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  1. Rate My New PC

    Awesome. Let me know what kind of FPS you get in a full squad match.
  2. [Solved] Kicked by EAC

    My problem is solved. I followed all the steps in here.
  3. [Solved] Kicked by EAC

    I've just tried launching Squad for the first time in a while and upon joining a server the game alt tabs me and shows the message in picture 1, and then after about a minute it kicks me from the server showing the message in picture 2. Has anyone had this problem?
  4. Anyone here gone from 4790k to 7700k?

    What sort of FPS are you getting in a full squad server?
  5. Devblog - Out and About

    Wow! Those vehicle scans are way more detailed then i could have imagined, especially the textures. Super cool.
  6. Release: Alpha Version 9.4

    Dude with the IED needs to get his wrist checked out. Exciting update!
  7. Battlefield 1

    Played the best game of rush ever. I played assault with the shotguns, and god damn were they good for this map and mode!
  8. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    Man those 3rd person SPG reload animations are absolutely fantastic!!
  9. Battlefield 1

    I fell in love with the battleship. It is soooo satisfying to land shots!!
  10. Battlefield 1

    So i played the game today. Except my CPU usage is almost always at 98%-100% usage. My frame rates are okay... like 40-70, but my game likes to freeze regularly for 5-10 seconds, and its killing my vibe. I hope this is just an issue that can be fixed inside the game and not just my hardware being to old for the title. I can run BF4 on high/ultra with good table FPS, so i figured BF1 would be just a little more demanding than BF4. Old i5 2500k GTX780
  11. Battlefield 1

    Hardcore mode is under custom games in BF4 too, and its ranked. They better keep it the same way or there will be riots.
  12. Gaming PC for sale..

    $2800? I dont think so
  13. Battlefield 1

    Bought mine on amazon. Getting the code on the 21st. Is the performance better than the beta weeks ago? Sometimes my game would run great and then suddenly run poor the on the next match.
  14. Battlefield 1

    The only thing that bothers me is if they take away 3rd party scripts. Limiting weapons like snipers and other stupid gadgets was a real game changer and kept me playing BF4 on certain servers. In other news... i lol'd at this.
  15. 1000 player servers

    Which is why i said "near future". Just something to get excited about! I know its so far away it wont be applicable to squad. I think we all know that.