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  1. AL Basrah Re - Remake AKA AL BasBrahh ---------------------------- Up to page 11 is my first remake of basrah. Please see link above for most recent remake with custom buildings. I would like to show you all the progress on the Al Basrah remake i am doing or as some call it Al BasBrahh Those who dont know Al Basrah is a Project Reality map, screenshots of the map can be seen here and here These screenshots below are recent as of the creation of this post. ( IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE TOPIC PLEASE GO TO THE LINK BELOW TO SEE THE MORE RECENT SCREENSHOTS BETTER RESEMBLING THE PR VERSION ) Leaving these ones here to show the progress. UPDATED: 22 / 09 / 16
  2. ive never touched my gamma and i love the night maps! I dont think adding fog would do anything meaningful as youll just be reducing the distance of which you can engage contacts. When Logar night first came into play in the CPA it had alot of different lights placed around the town and it was amazing seeing players from a distance running through those lighting cones. Im sure someone one day will mod it........ Its just a matter of when
  3. With the new SDK releasing very soon ill be able to update the map with the new pipeline and other new objects, keep an eye out here or on the discord page.
  4. This was written 8 hours ago.
  5. I think this while it would be 'cool' to have it isnt very practical cause you can just voip to anyone around you. Why point when you can just call out a bearing??
  6. What kind of dungeon? I am planing on doing an expansion of first light when the new sdk comes out, i love the map but it gets repetitive. Im hoping i can get something working and looking decently
  7. We are aware of the server connectivity issues related to EAC. Please be patient as we are working on a fix for this now. No timeframe as of yet, but we will let you know when we have more information available.
  8. Yeh that lighting (sky) is direct from Al Basrah. There are 4 different skies on Kokan, PAAS INSURGENCY AAS2 AAS1
  9. LOL is this really needed
  10. absolutely amazing! @anders 9.99 / 10 just wish the m249 had the same sounds as when the m4 is on full auto
  11. rather it be a point of interest... allowing both teams to own it at any point, well expect on PAAS where the blufor team have it as a temp spawn but after that has expired its just another part of the map.
  12. Lol this is not an issue at all, if the insurgents where to get on the roof of the building at their main they still couldn't do anything very useful. They can see the bridge that connects the city to the island but it's ages away so it would be like shooting ants.
  13. 262,780 posts on the forums and you don't think anyone has suggested? Please use the search function
  14. AAS Layer drawn up PAAS layer drawn up, yellow markers are temp spawn points for 3-5mins at the beginning of the round like Sumari and Kohat have
  15. edited his post, hopefully he will upload an actual image.
  16. updated the gas station and placed afew buildings between city and it. not to mention the two extensions to the right
  17. YAS!!! All this new firepower!!
  18. Id love for this to still happen, being able to talk to certain squads but at the same time i like how it is now cause it kinda notify s you all
  19. Id try and keep it updated as much as possible, id love to had like 2-3 different layers of insurgency: British vs INS USA vs INS RUS vs INS (maybe) and 1-2 AAS layers If a squad building is released that i could see fitting into the map ill try my best to make room for it. At the moment the 5 story corner building has a roof top access point which will be remaining closed until choppers and fast ropes to allow for roof top entry allowing blufor to occupy the building much quicker
  20. Al Basrah is not 60% finished its more like 95-98% Ive gone for the overgrown look as if everyone has fled the city, i dont want to have stuff all over the roads and such as thats what fobs are for.
  21. sorry cant read any of your comments too busy starring at this beauty! @Axton
  22. I may have a look into this but not sure how it will go as the terrain on basrah isnt very flat. --- Something for everyone
  23. its between 90 - 70fps
  24. These were the only sort i could get my hands on, i know that when the devs bring fallujah they will have better suited palm trees. So till then these should do lol
  25. There is currently bullet drop in squad. As for adjusting scope setting i don't think that will happen, tho if it does it would only be for the sniper roll which will be very limited anyways.