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  1. AL Basrah Re - Remake AKA AL BasBrahh ---------------------------- Up to page 11 is my first remake of basrah. Please see link above for most recent remake with custom buildings. I would like to show you all the progress on the Al Basrah remake i am doing or as some call it Al BasBrahh Those who dont know Al Basrah is a Project Reality map, screenshots of the map can be seen here and here These screenshots below are recent as of the creation of this post. ( IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE TOPIC PLEASE GO TO THE LINK BELOW TO SEE THE MORE RECENT SCREENSHOTS BETTER RESEMBLING THE PR VERSION ) Leaving these ones here to show the progress. UPDATED: 22 / 09 / 16
  2. only takes a second to prone and shoot someone under the water. Its the only way i can come up with to make water an obstacle and bridges and crossing a valued thing. Once swimming becomes a thing then it will be updated instantly.......... BUT! till then get your bandages ready if you enjoy water glitching.
  3. Its much easier and safe for me to have the vehicle blow up instantly when too deep cause if i dont have it like that then when someone drives fast enough you can cross the river without much damage. Ive lowered the damage volume just a tiny bit more but not enough to allow players to prone. If prone you will begin to bleed and need to patch, if you dont get up out of the water youll be dead within 5 seconds, if you go too deep its a instant death. --- get a sneak peak at some more buildings on our discord
  4. no more water glitchers! (please note that if in the water too long you will begin to bleed and need to patch) youll only take damage on the crossing if you lay down, if you crouch or walk across youll be 100% fine working on the river atm
  5. One of the worst games (beta) ive ever played 25gb of pure shit! only thing i kinda liked was the customization but even that had its limits with the crappy vest and backpacks. parachuting without a parachute backpack? stupid idea! atleast do what the arma 3 mod does and places the backpack on your chest. SO arcady its not funny! I had low expectations for this game and it didnt even get close to how crap it thought it would be.. -8 / 10
  6. I literally do around 6-8 hours on average a day, sometimes i can do more. Last week when i started filling the city i did 14hours, so it does take alot of my time up because i want to give players the opportunity to play this sooner if the devs decide to pick this up. Plus i wanted to have it finished before the British were released so if they did pick it up they could perhaps release them side by side.
  7. nothing serious like that, at first it was a break and now we found out its just a bad sprain lol. But i do want to just clarify something for those thinking Basrah is being released soon, it is not. The 18th of Feb was personal date set by myself for the project so i can begin to focus on finding work and just tidying the final things up on the map. Due to this memeber being injured i looked for another 3d modeler to help out and which is how found some issues with afew of the building models so we are needing them remade which means we will prob miss this date but at the same time it turns out to be abit of a blessing in disguise as it will perform better. Have no fear tho i do hope to have it finished by the end of the month if all goes well or at the latest 1st week of March. Then its just a matter of player interest and time if the devs will select this to become an official map.
  8. this is a personal goal for the project, so i can send it to a dev and allow them to have alook to see if they are interested in bring it on board to be an official map. It would be silly to not make it official just look at all this hype, not to mention the fully custom buildings we created to avoid the whole copyright issue so OWI could release it without any issues or worry. In a perfect world id love for the map to be made official along with the release of the British, it would be the perfect compliment to the faction having its own map. Ive sent off a message showing progress and asking if they are still interested and yet to hear back, hopefully we get the nod
  9. This is a warning to all those who feel they want to voice their opinion here, there is nothing wrong with doing so but please do so in a constructive manner. If you dont like someones opinion and cant reply back respectively then either dont reply or go ahead and do so but risk been giving a warning which may lead to a nice fun break from the forums The devs do listen to peoples constructive suggestions and such but also remember nothing is finial, pretty much everything gets changed at some point.
  10. Edited post with newer highres screenshots
  11. this should be enough of a tease to get you through afew days.
  12. Im hoping that mines and ied will be here soon!
  13. Hopefully this will allow everyone to move on from the whole copyright issue. We currently have 4 buildings completed but i have decided to show of the one that people will love the most Custom! House of Pain
  14. scroll up when you go to general
  15. The buildings that we were using were created from scratch matching those of bf2, the dimensions and are completely different and we did add more and less windows and doors but that doesnt matter anymore as we have some custom buildings being made. Some of which have been shown off in our discord.
  16. People always seem to never want to squad lead so you decide stuff it ill do it, then people join your squad and decide to that they know best and back seat squad lead...... As much as i hate when people stay unassigned cause they dont want to create a squad i kind of understand why as well. I think having those kits that are available right now is just fine
  17. Building wise, yes.
  18. minimap
  19. All buildings are going to be enterable but only afew will be above the 2nd story, meaning all the ground floors will be accessible
  20. If anyone would like to help with modeling or the texturing on these new ones that would be awesome! seeing as now we are kinda back to square one with the buildings if we had someone (yes you) do atleast 1 or 2 buildings (we only have a total of 10 and the mosque) we could hopefully have this map completed by mid February or maybe earlier..... All depends on the community and help. Join the Basrah discord.
  21. Dont worry boys im currently in the process talking to people about creating another set of new buildings with the same length and width so that i can replace my ones without moving millions of objects. It sucks i know..... it could of been mentioned awhile ago but oh well shit happens...
  22. market lane
  23. There *SHOULD* be a new time setting for AAS2 & PAAS put in the next update
  24. Yes it deep Hopefully all at some point but till then i think about 40% of the city as i do want to keep the fighting on the streets and not completely building to building all day I already use that as my reference Yes because the water is deep i will be adding damage to the water so no one will be able to run through it
  25. Wont be happening as i dont want anything taller then what i have placed on the map at the moment