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  1. game is limiting my frames

    It makes no sense to optimise code when you as a dev know that you got major changes and adding major content updates to the code ahead. Why spent 2 or more months on optimisation when most of those optimisation are obsolete after the next big content update and you would have to start optimising all over. The game is in early access. You knew that play it or don't play it and wait till full release. DayZ standalone was unplayable due to bad performance and game breaking bugs, bf3 and 4 where a pain in the arse due to bad hit reg for quite some time and those where full releases. Funny how fast ppl seem to forget that.
  2. New Players and Misuse of Gameplay

    Yes please for mic check for everyone or at least for squad lead! There is no excuse for not having a mic in 2016.
  3. June 2016 Monthly Recap

    Big yes to the early supply system version *.* Also those reload animations of the sks and ppsh <3 <3 <3
  4. Why is the K/D shown?

    Big yes for revives! Edit: as i sad earlier this thread
  5. Proning under fire

    I just hope they don't solve the problem with inaccuracies, I would like to see 1 or 2 sec not being able to fire.
  6. Why is the K/D shown?

    I would love to see a revive counter so bad as it would encourage medics and reward them after the game!
  7. Proning under fire

    I never liked the idea of being inaccurate after changing stances or deploying a bipod like they did it in pr. Just makes no sense to me. Maybe a longer prone animation? On the other hand it would just aggravate me to see that it takes my character 3 seconds or how long it would be to go prone while under heavy fire. Also those 3 seconds would feel like 3 minutes to me ^^
  8. Don't forget that a tank (when they are implemented) will probably take 20 min to respawn so there is no need for 2 medium and 1 heavy at Imho. I would rather like to see light at's, maybe 1 or 2 (depending on map) heavy tanks and 1 or 2 (again depending on map) anti air kits. It might be better to always have two of those special kits in case one of the kit owners don't understands the importance of his/her kit. Edit: just noticed this thread is super old
  9. Graphic settings making no difference in frames.

    That would be my guess yes.
  10. Squad vs. PR?

    Awesome l! Welcome to the community
  11. Squad vs. PR?

    Vehicles are expected to be implemented in the next major update (v7). it will involve just the basic transport/ supply vehicles(check the may Dev report). It will hopefully arrive at the end of July maybe earlier maybe later who knows
  12. Squad vs. PR?

    It's well worth its price! http://steamcharts.com/app/393380 Don't get scared by the "low" player count 6-10 servers are pretty much always filled (72 players). The game sold really well as far as I know but the majority of the game owners is probably waiting for vehicles and performance improvements.
  13. Squad vs. PR?

    Squad is on a really good way in it's development but dont expect to buy it and experience the full pr feeling. Many features are still missing, many servers are not necessarily full of trolls but full of ppl who don't know how to play the game yet. If you enjoy pr you will enjoy squad as well I'm pretty sure of that.
  14. Stamina and Damage

    There are multiple videos (on LL etc (I don't recommend watching them)) where people get shot several times (a robber gets shot by police officer of duty at least 4 times in thorax and lower abdomen) and he still runs for his live faster than most people ever could.