the vaulting and other animations take this where it should be. Yes there are glitches, but that's where testing comes in. My opinion is leave it where it is and fix the bugs, run with this and sort it out as we progress, to switch now will piss a lot of people off................... Hell Let Loose anyone?, it's the tail that wags the dog sometimes.
  12. The Wrench, October 2017

    A few thoughts for you Modders out there, would like too see on night maps, dusk dawn working lights on vehicles. Switch on / off yourself. Blood splatter up walls and directional, hitting your camera view depending on how close you may be standing to the victim, pools of blood, blood dripping from wounded soldiers, body part dismemberment? I'm not blood thirsty honest!
  13. Alpha 9.8 Released

    Could this mean body reactions to bullet hits, flinching and stumbling effects?
  14. Alpha 9.8 Released

    Would something like this be included in the new animation update? https://youtu.be/qiiOU_fhex0 If so wondered if we could get a sneak peak! this could also be used for bullet impacts on different body parts, making you flinch and stumble depending where you get shot?
  15. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    Just a small critic suggestion, could we get some street signs and stop signs, chevrons on roundabouts, barriers on roundabouts, speed limits, traffic lights, bus stops pull ins, bus shelters along the roads, if these maps are to represent a war torn city, would also like to see more abandoned vehicles, destroyed vehicles and buses, lorry's and cars, just more general road clutter they look a little clinical.