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  1. Infidel Rage's "Helmet Cam" Footage

    I know it may not be SQUAD but im sure you guys will enjoy!
  2. Infidel Rage's "Helmet Cam" Footage

    Reserved for video links. Squad League March Madness Tournament [303RD] VS White Fox Squad League Match 4 Round 2 [303RD] vs Red Coats 1/2/16
  3. Infidel Rage's "Helmet Cam" Footage

    Hey guys, in this thread i will be posting links to my SQUAD videos that are on my youtube channel which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChFZNB67tujcF3y5YMCNFHAI also stream on twitch when i play (occasionally), here is a link to my channel: http://www.twitch.tv/infidel_rage Find me on twitter @InfidelRageI hope you guys enjoy the videos!
  4. Dev Live AMA on Twitch Today, 3/30 at 12pm EST

    that was an awesome fucking stream IronTaxi! Really looking forward to the Squad development kit to come out!
  5. Player names not always appearing?

    I never rely on names over head i wish i could turn it off personally. like the others have said people need time to learn the differences in uniforms and weapons then the teamkilling will become less common... not everyone has been playing for months already like some of us...
  6. Vehicular Gameplay

    as you guys can see in this video they chose to model the up armored version instead of the lesser soft skinned humvee, hopefully these humvee's will have a similar armor rating as those in service in real life.
  7. Designate Fireteams

    pretty sure this topic has been discussed on here already, regardless the ability to have people in a squad broken into fire teams is a great advantage and if your squad leader doesn't do that already then mention it to them, we don't necessarily need a tool for this yet as time could be better spent but it is a good practice to follow.
  8. Closed Alpha 2 Released

    man we get that you don't get it, you don't have to keep reiterating that you don't get it...
  9. Closed Alpha 2 Released

    I can't contain my fucking excitement for this update!!!
  10. Ranking system

    on some of the maps you do get points for defending the defense flags and i believe that this is supposed to be in all game modes. you get points for attacking and capping attack flags. Shit you even get points for capturing enemy fobs and reviving your buddies... if you can find a way to get your squad to get score through teamwork then i ask you whiskey tango foxtrot are you and your squad doing? my squads never seem to find trouble getting teamwork scores and the majority of time im on the defending squad... to all who argue against a skill level up i ask you this, if you were in the military wouldn't your accuracy, stamina and skills at you MOS increase with time in service? The answer is yes, yes they would increase because you would be practicing and exercising and when you do those things thousands of times they become muscle memory and you would take less time to execute whatever your desired action would be.
  11. Ranking system

    i would like to see a ranking system that would be situated around ranking each class up( like others have said where you would only have like 3 or 4 ranks for each class, and maybe some upgrades to your characters skill like accuracy rating (is he a marksman, sharp shooter, or expert on the range) and how physically fit he is in terms of stamina, and if your a medic maybe you get a slight increase in how quickly you can bandage and heal under pressure, things of that nature). i would think that the way you level up these classes would be based on score at the end of each round and each individual skill would only be increased depending on the rank of the class. So as a boot you would start out as the players are currently skilled as and as you play the game you would marginally get better till you reach a cut off point where your at the best you could realistically be. I would think that it wouldnt be that easy to rank up your class so that way it would add another challenge to the game and since your score is based off teamwork it would make players want to work together better and more efficient instead of players saying "im gonna go and derp around on that hill over there" as i heard one player say recently. I do not feel a ranking system similar to the one i suggested would hurt or have a negative impact on the game and would only encourage those who are already focused on team work to try harder and the ones who don't focus on team work will be forced to either learn to work together as a unit or continue to lone wolf or derp around wasting a slot in a lobby where a player who wants to work together could have instead. Because lets be honest, we all just want people to work together in this game so you can lead your team to victory. Also, having ranks adds another sense of accomplishment for those who work hard and work together. I am open to anything that the developers ultimately decide apon, just wanted to give my opinion on the matter.
  12. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    USMC Vietminh North Vietnamese army French Army of the republic of Vietnam You could do a wide range of timeline involving the wars in Vietnam during the 40's 50's 60's and 70's just thought I'd float this idea out there
  13. does anyone play PR anymore

    You can usually find about 250-300 on most weekdays
  14. Squad Leader Formation Utility

    Cool ideas I see this as a great tool for those milsim sl guys or milsim units. Although if the milsim units are doing it right then they would just communicate when transitioning formations. A lot of this can be boiled down to squadleader communication and whether or not the squad mates have enough discipline to stay in formation. Again cool ideas I would like to see something like it implemented.
  15. Buddy system, colour codes, split squad/fire team

    This is probably the best suggestion and news I have heard so far I hope the sl can split his team up as he sees fit and not just pre set fireteams though anything would be awesome to start with. Thanks for making my day guys!