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  1. It is. Registration is scheduled to open Saturday 28 January. In the mean time, our developpers are working hard on a new version of the website, I'll post more when it happens.
  2. After two battles where Coalition have won, Opposition make quite a heavy comeback and won the 3rd battle ! Here is some footage from the Mechanized company, thanks to DanielNL !
  3. More info on the official S:F tournament post here :
  4. Hello Squaddies ! As already advertised in the official announcement here, we are proud to present you with this new tournament based on team work and dedication : Squad:Frontlines This tournament consist on two factions (or armies if you prefer), organised under a general and his HCO's staff (High Commanding Officers), fighting each other every week. Our website is giving them all the tools to organise their companies, track training and battle attendance, manage ranks and also give medals of award ! The whole faction is organised around this CoC (Chain of Command) with the general having all the "power" he need to reach one goal : win the campaign !! The campaign is a succession of battles during 3 months, and at the end of the quarter, the winning side is the army that won most battles.. or in case of a tie, the most rounds ! We have now 2 battles under our belt in what we call our beta campaign, and we have already a nice core of dedicated players, a lot of input is given to us admins and it really makes us think even more than we were before the start of the project!! ... unfortunately some have left too, realizing that Squad:Frontlines take some time to be fully prepared to the battle (and we don't blame them - it takes time). What we think is the least to be prepared too is being able to participate in a weekly training, getting to know objectives, maps, flags... also getting to know your fellow company members... so you are fully prepared come battle day !! That is not a requirement that us admin force people to use, but it's the kind of dedication a general could ask from his soldiers. Like I said, a lot of input is coming from the players and we are currently thinking about the first official campaign, trying to please everyone is not easy but be assured that it is our main goal : providing a game experience that you can never find anywhere else !! There are still a lot to be done to be ready and we need YOU to make this happen ! So register to, join our Discord and have fun with us ! Any question let us know.. you can join our Discord or ask here ! Rusty For the S:F admin Team
  5. Tomorrow our 2nd battle at !!! Will Opposition turn the tide and win their first battle or will Coalition dig them in !? Registrations are still open ! Go and have fun !
  6. At 19:00 GMT we will hold a fun thanksgiving fun event, join or Discord
  7. Better than K/D, show the number of TK
  8. Good news boys !! Keep it coming !
  9. Squad is about teamwork yes ! It's just for that you should join Squad:Frontlines tournament --> get registered today and play december 3rd for our second battle !
  10. You are more than welcome @Blackmail !! Every player is welcome, no need to be part of a clan or any organisation, you join as a individual and work for the side you join.
  11. First battle saturday 19th !!! More than 250 players have joined already !! Still room for those interested, registration never stop.
  12. Very nice to see this !! Can't wait to try it !
  13. There actually is no clan in Squad:Frontlines @avguste, it's all inviduals joining under a banner and a general
  14. Don't hesitate to register in case you have more time in the future ! registrations are always open. Btw at some point, we will do 12h long battles... so you can join only for a small amount of time
  15. Some update on : website is up since sunday we have ~200 players already registered and this number is growing up every hour both armies are already organizing their staff, and most of the company captains are already choosen first divisional training have been planned by the "Opposition" side and is planned sunday 13th game servers (both private and public) are up since yesterday !! feel free to use them ! first battle (of this "beta" campaign or campaign 0) is scheduled on saturday 19th !!! things are getting really exciting now !!