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  1. US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, RIP

    Amazing, using a gaming forum for your choice of political drool.........................
  2. What kind of a person hacks in this game?

    They need to feel im po tent :wub:
  3. What job do you got?

    Here in the States, we call Jager, "Liquid Crack" :wub:
  4. Cocktails Creations

    Ask my barkeep for one of those fancy umbrella drinks, he tell you "GET THE F*CK OUTTA MY BAR"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) Bubble up boyz!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. New hiking boots

    When it comes to warm dry feet, $$$ dont matter.
  6. Vive la France !!! Another sad day for Freedom. To those responsible, may God have no pity on your souls.........
  7. Project Normandy

  8. Liberals heh...................... Get my guillotine :P
  9. DesmoLocke's Videos!

    Since the beginning of Pre-Alpha, medics pretty much all I`ve been able to play/only slot available in a decent squad. I know what its like not having that frag at those special times. Havent been able to try out the new medic system, R/L kept me out for past 2 weekends. Will try to get my fill this weekend though. Good stuff Desmo......
  10. DesmoLocke's Videos!

    Not bad for a medic too funny

    Yep, welcome to SQUAD new comers
  12. WW2 Mod for the game Squad/ Any willing to make it?

    http://www.tractionwars.com/content.html Here is a group of gamers developing a realism based WW2 game on their free time. Looks interesting
  13. 9/11 Rememberance.

    F*ckin aye!
  14. Most badass FOB I seen yet in game.
  15. Tanks with GoPros

    1000% agree. The world is a powder keg. F*cked up!