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  1. Im hoping that mines and ied will be here soon!
  2. Hopefully this will allow everyone to move on from the whole copyright issue. We currently have 4 buildings completed but i have decided to show of the one that people will love the most Custom! House of Pain
  3. scroll up when you go to general
  4. The buildings that we were using were created from scratch matching those of bf2, the dimensions and are completely different and we did add more and less windows and doors but that doesnt matter anymore as we have some custom buildings being made. Some of which have been shown off in our discord.
  5. People always seem to never want to squad lead so you decide stuff it ill do it, then people join your squad and decide to that they know best and back seat squad lead...... As much as i hate when people stay unassigned cause they dont want to create a squad i kind of understand why as well. I think having those kits that are available right now is just fine
  6. Building wise, yes.
  7. minimap
  8. All buildings are going to be enterable but only afew will be above the 2nd story, meaning all the ground floors will be accessible
  9. If anyone would like to help with modeling or the texturing on these new ones that would be awesome! seeing as now we are kinda back to square one with the buildings if we had someone (yes you) do atleast 1 or 2 buildings (we only have a total of 10 and the mosque) we could hopefully have this map completed by mid February or maybe earlier..... All depends on the community and help. Join the Basrah discord.
  10. Dont worry boys im currently in the process talking to people about creating another set of new buildings with the same length and width so that i can replace my ones without moving millions of objects. It sucks i know..... it could of been mentioned awhile ago but oh well shit happens...
  11. market lane
  12. There *SHOULD* be a new time setting for AAS2 & PAAS put in the next update
  13. Yes it deep Hopefully all at some point but till then i think about 40% of the city as i do want to keep the fighting on the streets and not completely building to building all day I already use that as my reference Yes because the water is deep i will be adding damage to the water so no one will be able to run through it
  14. Wont be happening as i dont want anything taller then what i have placed on the map at the moment
  15. Get a tissue you may need it.