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  1. Mod Integration With The Core Game

    As someone who was once a modder for squad now a developer, i can safely say we are always looking at what modders are creating. Kokan was the first community made map turned official which i created based off the PR map. Basrah was the second community made map turned official which i also created based off the PR map with the help of other modders such as @Stom @Assi and modder turned developer @Axton. Im not 100% sure the guys names so i cant mention them but we had community members from the modding discord create the Russian resupply ammo crate, the ammo boxes on Mestia and with mentioning Mestia, it was a created by @Axton as a modder which turned official based off the PR map. Like i've said we do look at what content is out there but we need to ask ourselves. Is it suited to what we have so far? as in we cant go having island maps cause we dont have boats. weapons we dont currently have the system for. is there much work required to get it to official standards... we might see something that has potental but do we really have the time to help that modder get to that stage and continue with our own work..... and many other things... Id also suggest anyone thinking they have something that could be official shouldnt go chasing devs around, we will come to you. We're always watching
  2. Death and Glory - Short SDK Video

    WOW <3
  3. How many will be moving from SQUAD to Post Scriptum?

    after playing in the closed alpha for that somewhat public event i couldnt play squad for afew days after, tho i think that was due to such the high level of teamwork it had. Of course when its released to every *** and his dog that will change and youll get situations like you do with squad now. Overall i love it and will continue to play both as evenly as possible..... Some times it may come down to which mates are playing what game and who i feel like playing with
  4. Al Basrah feels Somewhat Empty?

    Basrah probably wont see any real changes for some time due to working on other maps, currently working on Belaya (snow map)
  5. Timeline and deadlines.

    As alot of know i started off as one of the backers / regular squad players, i can safely say without a doubt the things we have cominh out in the next few months will blow your mind! We want to release good solid content, sometimes there's setbacks and such but we are always working our asses off to provide the best experience possible
  6. Yes it only has the one entrance / exit, the images you posted would of been done via a team mate due to the spawn protection extending past the entrance
  7. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    @Fokkehassel give us more!
  8. Al Basrah feels Somewhat Empty?

    I do have plans to add those things later... well antennas, dishes, water barrels and shit like that, i just want to expand the map more before I come to that =]
  9. Al Basrah feels Somewhat Empty?

    When basrah gets put into the sdk i want those of you who want furniture inside the buildings to populate every room, hallway, garage and rooftop with objects and not make it look repetitive then tell me how your frames have gone to shit and that youve wasted your time. Have you play basrah before lol every window overlooks atleast 100 different other windows, so your going to tell me that in those 100 something rooms there wont be objects cause they will be seen?.......your going to have that problem with all windows. So again Objects inside buildings isnt going to happen Im more then happy for yous to waste your time trying tho
  10. Al Basrah feels Somewhat Empty?

    When i created basrah i did so as a map modder, the buildings i out sourced to other modders such as Axton, Assifuah and Stom. We choose to make buildings to the likeness of PRs but our own. We had no idea of performance and such so making them somewhat simple was the best idea, we could of added random objects like aircons and solar panels but again no idea of performance at the time. I could probably go ahead and add those objects to the current version of the map we are playing but would you rather that or the urban area expanded?........ expanded We choose to use textures straight from the SDK itself so the design of the buildings came back to what textures we had access to. I choose to go for a overgrown / abandoned look as it was easier to do with the resources. Squad basrah was never meant to be a 1:1 of PRs basrah, Its my representation of it. As for the ladder comment you do understand that PRs basrah didnt have half as many accessible buildings, would you rather ladders or more accessible buildings?........ buildings When basrah gets put into the SDk youll have all the time in the world to adjust it to your liking.
  11. @rulie you found a lover. Guessing your aussie @Finn55 so ill see you around
  12. Al Basrah feels Somewhat Empty?

    Look at the amount of rooms in each building, then look at how you'd have to make afew different types of interiors for the same building so it didnt just seem repetitive. If are too busy worrying about furniture inside your not paying attention to the gameplay around you, the last thing i think of when on the 6th floor of the highrise building is 'a nice dinner table with 4 chairs would look nice right here over looking this wonderful view' Lets say all the buildings have furniture can you imagine all the people complaining about.... i got stuck on a table or dam chair got in my way and i died blah blah blah ohh and performance..................................................................