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  1. How are you going to fix Players + Vehicles

    I'm not sure if anyone has said this or thought of this, but I think that the animations with the vehicles will be like the ones in Far Cry. The developers of Squad want an open and fluid game unlike Arma which has animations and menus to go through. I was thinking of how you have to use the scroll wheel just to get up a ladder in Arma but in Squad you don't. You also have to get in vehicles with a menu in Arma, so I'm hoping you don't in Squad. It'd look pretty stupid if the enemy was aiming a rocket at the HMMWV and everyone just popped out real quick and they were just standing there facing straight in the opposite direction of the truck. It wouldn't ruin the game if it was like Arma, but it would spoil the immersion.
  2. How are you going to fix Players + Vehicles

    I think vehicles have the potential to ruin the game. Chances are they will make the game better but I dunno. Whats going to stop the group of teenage friends doing some random shit and flying over the mountains and sand dunes wasting tickets. I don't plan on getting ran over either. Hopefully the vehicles can be stopped with about 10 bullets, they might even add a repair role to the game.
  3. Release: Alpha Version 6

    Can't wait to see new graphics settings!
  4. Ideas for the devs

    Yep I just submitted the idea on the suggestions page, I didn't know there was since I'm new here.
  5. I think it would be a cool idea to include random and differentiating animations when reloading or placing resupply points (forgot what they're called).
  6. Pre-Alpha/Alpha Release?

    So if I back the game for $37 I'll get the game early and have the complete game when it finally comes out?
  7. Ideas for the devs

    One idea I had was that there would be alternating animations for reloading or actions, the same times for each action just looks different.
  8. Ideas for the devs

    Hopefully people will post ideas for the developers to implement into the game or to take into consideration.