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  1. I'm not satisfied

    Go here: http://alpha.joinsquad.com/
  2. The closed pre alpha

    Yes, you do. But not right now... Exactly.... You wiill get access during the closed alpha.
  3. insurgent Cell Squad Leader - No scope on gun

    I've always thought the AK performs better than the m4..
  4. download

    Thanks for the very informative post. Really helps us answer your question....
  5. It seems that that the NY servers are especially laggy compared to any of the other servers. Anyone else notice this?
  6. Not received cd keys

    You will get your keys when the game goes into alpha. Currently the game is in closed pre-alpha.
  7. Week 2 Impressions (Master Thread?)

    Oh okay. Yah, hit markers and dumb. I think they only indication that you shot someone is their body "jolting", for lack of a better word...
  8. Mousepad vs. No Mousepad?

    I don't use one.
  9. Week 2 Impressions (Master Thread?)

    Hes talking about when you dump 10 rounds into someone from 5 feet away and they don't die. It seems to be server related. I think you are confusing hit detection with something else... Hit detection is very important to immersion. If I shoot someone 9 times in the back they should die, but sometimes the server doesn't register that I just shot them 9 times and they turn around and kill me. Disclaimer: I am not complaining about the game being "bad" or anything. I am simply giving feedback about an issue that I think is very important and I know will be addressed.

    The servers seem to be very unstable today
  11. 1 minute late

    It seems whoever posted the announcement with the times that servers will be up have the US times off by one hour because 6am GMT is actually 11pm LA time.
  12. Bring it back to WW2

    Why would he say something like that if thats not the plan?? I think mod support is one of many things that will make this game great. After all, PR was a mod...
  13. V3 Team switch in "Deploy now"

    Its most likely because of the team switch feature they have added.
  14. Night Maps

    They were in it last weekend. They are pretty fun imo.
  15. Aiming

    Click once then click again to un aim.