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  1. Alpha 7.7 Released

    The currently build of Squad is great, the vehicles itself working, very cool keep with the great work developers. Still only playable in low sound settings.
  2. Alpha 3.8 Released

    Hey guys great work, had some improvements but still very narrow FPS, 25-30. GTX 970, 8GB, FX8350
  3. Thank you, really appreciate your work from years! Cheers
  4. Impressions from New Players?

    The alpha is great, thank you for the hard work so far and im here for the future of this game for sure. Good luck
  5. Comunidade Brasileira De Squad é Aqui!

    Jogo tudo em alpha não tem oque falar de nada ainda, tudo vai mudar. Se tá esperando pra comprar, então senta que tem muito chão ainda. Ta no caminho certo.... tudo que vier é LUCRO, devemos agradecer apenas e mais NADA. Nesse momento existem aqueles que querem um jogo e diversão garantida e outros que buscam FUNDAR e GARANTIR a produção do jogo para uma diversão garantida. Sorry, just got back from work day.
  6. Weapon Sway

    The sway on weapons make everything looks clean, we can zero a weapon sight in to someone and shoot to kill. You know how to hold down the weapon sway if you are a FPS gamer.
  7. Two Eyes Open Aiming

    Great demo, looking foward for 3D scopes like Insurgency devs did.
  8. Shrapnel

    The death scenes should be added like screams, death invonlutary moviments and legs and arms loss. Maybe in the future but this should be added, i am looking foward for Squad to be a 21+ years old game with very mature graphics and realism.