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  1. 82ndAB Squad Server Application

    Hi Spyder, Yep that server is still going strong, we usually get up to 40+ players on their.....
  2. We applied for a server before Christmas, but have yet to here a response as to whether our application was successfull. Could you please respond or send me a pm to confirm the current status of our application.
  3. He's probably re-installed and playing using a different name, but he is right addictive as hell........damn devs....
  4. Clans, Gaming communities Section

    How about a side tab for clan website links....beats a forum post......or a page dedicated to clans in a visual format....
  5. Closed Alpha 2 Released

    Best news in a while, and I am working from home tomorrow....or am I??
  6. The best experiences I have had to date are with a good squad leader and a committed squad, the geographical location (and in some cases ages too) has no bearing on the outcome. Good Squad leader = Better gaming experience, win or lose it is communication that is the key. Bad Squad Leader = No fun at all. To emphasise the point a little further, if you have only one good squad leader in your team, and the other squad leaders either don't respond, or just do their own thing.....your screwed.
  7. Hello Everyone

    Hi Dingus, A few of us from The 82ndAB have alpha keys, so we will see you on the battlefield...
  8. Origin of your Game Name / Username

    I use my real name due to lazyness at first, playing online for the first time in COD2 I kept getting kicked for an empty name, then I found some servers giving me www.servername.com...etc....so I read the manual and realised why I was being kicked put my name in and been like that ever since..... Oh and if you wonder how it is pronounced, here is it in phonics. Yay Yan (Ye Yan in North Wales).
  9. Signatures

    So Ray, are you saying mine is too big?
  10. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    That's fantastic Chance, thank you very much!
  11. Your Countries Squad Logo (FLAG)

    Chance could you do one with the Welsh Flag?
  12. 82nd Airborne Clan

    How you doing my Dutch Brother!!!!
  13. 82nd Airborne Clan

    We still use the CODWAW version of that map, but I remember when BHC released that map....totally awesome, perfect for training!
  14. 82nd Airborne Clan

    Tactical is as tactical does, that is why we are all here right?