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  1. Is there a way to set scope usage to shift zoom?

    Ok let me rephrase and clarify. Considering if these factors are true I fully understand. With 1x zoom or no scope at all, when you go to this state you gun is more stable than without ads. When you focus, there is no additional zoom but you slow your breathing and steady gun temporarily (it seems to zoom in game now) If you stay "focused" too long it can effect fatigue. - (suggestion) Suggestion - make it possible to skip to "focus" as a setting, for people who don't search for targets in ads. (I'm leaving this in but as I'm typing I'm seeing that this would only encourage run and gun playstyle therefore I'm not sure it fits squad). I now am retracting what I said except for the fatigue statement above.
  2. Is there a way to set scope usage to shift zoom?

    I dont see why this is a two step process, generally when you look down the sights, you are focusing on that. not just haphazardly looking down the sights. As for the title, sorry still used to having to use click bait titles just to get people to look at it, I wasn't here for a couple days and wont happen again.
  3. Is there a way to auto set scope usage to shift zoom that way it's not a two step process. This is important especially if you are a designated marksman. I have not gotten a chance to get in game yet, just noticed most people's videos struggling with this.
  4. New Class: Mortarman

    Just to point out one thing that definitely wont cross, Illumination rounds. The devs have already confirmed no night maps because of "gamma abusers". Smoke would be great though.
  5. weapon shoulder switch.

    Moving in the direction of extremes, if you were to do this in game you might have to add a way to pick a dominant side, most people who have actually switch shot are better and more stable on their dominant side. Increase of sway for the non dominant side. But that might be too far.....
  6. Looking for a solid crew.

    I'm looking for a solid group that is NOT full milsim, like to have fun, group up and communicate. I am newish to the tactical shooter world and can still learn things and need a group good enough to support learning. I excel in forward attack/defense. I have been gaming for over 20 years and can bring a lot to the table plus I talk a bit of shit in the down time so come with tough skin.
  7. Streamers and Public

    You only sugar coat things if you are talking to the Navy....bluntness is the only way to get through to the other branches.
  8. Am I seeing this correctly?

    Thank you jesus.
  9. Am I seeing this correctly?

    Resolved....I misread and thank anything you consider holy that I did.... Iron taxi might want to consider typing out EARLY ACCESS for Steam, to prevent future heart attacks.
  10. Streamers and Public

    I didn't want to make it seem like I was offended here. I am just promoting leading through action not words. I think that the majority of those who would be offended wont last long in this game and those who can take some constructive criticism will grow with the community. I actually have been very impressed with the majority of the interactions on these forums. I usually avoid forums because of how terrible they can become but I don't get that feel here.
  11. Streamers and Public

    I come from a long history of gaming mainly focusing on MMO's and shooters since the days of Wolfenstein 3d and DOOM. This game seems to be a bridge between the AAA arcade shooter titles of Battlefield/COD and the overly tactical "milsim" styles of ARMA, AA, etc. I have generally had problems when trying to switch over from the arcade shooters to the tactical side because of the community. The holier than thou mentality is what kills most of those tactical "shooters" for me on top of the fact that the gunplay is generally terrible. I can safely say I don't want to sit in the back and build a FOB the size of a hotel and shoot at the 2 people who will charge it in a 2 hour time span. I play arcade shooters because I like to challenge my reactions and keeping high action / intense moments, but most arcade shooters have just turned to crap in recent years. I have seen the community climate change toward a more corrosive environment and that's the other side of this game that I enjoy seeing. Tactical teamwork is not something that these new players (like myself) will have, but those of us who enjoy the game will learn from people who step up and through action, lead. Not through verbal abuse, condemnation, flaming etc. I also get bored easily and fall asleep in slow "tactical shooters" but this game seems to fight that with the adaptive spawn system. Also just because someone in a game goes lone wolf doesn't mean that your experience of the game will suffer, that's a helpful bonus to 50 v 50. The more players in a game, the less one person has an effect on the outcome and the more a cohesive group plays a roles in effecting the outcome. If you grasped nothing from what I said, just read this line....... Don't harass new players for not fitting in, lead by example and they will follow.
  12. Stat tracking

    I think stats somewhat effect gameplay, but not really as much in a game that's in essence built around team play. This game doesn't really attract the competitive arcade style shooter crowd that stat whores it up. I like to know if my accuracy is terrible in a round so I can shore up my abilities to help the team out better. If someone in a company is grouping together effective shooters for an advanced strike force he might want to know how well one can shoot. Other stats can help root out cheaters like hs/kill%, accuracy, kill per minute (if analyzed correctly- a skill that most people don't have). If you cant read cheatometer from bf3 properly and see any % higher than 0.0% and call people hackers you shouldn't have access to stats. Maybe there's should be a training course on how to read stats....that would be great, I can do that video if needed, just to unlock stats. In the end, not having stats will shy certain people from playing the game, whether or not those people are good from the community is up in the air. While some people use stats to dictate their gameplay, others use their stats to fix and better their ability to help the squad. Stats is game are like stats in real life applications: It's all how you look at them. Just because they are available, doesn't mean people use them correctly and just because they aren't available doesn't mean people will act correctly. If stats help bring in more people - bring the stats in outside of the game to help you analyze your own gameplay and help squad leaders makes effective squads for the purpose they need.
  13. Shovel Progress Bar

    I hadn't seen the different staged building mechanics and that seem to work fine. I have not played PR and am switching over from the more arcade like styles of bf4 so excuse the slight ignorance (notice I didn't say stupid). I do think that they gaming community in general is moving toward "you should already know all this stuff, RAWR" instead of constructive conversation, but it's nice to see that the dev's have kept things in check. Thank you, I hope as things grow you keep that sense of ground.
  14. =drk= Drakelings �- Just Games / No Bullshit

    I still cant fully grasp the tactical side of gaming to this extent since I've been playing shooters since they were first made and the emphasis has always been on arcade style shooters. Are there some squads within your group that are slightly less milsim-ish. I enjoy the team aspect but also enjoy high action, forward scout groups / attacker. Is that a problem?
  15. Debating wether to get the game

    No one says that the Air Force is useless when they have an A10 Warthog pointed at them. You cannot win a war if you don't have air superiority. There is still a lot of banter back and forth between the military branches but it's all in good fun, when the shit hits the fan they know that no matter which branch you are, you have their back. Things have also been getting more tight by the branches all becoming more purple....and by that I mean cross branch assisting. If you are really worried about your voice, I saw that voice modulator, which made me laugh a little but as long as you don't go to an extreme with it that should work. P.S. The other branches are just jealous of the "Ch"Air Force because of our air conditioned tents......