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  1. [WIP] Ramiel (Black Hawk Down) PR Maps Remastered

    Why not just use the assets from mutaha and just re-adjust the map where needed. Will save you multiple hours and youll be able to still get something very close to original.
  2. Huge announcement, I was wrong.

    When i came up with the with overall design of Mutaha it came from the name.... i believe maze in Arabic is pronounced mutaha or very close to. So i wanted to come up with something new.. with basrah you have multiple windows to watch out for so with Mutaha i wanted multiple lane ways and then youve got to worry about the roof tops aswell. Not only that, you also get a very good balance of vehicle and gameplay in and outside of the towns. Its a very solid mixture of chora, basrah, sumari, tallil and yet still its own unique map
  3. Removed

    you did also mention "Fan made cinematic" its not really fan made when you just add effects, all youve really done is adjusted it. If i added a black and white effect to saving private ryan does that make it fan made? do you think id get done for copywrite? Not only have you done it to our boys amazing work, youve also done it other other games.
  4. Squad Classic

    orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...... you just mod it....
  5. Nanisivik_RAAS_v2

    When i did the US v Brit layer for kamdesh i called it "Wargame" it was laid out to be a **** around layer. Pitting two teams evenly balanced against each other in what is an unlikely scenario. also the biggest reason.
  6. LOL, Operation First Light AKA Forest. It was beginning to show its age within squad compared to current maps, we'd much prefer to focus on the future.... There's no reason as to why someone can make something similar in style or appearance and have the possibility of having it made an official map.
  7. [WIP] Iron Dawn (Vanilla)

    make it 2x2 and you'll actually finish this one
  8. Should Finland be added to Squad?

  9. Why, Get Rid of First Light ?

    I do have plans for a OPFL but its got nothing to do with official work, way too busy with official stuff and the Australian faction, some signage may be required
  10. Why, Get Rid of First Light ?

    I love OPFL and miss it every day, was such a good map to chuck in rotation to change things up every once in a while Come on someone make OPSL. bigger and better!
  11. Al-Basrah Rework.

    We have afew different plans for basrah but its just a matter of deciding and finding the time for it, these are some of the possible option: * Expand to the West side of the map, relocating the Blufor main further away and adding afew more villages so it becomes much more of an invasion style map... fighting towards the city. * Expand to the eastern side of the map across the harbour with more villages and expansion of the city. * Take the basic measurements of the current buildings and spice them up to the quality of the newer buildings seen on tallil (and replace all fences with walls.) I personally believe that replacing all the buildings currently with the tallil ones will take a massive factor away from what makes basrah basrah.... highrises, multiple rooms and windows to watch.... not to mention straight up swapping them for the tallil ones requires a complete reworking of the road network within the city... Along with some of those possible changes we'd really want to upgrade all the landscape materials on it aswell. Basrah is one of our most popular maps and we dont want to see it fall behind due to age / quality and as the creator of it id love to see it get a new lease on life with some or all of those changes mentioned without losing what makes it so wonderful to play.
  12. Can I be of help?

    Axton, Zeno and myself are all originally modders, we've all worked on different mod projects which were picked up by the devs and us few were lucky enough to also get brought onto the team as well as have our mod content made officially part of the game. Others have also had their modded work implement into the base game, im cant remember exact names (sorry guys) which they were reimbursed for, i believe afew of the things that were added were more seat options for the techies and Russian ammobox / ammo crates. Axton: Mestia Zeno: Skorpo (Yet to be officially released) Myself: Kokan & Al Basrah Assifuah: Russian Reddot scope. Id suggest looking around, joining the modding discord https://discord.gg/a9f4FvW as people are always after things there and as you go by posting images of your work maybe a dev might compliment your work or even contact you in regards to possibly making it official. There's always the chance........ (make a Australian faction, weapons / vehicles)
  13. We need more maps!

    There has been discussions as to reduxing kamdesh (yes including the roads) there's multiple things id like to adjust with that map. We also have afew new maps in the process which will either be released soon or shown in future recaps. And the possibility of making some modded maps official. When we create a new map we look at what is it, what purpose does it have and even why are we fighting here.. We need to cater for choppers / tanks / inf with most if not all our future maps, we cant focus on just making a map centered purely around just one of those... it can favor one tho.
  14. Heli flight models

    As a level designer all i can tell you is that it flies
  15. October 2018 Recap

    yeh boi!